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Shalu Sharma is a blogger and a writer from Bihar, India. She is the founder of YouBihar, the Bihar social networking site and writer on tourism in India. Apart from blogging, she is also a mother who does cooking and washing. She also watches movies and read other blogs. You can follow her on .

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Rape in Delhi by a taxi driver

Sadly another rape case has been reported in Delhi. This time it was a female passenger going back home from a party on a Friday night.  In this particular case, the rape was committed by Shiv Kumar Yadav, a 32 year taxi old driver. I have been reading news about this story and it seems that this man was a sexual predator and terrorised local women. By the time he was 21 years old, he was already molesting women and had several cases registered against him for assaults, rape and carrying firearms. Read More…

Ice in your drink – think again

Take a look at the picture below and see if you can guess what those blocks are. If you have guessed it, well and good but if you haven’t then let me tell you! They are blocks of ice. These blocks of ice seem to have been frozen in some large container and thrown outside and destined to end up on a drink stall like a lassi bar or probably waiting to be delivered to a restaurant or a bar. Read More…

Interview with Rob Cubbon from Thailand

I would like to introduce my friend Rob Cubbon who is a graphic designer, an author, an internet marketer and a website designer. He’s from London but is currently visiting Thailand and is posting some amazing pictures on Facebook. I had a set of questions about his travels to Thailand and he was kind enough to answer them. Read More…

My new book “India Travel Health Guide: Health Advice and Tips for Travelers to India”

I am happy to announce my new book called “India Travel Health Guide: Health Advice and Tips for Travelers to India”.

Most of the time, a traveler to India will be fine if they have their travel jabs sorted out and if they take a little bit of precaution. But there are other risks such as rabies, insects, dengue fever, and so on that could be an issue for some. This book has all the health advice for traveling to India one will ever need, it even has a section on celiacs. In addition, the book also details what to eat, how to cope with traveler’s diarrhea, how to cope with air pollution, guide on street food, avoiding quacks or fake doctors, has a guide on restaurants, about India’s garbage problem and so on. I have also included essential health words, phrases and sentences in Hindi that might come in handy if required. Read More…

Try chewing paan in India

If you are the adventurous type and love trying things to eat then I highly recommend trying chewing the “paan” in India especially if you consume tobacco. Some people would laugh at the sight of a westerner chewing the paan but it is something that you must experience.  You find little stalls on the roadside everywhere so you can’t escape it. There are different types of paan in India so I will go through what exactly paan is and which ones you should try? Read More…