5 weird ways to promote your boring website

If your website is looking a graveyard with no activity, you really need to do something about it. The thing is; how the hell do you get the traffic? If you have tried everything from commenting on other people’s boring blogs besides yours, tried article submissions, submitted to social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Linkedin and the rest of the usual stuff) and nothing has materialized and still dreaming of becoming an internet success story; then there has to be some other ways to promote your website.

These are some unorthodox things you might want to consider to increase traffic;

1. I have heard that offline promotion does wonders for traffic. This means that if people enter your website URL directly in the address bar, the Google engine likes it. So you could stand on the road and shout your website address to the world. Surely a few people will remember it and think you are out of mind and will look it up. In order to liven up a little, you can always wear a banana costume.

2. Get some car window stickers with your site URL in it. People stuck in traffic can read about your boring blog and maybe a few will even remember the URL. At traffic lights, you can climb on top of the car and sit there. When you climb back in the car, they will surely look at your ads in the window.

3. Carry a thick permanent marker. When you go to the ladies or gents, scribble your URL on the wall. www.visit-my-boring-blog-and-learn-some-wicked-stuff.com. I know its vandalizing, but what the hell. Marketing is war!! Just make sure you do it discretely and don’t get caught or anything.

4. Write your URL on every letter you send out and paper you handle. Oh yes, including exams papers.When you write your exams, scribble your website address on top of the paper. Your invigilators will be well impressed that your have a blog and might even give you extra marks. That’s two birds with one stone.

5. Create a banner to hang on your neck and take a stroll. You can sing loudly to attract attention. If you happen to see a football match going on, run in the middle of the pitch shouting your website at the top of your voice. You never know the team might endorse you and even ask you to be their marketing person.

More ideas welcome.

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29 Responses to “5 weird ways to promote your boring website”

  1. Michael Belk says:

    These are some crazy ideas, but they might work. I have to admit they sound a a little ridiculous, but way to think out of the box.

  2. Those are some edgy ideas, you can always invest in a crazy domain that you can use for all those ideas, it will have an even bigger effect and might be more memorable.

  3. Tony Watts says:

    Why should people read my boring blog anyway. As a matter of fact every Tom, Dick and Harry has a blog and seems to be blogging their brains out. So I must try these to get the word out.

    • Shalu says:

      Everyone seems to be blogging about the same thing as well; blogging tips, SEO, how to make money online, internet. However, many of these websites are great, lot of good stuff in it.

  4. Happyclub says:

    hahahaha … really its very funny.

  5. Pramvir says:

    hehehehe are not some of these crazy tips lol ??
    well I still haven’t a blog I will make that on medical science.
    which blogging plateform you are using shalu ??

  6. Felicia says:

    Crazy ideas on how to promote your website, but they are ideas that might work, nonetheless.

  7. Minnie says:

    I LOVE no 3, hahahahaha!!

    These sound crazy, but actually might work. Very creative!

  8. Gajarbo says:

    Your opinion is valuable. Thanks for sharing these tips. I am a newbie in this field and want to get some advice from you about my site. Thank you.

  9. John Ernest says:

    You are pretty blunt aren’t you? But it all the more makes this post great! I admit I do have a boring website and it is pretty hard to promote it. This is the result of focusing more on the content of the site rather than user-friendliness and features.

  10. LOL really awkward ways. But I don’t want to these tricks myself. If I can get an outsourcing team that’s ready to do the job. Will be lucky… 😉

  11. Zubair Ahmed says:

    really really awkward and weird tips but helpful too

  12. Well this list made me laugh. Especially number 3. It’s best to have an online and offline marketing campaign ready. Will endorse this to my boss so that we can help more people who are wants to find a great job on the internet. Thanks again for this awesome list!

  13. I do remember on portal being launched in Mumbai long ago with posters behind autorickshaws….. that was the only promotion they ever did.. fairly successful I would say.

  14. Pankaj says:

    the tip is very nice hope this will increase my website traffic. thanks for share mate.

  15. webmavensg says:

    Another thing you can do is to distribute free t-shirts with your website’s URL in it. Works wonders for some.

  16. hahahaha 😀 this is hilarious, I’ll definitely try this 😛

  17. Vivek Jain says:

    These are the crazy ideas to promote your boring blog.
    I will try these for sure..:D

  18. Donald Quixote says:

    I guess I should have expected such unique ideas by the title of the post. I don’t know if I would put any of them into action, but it was entertaining to read.

  19. Kevin Davis says:

    I’m a big fan of guerrilla marketing strategies. I might also try sidewalk chalk. I’m a fan of the sticker idea though.

  20. What an interesting article that will help me on my blog journey. thanks

  21. adam says:

    Very good article. Well written and it has certainly helped me and looking at the comments, many others. Thank You! I will be checking out your next post!

  22. Hi Shalu,

    This is my first visit to your post .I am very happy Google redirected me to this wonderful article. I will surely apply your ideas on my blog .A big thanks to you for sharing such a helpful post .

  23. aisha says:

    hi ,really awkward and weird tips but helpful too ,i like your strategy.

  24. Rambo says:

    Selling your car or truck available to be purchased in an automobile classifieds site is an extraordinary approach to achieve huge amounts of potential purchasers. In any case, developing an extraordinary promotion is not any problem. To produce a great deal of enthusiasm for your vehicle, you must know how to make the ideal internet posting.

  25. khasrang says:

    Its Kind of funny to go on promoting the boring sites using the above methods but as you said Marketing is War !! so its actually worth a try if the individual has no choice either then the above and specially i loved the Number 1 Point …

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