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Shalu Sharma is a blogger and a writer from Bihar, India. She is the founder of YouBihar, the Bihar social networking site and writer on tourism in India. Apart from blogging, she is also a mother who does cooking and washing. She also watches movies and read other blogs. You can follow her on .

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5 Indian street foods not to miss in India

If are travelling to India then you have to try the famous street foods of India. Although I have advised against it previously but if you are up the mark and have all your jabs in place (cholera, typhoid and hepatitis C) then be a devil and go for it. You can find more about health tips in my India travel guide book. Read More…

Top holy places to visit in India

Thousands of people visit India so that they can experience Indian spiritually. But many of them who visit the country do not know that other than Hinduism there are other religions that also exist in India. This means that there are non-Hindu religious places that can also be visited and can provide spiritual upliftment. Read More…

What to wear in India?

What to wear in India? What kind of clothes would be safe to wear? What should I pack? Can I carry my shorts along? Should I carry cotton or linen or woollens or all? Should I carry flats or high heels? Are these questions in your mind too? Well then read along, as I pen down some basic tips that would help you pack that bag for your trip to India. Read More…

Pizza Hut in India

If you are one of those people like me who love pizza then don’t worry, you are in luck. There are places in India for example the Pizza Hut where you can eat. The good thing is that you will find them in most major cities and towns of India. Although you may not find Pizza Hut in smaller towns and villages but most metros and larger towns of India will have them. If you are travelling to Delhi then there’s one in the popular destination of Connaught Circus in Connaught Place in Delhi. Read More…

Interview with travelers Savi and Vid of Bruised Passports

There are travel blogs and there are travel blogs with a difference. If you have not met Savi and Vid of BruisedPassports.com then you should check them out. Not only do they blog about their travels but blog about the outfits they wear on their travels. They are the most glamorous travelers I have known. Gorgeous Savi has a PhD in visual arts and literature. She describes herself as a bit of an urban gypsy. While handsome Vid loves taking pictures and is a coffee geek. Read More…