My India travel survival guide for women ebook now available on Amazon

I want to announce that I have now released an ebook about travel safety for women travelling to India. The book is called “India travel survival guide for women”. It is available on kindle format on Amazon and I hope to get it out in paperback too.

This is the first book of its kind. I had a good look on Amazon and I am convinced that is no other book like it. There are some other books that are based on solo travel in India but this will perhaps be the first one by an Indian woman giving it a unique perspective.

India travel survival guide for women

India travel survival guide for women

I have outlined the various chapters and what is covered in the ebook. There are 24 chapters.

Inhuman treatment of women in India

This is about the ill practices and ill-treatment of Indian women in India. Some of the ill treatment includes abortion when parents find out that they are having a baby girl, dowry, violence against women, etc.

Rape in India

About rape in India and how it is perceived in India, some statistics, how society sees rape etc.

Is India safe for women travelling alone?

This chapter is about general things questioning if travelling to India is safe or not particularly for women. There have been lots of unwanted incidences such as rape/assault on women in India and a lot of coverage about it in the media.

Rape and sexual assault of foreign women in India

In recent months, a lot rape stories are emerging from India both of Indian women and of those travelling to India. For instance about the girl who was raped by 6 men in a moving bus, a British traveller to India where the hotel manager tried to break in, the Swiss woman was gang-raped in the forest and so on.

How are white foreign women perceived in India?

This chapter is about white women in India. How do Indian men see them? Is there a link between porn freely seen in internet cafes around the country and white females? Learn exactly what Indian men think of white women.

How to avoid being raped in India

List of tips for avoiding rape in India! Some of them include; what to wear, learning the local language/customs, not taking food from strangers, being cautious with others etc.

Travel tips for women in India

Again travelling tips for women in India, things they should and not do, what to wear etc.

Avoiding culture shock in India

You’ll love this one. Whether you are going for travel or business, you are going to get a culture shock in India. This is list of things to expect.

Travelling alone in trains

Guide to travelling alone on trains. Although trains are a safe way of getting around but crimes do happen. Find out how to be safe on Indian trains.

Groping and how to avoid it?

Indian men have a habit of groping women. This article tells you how to avoid gropping in public places.

What should female tourists wear in India?

Tells you what to wear! Female travellers ideally should be wearing long sleeved clothes where skin exposure is reduced to a minimum. If possible should wear Indian clothing.

Safety Items for women

These will include some of the travel safety items you must take with you such as alarm, torch, locks and things that will help you protect yourself in India.

Don’t forget these to India

Another list of must take things to India.

Safety tips for Indian hotels

How to be careful when you are in a hotel? Hotels are supposed to be the safest place but unfortunately it can be dangerous if you are staying on your own. Here’s a safe guide on how to protect yourself in the hotels.

How to defend yourself in difficult situations?

Suppose someone approaches you with bad intent and then what do you do? Some martial art tips and practical guide on what to do if you get stuck.

Practical Hindi for your travels in India

List of words and phrases you might need for your travels to India.

Travelling with kids in India

You have to be careful when you are travelling with kids. Here’s a safe travel guide when kids to India.

Travel scams in India

There are various travel scams and how one should avoid it when they are visiting India.

Diseases to beware of in India

India is a tropical country and some diseases are endemic mostly water borne diseases such as cholera, hepatitis A and typhoid. This chapter deals with how to avoid them.

Terrorist attacks and abductions of tourists in India

This will be about terror attacks on India and kidnappings of tourists in India.

How to report a crime to the police?

Let’s just hope you don’t have go through this. But if you did, I have outlined the exact steps on how to report a crime in India.

How to deal with beggars?

One of the biggest worries of travellers to India is dealing with beggars? How do you deal with them?

How to use the Indian squat toilets?

Most toilets in hotels are the western types however the public ones aren’t. What do you do if want a poo?

Final words for solo travellers

Final conclusion about travelling to India.

The content in this book is of premium quality. It details the issues and hardships Indian women face in a misogynistic society. I have also outlined reasons why women are often subjected to sexual assault and tried to link the reasons for assault on women travellers visiting India.

I have good tips on hotel safety and some defence tips when facing difficult situations. I have also attempted to understand the mind of Indian men by talking to my husband and relatives and tried to find what they think of white women.

I sincerely hope this book will be helpful to those women wishing to travel to India either on their own or in groups. So grab yourself a copy for the price of a café late and take the misery out of travelling alone in India.

