I am changing my niche

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I can’t decide

Seems as if I am a woman who can’t make up her mind. I am seriously thinking of changing the niche of this blog. The original idea of this blog was to blog about “how to make money online, affiliate marketing, blogging, internet and similar topics” which I was doing on this blog anyway http://www.howtomakemoneyonlineideas.com. I don’t know why, I decided to change the whole thing and decided to blog on this domain name. It’s not a great idea to talk about the same topic on two different blogs.

So I have made up my mind ‘again’ that I will continue blogging about money making ideas on my other blog. But the question is, what do I with this domain name which happens to be my name as well. On top of this, I am being Googled plus I am getting about 100 unique visitors a day here. Considering that this is a new domain name registered on 15 Apr 2012, that’s a fair bit of traffic. The only reason for registering was that it was my own name and it was available. I decided to take it.

Now the question is, if I am going back to blogging about the money making ideas here; what do I blog about on this site? I know you’re probably thinking, another failed blogger, who can’t decide what to blog about since most blogs fail because the blogger can’t really decide on a topic.

But to be honest, what should I do with this domain name, since it bears my name with a steady flow of traffic, what do I do with it. Should I continue with this blog with the same niche, change it to something that I am passionate about, or should I talk about just anything I like (multi niche), a blog that talks about more than one subject.

All ideas are welcome.

By the way, most people will know me as the founder of YouBihar, a social networking site, the one of its kind for Bihar. It has over 11,000 members and increasing.

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