Funny Indian pictures

India is one of the most colourful countries of the world. The Indian people love wearing colourful clothes, doing strange things and not to mention that Indian movies are full of colourful dance sequences. This makes India one of the most photogenic places on earth; hence those travelling to India must take a camera with them to capture the amazing things they might see while in India. No wonder, travellers to India such as Kathryn Burrington, Elle the Solo Female Nomad, Samuel Jeffery and Daniel McBane, all of them have recommended taking a camera with them. I agree with them completely, you never know what you will find in India.

Here are some funny Indian pictures

Funny indian photos

We can manage just about anything.

Funny Indian pictures

Ohh Please! There’s a place and time for this kind of stuff. Ever heard of the phrase “get a room”.

Family on bikes

Family on bikes: How many can you see on this bike? Illegal but a common site on Indian roads.

Accident Porn Area

Accident porn area. What the f** @!ӣ$%^&*(

Funny Indian pics

India is world class in information technology? Why not come to India for your studies!

We love taking photos

We love taking photos.

Indians love invention

Indians love invention, love the seat.

Just do it!

Just do it! Men and kids urinating at the side of the road is common in India! We take things easy.

A man carrying bricks funny Indian pic

A man carrying bricks. Do you think he’s riding or walking? Can’t see his head!

Drink Coca Cola

Drink Coca Cola! We may have shortage of water in some areas but we are OK with Coca Cola.

A horse cart carrying cargo

A horse-cart carrying cargo. I don’t find this unusual at all but to a visitor to India, its amusing.

Please note: The photos are the properties of the photographers and cannot to be downloaded or used commercially. All images are covered by the ‘Creative Commons’ licensing scheme. Those owning copyright of the images, please get in touch if you feel your copyright is being violated.

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99 Responses to “Funny Indian pictures”

  1. Ayush says:

    the 2nd image is quiet hazardous and rest images are also good & funny too

  2. Like they say…. ” It happens Only In India”

    we are the only country in world where some of these things are normal…

  3. Sapna says:

    HI Shalu jee

    These pics are really funny, the man carrying bricks is really doing a great job of balancing.

    Thanks for sharing these great pics.


  4. Shorya Bist says:

    Hi Shalu ji,

    hahah..Very funny post.I Think India is very good at adjusting,managing and compromising.People from outside the country would think how these kind of things are possible.But it is India Every thing is possible here.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  5. Jay says:

    Hi Shalu Ji,

    Amazing and humorous collection of pictures from various corners of India. I strongly agree with the pictures depicting bad english. These people have no sense at all, if they don’t understand the language why put up such signs. I don’t know if these people will ever learn.
    Nice post, enjoyed it. :)

    Keep up the good work



  6. Common Shalu, some of them are really hilarious. However, each of the photograph contains a long story, worthy enough to write a post for each of them.

    The first image and the last image, can they be real?

    • Shalu Sharma says:

      Hi Suresh,
      I agree completely with you that each photo is a long story in itself. As far as originality is concerned, I won’t be surprised if it was not. Thanks for your comment and hope to see you here again.

  7. Salika Jay says:

    Hahaha some really funny photos indeed 😀 Thanks for the good laugh!

  8. Nikita says:

    That can’t be the best way to carry bricks!

  9. Hahah :) Shalu, this was funny indeed. However, the 1st, 3rd last, and the last one represent the poverty of our country, right? (Even though I live abroad, I am an Indian after all!)

  10. memographer says:

    “Just Do It” is a classic for India. My favorite of all is “We love taking photos.” I really enjoyed this post. You’ve made my day :) Thanks!

  11. These pictures are amazing. I can not imagine seeing this for real.

  12. What the heck is in the “accidental Porn” area? lol

  13. Amol says:

    Yes Indian people always make new ideas to make their work much easy. After seen all the pictures only one word to say in Indian Language. “Jugad”

  14. H Rahman says:

    I have visited 2nd time to your blog and found very nice and unique photographs, thanks Shalu. Great piece of work.