India Travel Survival Guide For Women – on Amazon US and Amazon UK

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  1. Ashutosh says:

    Congratulations for the Book. I am sure, it is going to help not only the travellers in India but also people coming from abroad. A true tribute to the Indian Tourism Industry.

  2. Hi Shalu,

    Congratulations & celebrations :)

    You’ve done it! Awesome indeed dear friend! This has surely added another feather in your cap, and it gives me immense happiness that you have achieved such a lot during this period of time.

    Your book does sound interesting with all the chapters included in it, which would be a great resource for all women travelers to India.

    Not to mention that where we keep sitting and thinking of writing an eBook, you’ve gone ahead and written one too. I do wish you lots of success in the many years to come.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice and relaxing weekend, after all the hard work :)

  3. Sriram says:

    Congratulations for creating and publishing your work on Amazon Ms.Shalu Sharma!

    May this book get lot of sales :)


  4. Shameem says:

    Hello Shalu Sharma you have done a great job which every women will be glad to have this ebook i too feel bad the incidents happening in our country but this makes other to have some awareness

  5. Pramod says:

    Hi Shalu !
    Congratulations for launching your first book .As per the description in your post …i think this book would be useful for not only the women from the west but many women (who travel a lot) in our Country too.This book would surely get many buyers.


  6. This ebook is definitely loaded especially the rape fear for women travelling to India. This has been a major discussion on some forums and i find this book informative from the description you have listed. I will surely introduce it to any female i know who is looking to travel to India.

  7. Sagar Rai says:

    Congratulations Ms. Shalu. Well done.

    Looking forward to see some sales coming in for you 😉

  8. Vikas says:

    Good job, congrats…
    E-book of Indian woman on travelling India..sounds interesting.

  9. Congrats! Shalu simply superb work
    Nice Cover for your book
    Hope we waiting for more books about Indian Tourism.
    We’re waiting for your Youtube journey too.

  10. The chapter’s will be awesome, I love It, women can now be safe where ever In India

  11. Manu Jamwal says:

    Hello Shalu,
    Congratulations. Hope you will get success with this electronic book and helpful for all the travel women in India.

  12. narda says:

    I don’t know what to say! Now I want to visit India and I hope these great tips will help me somehow tackling this country. Thanks a lot for sharing this post! :)

  13. Samir Kapoor says:

    Thanks for helping women with your awesome tips. Also mention on Travel scams in India. Keep sharing with us.

  14. Gautam says:

    Hmm i think it will helpForeign ladies in India.. this is a nice step by You.. :)

  15. Hello Shalu mam,
    This is my first visit on your blog and must say that it’s really great :)

    Keep continue your efforts to make it successful.

  16. Ashi says:

    Hello Shalu Mam.
    Congratulations on your great success. Well Indian has really bad situation when it comes to women security. People in India are real Tharki. Sorry for using that language but it is true. A girl is not safe in India. You have taken the right initiative and I am glad about it.
    I am sure thousands of people will take the advantage of your Book.
    I am also working on a book.
    Once again congratulations and keep up the good work

  17. Hiten says:

    Hi Shalu,

    Congratulations on the launch of your new book! This is wonderful news. :-)

    Indeed, I’m sure your book will be a tremendous resource for women from across the world who are travelling to India.

    Thank you.

  18. Nirmala says:

    Congrats Shalu,

    Nice to hear this and hope it is a detailed guide for women about India travel guide. It is a needful one too.

    Will have a look at this and thanks for sharing the useful piece of information, will do it :)

  19. Wow! this is great news and your great achievement. I’m sure the ebook is full of value and unique in its nature. The western world must find this book really useful to travel India and the sub-continent.

  20. Gautham says:

    Fantastic Ebook, I’m waiting for it to be available on Amazon, of course i wouldn’t buy because i am not a woman, i shall definitely suggest my female friends.

  21. Ehsan says:

    Hey Shalu, congrats on the launch of your eBook. It’s definitely going to help a lot of women to travel happily and safely in India. So worth sharing!
    Keep taking your blog to the high levels Shalu.

  22. shiv from droidow says:

    Congratulations! Shalu, you deserve it. Hard work pays always. Keep it up and Enjoy your success!!!

  23. Michael Belk says:

    Congrats on the book Shalu. You have some great topics. I would be really interested in reading it.

    I realize rape is a problem all over the World, but how it is perceived in the public has a lot to do with the prevalence.

