Internet marketing is a great career choice

Internet marketing is a great career choice. It provides you with lots of personal freedom and allows you to give your family a level of financial security that a j-o-b simply doesn’t offer.

But it’s not for everybody – weed out the day dreamers from the doers. Now it’s time to take real action. Don’t just sit there and think about how great it would be to own a profitable home business! I have made it happen, can you do the same. Will it really happen if you do not do anything. Get out there and make good things happen for you starting right now.

Here is a basic checklist that you can convert into your own, personalized action plan:

1. Talk with your significant other about your intentions. Be understanding about their fears and concerns, but ultimately tell them that you need their support. You have to let them know that you will not go the conventional job route but want to do something on the net.

2. Evaluate your current financial health. Do you have enough savings to live for a few months or for at least a year, if your business doesn’t make any sales initially due to the fact that you’re being thorough in your launch process?

3. Decide how to proceed based on your savings evaluation. You can choose to quit your job now if you have sufficient funds, or you may need to keep your job and work your business part-time until it begins to produce a substantial income.

4. Set up your home office or designated working space. Make a special area that you can keep tidy and use it as privately as possible and get into the habit of spending time in this area during the rest of your preparation steps.

5. Invest in your education. Find some quality learning material to increase your knowledge of this business model, learn about internet marketing, e-commerce, and more. You can join forums where marketers exchange ideas and share valuable tips. One great place to learn is Blog Engage.

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6. Start your research campaign. Find out what the business models are, what is doing well, what products or services are in high demand, and how your skills and interests can be turned into profit. Don’t skip this step unless you’re ready to learn some lessons the hard way! Internet marketing can be a cruel thing.

7. Write out a simple plan of action. There is a lot of thinking to do. What kind of business will you start? What products will you offer and how will you provide these products? You need to focus on answering some of these basic questions.

8. Define your start-up budget. You can get started for free, but it’s a good idea to find at least some cash to get you rolling. Get creative if you have to – for instance, you could list a few items on eBay (your first foray into one form of Internet Marketing) and use the proceeds to fund your new home business.

9. Find a support network or a mentor. You should join a good marketing forum or hire a success coach to help you stay focused and make the right choices. I personally recommend you get everything you can for free first and then if you exhaust your education options, go for the paid coach.

10. Take action based on informed decisions! Planning and your mindset are both totally crucial to your success as person doing business on the web, but they’re nothing without action, so make sure you follow through on your well laid plans by doing something to build your business.

Gauge into your feelings right now. Do you feel nervous and scared? Are you afraid you are going to fail? Are you overwhelmed and disappointed that all those “overnight millionaire” dreams might not materialise for you? They are natural feelings. Ponder over those points outlined above and see if you can do them, then decide if its for you or not.

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15 Responses to “Internet marketing is a great career choice”

  1. Michael Belk says:

    I agree you need to have a good plan. You should always discuss your plans for any distress on your finances. Marketing has many benefits but it needs to be done on a daily basis.

  2. John Ernest says:

    When you are working, it is natural that you should make your decisions wisely. No one would like to lose their job due to half-baked decisions. It is only wise that you think before you act and this affords you security as well as earn your co-workers’ trust if you made the right decision.

  3. Akos Fintor says:

    Hey Shalu,

    Internet marketing is awesome but when you combine it with network marketing you will get something very powerful. It’s all about leverage really.



  4. Yasir Imran says:

    off-course this is a great carer choice. But more and more people are now coming into this field.

  5. devendra says:

    Thank You

    The given information is very effective
    i will keep updated with the same

    seo training

  6. umesh says:

    always keep hard work

  7. That is one comprehensive checklist you got here. If I may add on #2, as to evaluating your financial health–that should always be the prime consideration before going on a freelance internet marketing career. For one, income can be quite unstable here. Before jumping in the bandwagon, it’s important to factor in liquidity and financial risks over a given timeline to ensure that you can manage resources well prior to realizing revenue or income over time.

  8. Gary says:

    Internet marketing is one of the best opportunities that are present online. With the help of the newest technology, it is made possible for business owners to use the web for marketing and promoting their products.

  9. Adam C. says:

    Internet marketing can be a very lonely career and mentally tough to stay persistent after not seeing any results for month. It’s easy to get lost forums, most of which are misleading. I’d suggest to make friends with somebody more or less successful on internet, as soon as possible.

  10. It could be better to start IM career few hours a day and evaluate your progress. Leaving a full-time job for internet marketing career seems to be very risky.

  11. Dipra Sen says:

    Internet marketing is all about a good plan and patience to make the maximum. It’d be better if you start internet marketing as a second job and then convert it your primary income resource.

  12. kolesterol tinggi says:

    I think internet marketing is the greatest opportunity for someone to sell any goods and is a means of internet marketing is the best in my opinion

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