  15. Freya says:

    haha awesome photos, loved it.
    I visited India a couple of times and loved it as well.

  16. hahaha awesome photos accident porn area.. 😛
    that was awesome.

  17. Hi Shalu,

    Some of those pictures are simply incredible. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  18. Sunil Deepak says:

    I too almost shitted (from laughing too much) while looking at these :)

  19. Sunil says:

    The man carrying bricks was very weird …how the hell
    he is seeing , balancing and pedaling ?

    And “accident porn area” must be caption for the elephant photo !

  20. Viola Tam says:

    Hi Shalu,

    You have posted some very C-O-O-L images here! They are real life images! The cyclist with the bricks is a AMAZING one! I have never been to India. Your photo share makes the country even more interesting!

    Awesome post, Shalu :) :)

    Viola The Business Mum

  21. These pictures are really funny. Amazing things happens in India. Lolzzz

  22. “Accident Porn Area” He he he. It happens only in India

  23. Hi Shalu Ji…..
    I would like to say thanks for sharing these funny pics…. I was too much busy in my office work load since last couple of weeks…..your article have freshed up my mind……
    Thanks once again

  24. Albin says:

    hahaha! This made me laugh! Hope to visit India this year….

    Thanks again!

  25. lokesh says:

    this is really very funny to watch & definitely complete refresh & surely gets smile on the face. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Ehsan Ullah says:

    It made me laugh really! Thanks for collecting all of them Shalu, especially the family in bike one. I’ve seen 7 members of a family on a single bike in Karachi. All of them are cool images Shalu.

  27. Krishna says:

    funny photos… some of them enlightening our wisdom in technology… ha ha ha !

    happy new-year


  28. Absolutely hilarious..Loved every one of them.. especially the “just doing it” one.
    What to do.. we are like that only :)

  29. On a serious note.. the pictures do represent a sad contradiction that India is today.. we are one of the fastest developing nations. India’s Prowess in the technology sectors is respected and acknowledged world wide. Yet there is another India that needs even more attention, help and compassion.. Compassion that will ensure people don’t have to do some of the things they have had to do in the above pictures.

  30. Awesome photos!
    Amazing view that one can only see in India.

  31. Fatima says:

    Hahahaha…this is great stuff man. Couldn’t stop laughing and didn’t until my mother came inquiring. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Aayna says:

    I had an amazing time flicking through the pictures. The entire family travelling on a single scooter or bike is quite a common sight in our country. I had a nice time laughing while glancing through the pics. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Joy says:

    You made my day Shalu! I personally love that picture of a whole family on an overloaded bike. I’m a traveler too and I’ve seen so many bikers on the road like this. They may be funny to look at and illegal, but then again, I admire their sense of balance, sharing, and the desire to reach their destination no matter what.

  34. Khushal Rao says:

    hahahah so funny….. it’s happen only in incredible India!

  35. Emilia says:

    Here’s a big LOL for the funny pictures that you have posted. I definitely laughed out loud when I saw them. I mean, even if you’re not green-minded, you’d really enjoy scrolling through them and they’re worth your post. Please keep posting more and more valuable articles about the beauty that is India.

  36. Veronica says:

    These wonderful pictures just made my day. Not only did I laugh hearily but I also admired the Indian spirit of giving, of sharing what they have and the spirit of striving for the best even if they have to look a bit funny doing it.

  37. The guy holding his kid between his legs while he takes a photo is my favorite. He\’s a real problem-solver :-)

  38. Calra says:

    Indian people are so lovable and this blog makes me appreciate them more. Thanks for sharing! I really had a great time reading it. Thanks a bunch!

  39. Lu Li says:

    Wow! LOL Those photos just made my day! Is it part of their tradition, Over loaded riding? 😀 Can i hop in? Seems fun!

  40. anant says:

    Hi Shalu,

    I guess the most famous picture i.e people sitting above the train as seen in Bihar is missing from this list. It will be definitely funny for people from other states.

    Best Regards,

  41. Atish says:

    These are really funny images. Great collection Shalu. Thanks for making me laugh.