  24. I. C. Daniel says:

    Awesome news Shalu, indeed you are a great guide. Best of luck with the ebook!

    See you next time. Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  25. marilyn cada says:

    a useful guide for me when traveling to India. because i have no indian clothing, i think wearing “conservative clothing” for me will do (e.g. long sleeves and pants) since it will not show a skin. only my face

  26. sachin verma says:

    this will be a very helpful not specially for women but also for the people first time coming in india.

  27. Karthik says:

    Hi Shalini

    Greate work, will be useful guide to the travellers. I really liked some topics which will be helpful.

    Welldone !!


  28. It looks like you have a very comprehensive book, Shalu. Congrats on your e-book.

  29. Pawan says:

    You certainly have addressed most of the issues ma’am. I think I would be sharing it with my cousin sister. She was about to go out of the city(Mumbai) for her job training. I’m sure this would be useful for her.

  30. sachin verma says:

    i m expecting that this book will be available in soft-copy and the tourist people used in their smart phone also

  31. India Heritage Sites says:

    Definitely, it’s a great informative article for both Women and men who want visit or visiting in India. really, your guidelines are more effective and powerful.
    thanks for sharing.

  32. Disha Sharma says:

    Hi Shalu,
    It’s really matter to be surprise that travel survival guide for women is also now available on Amazon! There is be lot of benefit of not only for women as well as Amazon also available :)

  33. Great work Shalu- that’s amazing news. I’m sure such a book will be extremely helpful to Westerners visiting India and will address a current lacuna in the publishing industry :-)

  34. That’s nice, you now have your own Travel Guide in Amazon. Congrats Shalu!

  35. Adrienne says:

    Congratulations on the book Shalu. What an accomplishment and you’re probably right, there’s nothing else out there like it.

    I guess I would have never thought about a survival guide for women traveling alone. I also know that traveling outside the US is probably a lot more scary for some women especially if they are traveling alone. I never really even considered all the things they would need to be aware of.

    I travel alone sometimes but I’ve never had any issues, knock on wood.

    Again, congratulations and I hope it does really well for you.


    • Shalu says:

      Thank you Adrienne.
      USA is a lot safer but travelling alone anywhere can be unsafe. I hope this book will be useful for women going to India on their own. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes.

  36. Anisha says:

    Congratulations for creating and publishing your work on Amazon Ms.Shalu Sharma!
    hope it is a detailed guide for women about India travel guide.

  37. This is an excellent initiative Shalu. I wish more tourists read eBooks that help foreigners travel safely in India, so that they can be guarded and try to avoid any unpleasant experiences. After all, their safety and pleasure is very important to boost the image of our travel industry.

    I guess an eBook like this from someone living in India is unique, and will be very helpful. I wish you all the very best for the success of this eBook and hope that many tourists would benefit from the same.

    Destination Infinity

  38. Sounds like this is packed full of really useful information. Congratulations! Hope it sells like hot cakes (as we say here in the UK)

  39. Congratulations on your eBook Shalu, but to be truthful to you as a white woman and reading your snippets here I would be scared like hell to go to India.

    You are talking a lot about rape, and it seems that Indian men don’t have a good view of white women.

    Now, it made me think why one day you asked me how French people do see Indians. I thought it was a weird question from my point of view, but now I realize that is wasn’t from yours.

    It seems that it’s easier to travel in the Western world. People don’t care so much about who your are and where you come from.

  40. Hi Shalu,

    Accept my sincere congratulatory message on your new eBook, one of it kind on how a woman can travel successful in India and I believe is going to be full of key travelling point in India even for a novices in the country.

  41. Aman says:

    Many Many congrats Shalu Maa’m.. U deserve this! I have not read your e-book but by seeing your blog post i can say that it is the best traveller guide out there for foreigner and as well as Indians. I hope that traveller’s will found your e-book very useful.

  42. Viki says:

    That was very unique and creative thing to do, i don’t think there are many such guide available for women.

  43. Aleah says:

    I would love to have this, Shalu. Will definitely recommend to my readers who are going there!

  44. Came here from Destination Infinity’s blog. That sounds like a great book. Will definitely check it out.

  45. Delia says:

    Looks like a great and comprehensive book, Shalu! Good luck with it, I’m sure it’s going to be a great success!

  46. Nathan Lim says:

    Congrats to your new Ebook Shalu. The content seems very informative. Especially now that there are quite a lot of women traveling around the world solo.

