Essential Hindi words and phrases for travelers to India ebook

Those traveling around the world know the drawbacks of not knowing the local language hence I had recorded the most common Hindi words and phrases here for those visiting India. I have now gone a little further and decided to list some of the most important Hindi words, phrases and conversation in an ebook format.

The ebook is called “Essential Hindi words and phrases for travelers to India” which is now available on Amazon. The ebook consists of the most likely Hindi words and phrases to conversations that a traveler might encounter when in India. The book is competitively priced so that visitors to India can benefit from the low price.

Being from Bihar, the Hindi belt also known as the cow belt of India, and someone who has traveled around the world and India, I don’t think there would have been a better person qualified to have compiled these Hindi words and phrases. This will perhaps be one of the most comprehensive of all Hindi words and phrase ebook meant exclusively for travelers to India.

Hindi Words And Phrases

The Cover of “Essential Hindi Words And Phrases For Travelers To India”

Here’s a list of the things included in the ebook:

Introduction to Hindi
Places where Hindi is spoken in India and abroad
How to use this book
Hindi words and Phrases
Meeting and greeting words
Meeting and greeting phrases
Clothes words and phrases
Food words and phrases
Medical related words and phrases
Help words and phrases
Bathroom and toilet related words and phrases
Body parts in Hindi
Words and phrases when buying
Words and phrases dealing with a beggar
Words and phrases when asking for directions
Transport related words and phrases
Weather words
Days of the week in Hindi
Hindi numerical
Colors in Hindi
Words and phrases dealing with a tout
Random useful general words and phrases
Possible conversations in Hindi
Conversation at the airport taxi booking counter
Conversation at the hotel
Conversation at a clothes shop
Conversation at the ticket counter buying entry tickets
Conversation at a restaurant
Conversation at the police station
Casual conversation with the common Indian man
Buying tea at a tea-stall
Buying bottled water at a shop
Message from the author

So grab a copy of your “Essential Hindi words and phrases for travelers to India” from Amazon.

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  1. Hi Shalu,

    Yet another feather in your cap :)

    Congratulations and wonderful indeed! Yes, speaking in Hindi or understanding the language when a foreigner comes to India is the toughest part for most people. I’m sure with all the help through your problem, this book would be resolved and simplified for them.

    Thanks for sharing, and wishing you the best always. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Shalu Sharma says:

      Thank you Harleena. Many touts, agents and others take advantage of the language barrier. I hope this book will be useful to those coming to India. Thanks for commenting Harleena and best wishes to you too.

  2. Jones says:

    Shalu , you are becoming famous day by day with your work quality and the information you provide regarding the travel is really awesome , I will also suggest this blog to my friends who also love travelling .

  3. Abhay says:

    Agree with jones you are becoming popular day by day and .the info you provide is very good and interisting and really awesome . I am going to share it

  4. Priyanka says:

    Hi Shalu,

    I agree it’s a very good idea to invest some time in learning the language of the country one is planning to visit. Knowing or even understanding the native language can be really helpful.


  5. Hi Shalu,
    It seems a good book for travelers not only for foreigner but also a good asset for traveler from non-Hindi speaking states in India.

  6. I. C. Daniel says:

    Great ebook Shalu. I said it once but I don’t mind to repeat: Do have a bunch of success with it. You deserve it. A lot of work being done and very helpful.

    Kind regards!

  7. Salika Jay says:

    Congratulations and dhanyavaad Shalu! :) It’s good to see another book from you.

  8. Agness says:

    I was always wondering how difficult Indian language is. I gotta learn some words before I head to India next year :)and your pocket dictionary might be useful.

  9. Babanature says:

    Hello Shalu,
    This is indeed a nice innovation and would worth a grab :). I am planning on coming to india soon and i am sure it’s gonna be useful to me as well.

    Thanks for the compilation of this awesome book. Have a great week ahead :)

  10. Pramod says:

    Hi Shalu !
    This is yet another excellent Idea . I really appreciate your efforts in promoting our beloved country by making people aware of our culture , language , food ..etc .I wish you best of luck with this eBook and i hope it sees many sales .


  11. Amit says:

    The inclusion of above hindi conversation will be much helpful for the travellers especially for converstaion while renting a taxi. Also, conversation with beggers is also important inclusion in the ebook. My suggestion is to also include the Indian currency related information like conversion rate of major foreign currency.

  12. Srimanta says:

    Is this your second book? Essential Hindi Words And Phrases For Travelers To India, Its really great work! Those who are non-hindi and planned for a trip to India, This book is very helpful for them. You have highlighted those hindi phrases that are very essential and important for travelers to travel in India.

  13. Roya Bag says:

    Hi Shalu,

    Yup you are right with you article ! These are the great Essential Hindi words for Indian travel, There is such much need in Essential Hindi words for Indian travel.

  14. ajay says:

    Congratulations for your book.Very essential hindi words indeed.You are helping the people outside india who wants to come india but hesitate about the language problems

    • Shalu Sharma says:

      Thank you Ajay, that is precisely my intention – to help those from outside who wants to learn some Hindi before coming to India. It’s a Hindi word and phrase book for those who are not comfortable with the language.

  15. Rama says:

    I remember the site, it exists today also. But now I find another site that is yours which provide useful information for travelling rather than all other sites providing huge list of itinerary only.
    Good work!

  16. Globalemag says:

    India is a great place to visit and the information you are sharing will really be very helpful for every one.

  17. I visit your website first time, but really i impressed a lot. No doubt that you are a good and successful blogger. Your all post are good, but i check few of them, which i prefer best.

    You are doing great work, keep it up !!

    All the best for your future :)

  18. Emilia from breast augmentation melbourne says:

    Congratulations Shalu. I’m sure this one will be much appreciated not only by frequent travellers but by anyone who’s interested to learn something new and useful.

  19. Jitender says:

    Hello Shalu mam, It seems really helpful book for those, who actually don’t know hindi and they found all the useful word phrases on one single place. Really Great work :)

  20. Stacey from realtor henderson nv says:

    Thank you for coming up with ways to make our lives a lot easier. I’m sure this material will be a big hit not only to the frequent travellers but to all of us who, at some point in our lives, might encounter the need to use this foreign language.

  21. Thanks for the Sharing as we know Taj Mahal is one of most Beautiful Place in world and it is in seven wonders of the Earth. So Thanks my Dear friend For Sharing It.

  22. Palash says:

    I get it clear idea about your topic. All the points are explained very clearly.

  23. Mahesh says:

    Thank you @shalu , all information is appreciable! not only words, it gets me clear about my doubts and none of it part is useless.

  24. kash mala says:

    nice i really like your site because you are providing good information about Indian culture and guide those who really want to visit india

  25. Asma says:

    Great post i must say and thanks for the information. Education is definitely a sticky subject. However, is still among the leading topics of our time. I appreciate your post and look forward to more.

  26. Bismah Khan says:

    not bad. but give me more realtive info in very advanclly.

  27. Franz Gruber says:

    not bad. but i need more relavate infos. But the rest is awesome. Thanks

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