  42. Aastha says:

    This is really amazing and funny collection of photos :) Thanks for sharing this stuff!

  43. Very funny pictures i like this site………..India is great to jugaad really funny pictures are here…….

  44. Prachi says:

    Hi Shalu, Very nice & hillarious collection…. It happens only in india… :)

  45. Varun says:

    nice funny images this poses can only give by indians i love it

  46. funny pics India says:

    he he nice collection of funny pics, and you have managed to create a really wonderful blog.

  47. Cestin says:

    Hey dude very Funny pictures thanks a lot for posting this funny images

  48. Tom says:

    OMG!!! i show them to my mom and she say that that’s something she will see in Cuba LMAO!!! soooo funny thanks for making my day so happy. 😉

  49. Hi, thanks a lot for sharing these very-2 beautiful photos, i like all of them.

  50. Ashish Garg says:

    Hey very Funny pictures thanks a lot for posting this funny images

  51. Hindi Jokes says:

    What an awesome collection of Indian Picture, Thanks Shalu Sharma providing this really funny stuff… Nice Blog, Keep Posting

  52. Gannet says:

    really amazing and funny pictures. How the photographer take a great picture above. I’d also ever seen a picture from Pakistan about the train which is full of passenger on the roof

  53. Unbelievable. Cant help but laugh on the 4th pic. Some of the other pics kind of makes my heart melt though.

  54. Peter says:

    All the pictures are really hilarious :D. the second and the fourth one is totally laugh buster! Nice collection.

  55. john Tailor says:


  56. I happen to be commenting to let you know of the terrific encounter my cousin’s princess gained going through your blog. She learned a wide variety of pieces, including how it is like to have an incredible helping style to get other folks without hassle learn about a variety of complex subject areas. You truly did more than her expected results. Thanks for displaying the valuable, trusted, explanatory and even unique tips about your topic to her.

  57. India is still devoloping with a population over 130 crores. So you can understand the space they live in, these pictures are the perfect example for those kind of situations. Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures.

  58. Jesal Rajgor says:

    it’s happen only in incredible India!
    These are really funny images. Great collection Shalu. Thanks for making me laugh.

  59. Rohit Kumar says:

    Funny India, Funny People. But I think they are more TRU EINDIANS

  60. Marysia says:

    All really superb pictures! Love the one of a man with bricks! Love!

  61. alex says:

    Great photos!! It reminds me of my hometown :)

    Thanks for Sharing!!

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    there are 44 known species found on the North American
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  63. ha!ha!ha!
    I am a world traveler. Last month, I traveled Nepal and was planned for india but for some political issues in india I didn’t traveled there, but now everything Okay. I must be travel india in few months. Thanks a lot for sharing, hahaha!

  64. Funny Quotes says:

    Very funny moments. It happens only in India 😛 This is an awesome collection of funny photos.

  65. gaurav says:

    All the pictures are really hilarious :D. the second and the fourth one is totally laugh buster! Nice collection.

  66. CIA Tunes says:

    Great pic’s!

    You do some great work here.
    I tweeted the site but it would not let me add it here.

  67. Funny Jokes says:

    hahaah Great Completely hilarious Pictures. This can happen only in India. Only indians Have this Much Talent

  68. William says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Not something you would see in the States!

  69. sandeep says:

    good one. Very funny. Pictures are really very very hilarious Great collection

  70. Mustansar says:

    Great photos!! It reminds me of my hometown :)
    Thanks for Sharing!!

  71. Funny Images says:


  72. Tanya Bajaj says:

    Hello your pics collection is looking so different and unique i really like your collection…

  73. uday says:

    Elephant is looking so funny in the Second picture. Really awesome

  74. Aditya says:

    Fourth One Pictures is looking so funny in the all picture. Really awesome

  75. raju says:

    u r pitcher r looking very nice & so funny really good

  76. Ramandan says:

    Hahaha…It was really one of the best funny picture collection i ever saw.

  77. Eid Mubarak says:

    Amazing collection of the Funny Pictures really hats off to you…..

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