Internet users in India

According to the Word Bank, the percentage of internet users in India is 7.8%. The graph below shows a steady increase in internet usage from insignificant to 8% by the year 2010. It’s a phenomenal rise.

With more than a billion people, this makes India as one of the top internet using countries in the world. To be more precise, India stands in the top 3 of internet users after China and the United States. How do the Indians get on the net? Well, almost half of the Indian use the internet through their mobile phones. India is about to reach a billion mobile subscriber milestone. Recently an Android 2.3 touch screen tablet was launched known as Aakash costing about Rs.2,999 which is about $50. The Indian government is considering rolling out this low cost tablet device into schools nationwide in 2012 which means that another large section of the popular can access the internet.

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21 Responses to “Internet users in India”

  1. Michael Belk says:

    That is an amazing stat with the amount of people it is east to be on top. Just think once those people start using laptops or desktops. I bet they enjoy access.

  2. SolidWorks says:

    India’s population is very large. The Asian consumer market is one of the largest in the world, but countries need to reduce poverty.

    • Shalu says:

      The shear population of the country tops it up as the most number of users of the internet. I think in the next few years as the country grows, more and more people are will get connected. This means a good thing actually as far as marketing is concerned.

  3. Felicia says:

    I applaud the government of India for trying to reach out to the people in helping them become more knowledgeable and educated about computers and the Internet.
    There are actually many other poor overly populated countries in Asia that do not have affordable tablets to help them learn online, and the government officials are so corrupt that they do not care about these kinds of things.

    • Shalu says:

      HI Felicia, the Aakash tablet, not the state of the art machine but will do the job. This means more internet users.

  4. Donna says:

    Wow Indian internet users just keep on rising. That’s surely a good news for the country.

  5. Zeeshan says:

    Wow india is at number 3 this is truly amazing and good figure. That’s the the competition between bloggers is too high as compared to other countries in the region.

    • Shalu says:

      Zeeshan, as more and more people get online in India, more and more bloggers will enter the blogging world, meaning more competition. But this also means more visitors.

  6. Pramvir says:

    shalu I think after the entry of akash tablet in june, july this will be doubled till August.

  7. Dharm says:

    Good one, will visit again

  8. sumon says:

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  9. Michael Belk says:

    A lot of companies are trying to get a piece of that pie. It is like an untapped resource. People in India should charge any company handsomely to have access to those billions of people.

  10. sai says:

    now a days internet is being used very much from the past 10 to 5 years due to people are finding relax by this way by using they are able to pay their bills booking tickets etc in this way people find flexible and using internet alot

  11. webmavensg says:

    India has a lot of potential. We just need to figure out the best way to tap that emerging market.

  12. Gannet says:

    Wow, it is really fantastic amount, Shalu Sharma.
    I can’t imagine how many potential market for the Indian’s internet marketers to grow up their business

  13. Hey Shalu Sharma,
    Thank you for sharing, as far I know, day to day base there is increase in smartphone users not only in India but out side India also. That is beneficial for smartphone companies that they are launching new and new smartphones with new features everyday.

  14. Kenny says:

    Ha ha ha.. Its really a nice to see india are developing lot in short period of time… THanks for sharing :)

  15. Paras Sharma says:

    as the Reliance 4G rollout is near , you will see much improvement in these stats.

    internet users specially in mobile platform are going to increase by multiple folds in year 2015-2017

  16. zahid says:

    Internet is the medium which has changed the face of the world and now not in India but in all over the world people feel incomplete without internet.

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