How To Murder Your Blog

If you are fed up with your blog and no longer want to live with it, there are certain ways you can kill it. Here are some tips if you really want to murder it.

Spam other sites..

You can spam other sites using the comment feature. You can write useless comments such as; “great site”, “nice post”, “thanks for sharing” etc. Pick a site and do this on every single post of the website. Sooner or later, the blog owner will be get fed up with you and filter you to the spam corner for good. Move on to the next site. Oh yes don’t forget to leave a derogatory remark; sexual or racist remarks will do the trick.

Use link farms..

Find as many link farms as possible and post your links to these sites. You don’t need to sign up, subscribe or confirm; just post your link. Do this several times on as many link farms as possible. Major search engines will find out soon enough and kill your blog. Job well done.

Copy content from others..

Why bother writing your own content, if you can do it for free; it only takes 2 minutes to copy & paste. So, go to your favourite website; copy the content and paste it on your blog. Don’t forget to send an email to the owner of the content asking them to visit your blog. They will perhaps report you for copyright infringement (it does happen).

Alternatively, you can spin someone else’s content. Grab a free content or article spinner, spin the content and paste the spun article on your blog. You will have a brand new sparking article on your site. Over time, it will surely raise some search engine eyebrows. Mind you, these search engines have very thick eyebrows. You blog will slide to 100th position in record time, thanks to the Penguin update.

Write about useless things..

Write about useless stuff that no one really cares such as ‘dodos’ and don’t invite anyone to your blog. You can also post some pictures not fit for normal people or family viewing, there are lots of scope for creativity.

Ask Google..

Ask Google to remove your content from their search engines or even ask them de-index your website.

Simply give up..

If you have more ideas on how to kill a blog real fast, then feel free to share a comment.

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17 Responses to “How To Murder Your Blog”

  1. bbrian017 says:

    Oh man it always ticks me off when people scrape my content. I’ve seen it happen a lot especially with all the guest posts I get. People tend to scrape the blog and re post it on their. But hey let’s be honest, anyone who cares about their blog and want to be a genuine blogger would never do that. The last point you made is the big killer however, like anything in life if you want to succeed you cannot give up.

    • Shalu says:

      Indeed Brian, one of the things that webmasters despise is the blatant plagiarism of articles. The worst thing is that it takes time to get it removed. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Robin says:

    not maintaining the blog post consistency can be added as well. With poor design and slow site speed the site will get low visitors and forget the subscribers as well .. 😉


  3. Michael Belk says:

    Shalu, I have another blog that i do not care for. I just figure i will let the domain expire. I see your point but it sounds like alot of work. I am glad I found a better subject for me. I now write with ease but I am constantly trying to improve.

  4. Hi Shalu,
    These are great tips…for murdering a blog!:) Some of these require some sort of work and effort and I wonder why those who do these don’t just spend their energy doing the opposite and creating a great blog and making something positive.
    Personally, I think I would just stop producing content if I don’t like to continue my blog anymore.
    These are great reminders of what not to do if we want to make a successful blog or if we want our blogs to last a long time.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Shalu says:

      Thanks for your comment Theresa. In order to kill the blog, stop producing anything and it will die a natural death.

  5. emory says:

    This title really has me thinking, Shalu. Here’s another way to committ blog homicide: Just turn off akismet and wait for it to implode!

    • Shalu says:

      Thats a very good idea to kill a blog. I remember I forgot about one of my blogs and when I came back to it after a few weeks, it had more than 5000 comments or spams. The only reason I got back to the site was because I got an email from the hosting company. So yes, absolutely right about spam murdering the blog by turning off askimet.

  6. kimberly says:

    comment spam is very bad. we need to be genuine while commenting. we need to read the content of the post at first and then comment. we can’t just pass stupid comments which are worthless. this will spoil the reputation of the blog you are commenting on and this will do no good for the commenter either. i never accept comment spam on my blog too.

    • Shalu says:

      I agree Kimberly, reading the post before commenting is important, its good for the reader to make meaningful comments plus its good for the site.

  7. Silkstream says:

    Lots and lots of “above the fold” ads, a pop-up or two, or my absolute favourite is anchor text links inserted into the body, the ones that make absolutely no sense being there and dont even flow correctly in the normal readability of your content. Murder 101. Great concept.

  8. Mahesh Mohan says:

    Why should we murder the blog? If we are not interested its a better idea to SELL it.

  9. Felicia says:

    Another way to murder your blog is to suddenly abandon your blog without telling your readers when you’ll be back.
    Also, by not polishing your post and immediately publishing it with lots of grammatical errors can be quite a nuisance for readers, which makes them leave your blog.

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