  47. raj says:

    Thanks for sharing this great eBook with your readers Shalu Mam. I am really gonna recommend it to my friends.

  48. Jones says:

    hi Shallu , it seems that this ebook contains best information regarding travel . I will love to have 1 copy of this , so that i can also read this .

  49. Men salon says:

    Informative posting! I think this posting would be effective for all. Thank you for sharing with us. invites you to read

  50. Anne says:

    Congratulations for the Book.I hope that it will provide great help to women.

  51. mobiespion says:

    Thanks for sharing useful information about traveling. Your shared stuff is inspired.

  52. Priyanka Sharma says:

    Hi Shalu,
    Congratulations for the e-book. Best of luck for the great book.

  53. Pooja Sharma says:

    Congratulations for the e Book.I hope that it will provide great help to women.

  54. Shalu Sharma, thanks for this great ebook. This is complete guide for woman to travel in India. India is great place to visit but in recent time, i see many sad news about rape in India. It will be helpful for my sister that has plan to your country. Thanks for share Shalu Sharma

  55. Harsh says:

    ongratulations for launching your first book, really Gr8
    Post and E book…
    keep it Up

  56. Ajeet says:

    Congratulations on launching your book its very useful in india thank you 😀

  57. lathrani says:

    madam it is very nice to see your post, i know very well you, and this post can help me a lot because I want travel and see new and amazing places, I think this post can help me a lot. thank you

  58. Chetan Gupta says:

    Hello Shalu Madam
    This is really an amazing ebook you have created for womens. Every women should this type of guide so that they can enjoy their jorney in India safely. Thanks for sharing this with us. Happy Blogging 😀

  59. Bikram says:

    Your book does sound interesting with all the chapters included in it, which would be a great resource for all women travelers to India.

  60. takashi says:

    This post would be a helpful tips for all women travelers to india.It’s a nice post.

  61. Bob S5 says:

    Many the challenges that women face when traveling to India. The availability of a guide is always good to go.

  62. vikash says:

    Congratulation for you book, surely going to check it.

    I feel this would not just be an important guide for foreign travelers but domestic as well.

  63. James says:

    Nice Information and Congratulations for the e-book> This book will be great for Womens .keep the good work

  64. John Smith says:

    Hello Shalu, Congratulations for the new book.and hope it gives all women the help they need,keep it Up.

  65. paket wisata bromo says:

    Congratulations miss,The content seems very informative. Especially now that there are quite a lot of women traveling around the world solo.Hopefully continue to excel and more success.

  66. brio says:

    This ebook is very useful for tourists who do not know about the location of the travel in india

  67. Raj Kumbh says:

    Congratulations for the e-book. It is going to help women tourist visiting to India and also to local tourist as well. Very appreciative step.

  68. Raj Kumbh says:

    Congratulations for the e-book. It is going to help women tourist visiting to India and also to local tourist as well. Very appreciative step.

  69. Raj Kumbh says:

    Congratulations for the e-book. It is going to help women tourist visiting to India and also to local tourist as well. Very appreciative step.

  70. Vivek Jain says:

    Nice Information and Congratulations for the e-book> This book will be great for Womens .keep the good work.

  71. Jess and Brandon from Watch Me Wander says:

    Great book Shalu. Congrats. You have some great topics.I can’t wait to read it. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  72. msg says:

    what a book for guidance, thanks shalu ji, now we can represent India as great country.

  73. Leela Vas says:

    Hope the information in the book helps the travelers in India. Also you can share some information on the mobile apps available in the market for safety purposes.

  74. Panneer says:

    Great work, will be useful guide to the travellers. I really liked some topics which will be helpful.

  75. irctc says:

    You are doing great work and i am your fan since 3 year. I check your blog when i get time from my work.

  76. WOW !!
    This ebook will guide us to be able to have fun in India.
    India is a very beautiful country, I have seen in Indian films are very popular in Indonesia sepert Mahabharata, Jodha Akbar etc.

  77. It’s really fantastic one Thank you all the very best.

  78. My wife is going to India in a couple of months. I definitely going to show her this.

  79. JIWAN says:

    Congratulations for the book. There should be app on phone so that we can get these guides easily.
    Thanks for sharing this nice information with us.

  80. General RV says:

    Great Post! It’s not very often you see travel guides for exotic places like this. India is so large with so much cultural heritage it’s probably extremely helpful to have a guide like this that you can turn to. Nice work!

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