Picture of the week – an old cow herder

Do you feel sorry for this old man who almost looks like Mahatma Gandhi?

Mahatma Gandhi upon arrival from South Africa to India in 1901 decided not to wear cotton clothes made in the cotton mills of Manchester (UK). The cotton grown in India was being shipped to the cotton mills in Manchester where it was spun into clothes and brought back to India to be sold. This completely destroyed the cottage industry and crippled the Indian economy. More on Indian history and what Indians wear.

However, unlike the Mahatma (meaning great soul) who refused to wear any clothes made by the British in protest, this man may or may not have enough clothing, I can’t be for sure for certain. Perhaps it was a hot day and he preferred to be in his ‘cloth’. He is most likely a cow herder. The stick caters for two purposes; walking and herding the cattle. What do you think?

An old man with a walking stick

An old man with a walking stick

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20 Responses to “Picture of the week – an old cow herder”

  1. A good snap. Of course, a stick is a good instrument especially when you are in a village. And more if you are on the older side.

  2. Yes. It is indeed a pity to see this even after 60 years of independence.

  3. Sapna says:

    HI Shalu jee

    This pic depicts sorry state of affairs. Rural India is still struggling.
    Thanks for keeping us well updated.


  4. rohit says:

    I think its due to hot weather. But its also true that in remote area people are struggling for basic needs.

  5. Jay says:

    Hi Shalu ji,

    Indeed, the individual in the pic does look like a cow herder. In all earnest, I feel he’s living below the poverty line, just like many others in this developing nation called India.

    Sights such as these are common place in India. I hope the next decade brings to us more cheerful sights to savor on.



  6. Michael Belk says:

    I am sure the man is worried about the hear, but I think he is more worried about his sheep and being comfortable he herd his sheep.

    Great picture.

  7. I am not thinking about Mahatma Gandi. I know this person is poor and that is the reason he is not wearing proper clothes. Now it’s our duty to treat them well because they are done with their part.

  8. Shane Curtis says:

    That was really a very nice shot. Your shots are very meaningful. That man would certainly go to his herds. Love it.

  9. Fayaz Pasha says:

    Good Picture! Perhaps he is looking for the man who stole his clothes and has a good stick to punish the guy.

  10. Ramesh says:

    I do agree with you It is mainly for two purpose and that is walking and herding

  11. Partha Mandal from Palace Hotel Jodhpur says:

    Hi…I don’t know why are you comparing this old man with Mahatma Gandhi, but whatever may be condition of India is now bitter and worst before 60 years……..

  12. It is possible that its not due to hot climate and he is using the keep for guiding the livestock and buffaloes.

  13. I am not considering Mahatma Gandi. I know this individual is inadequate and that is the purpose he is not dressed in appropriate outfits. Now it’s our responsibility to cure them well because they are done with their aspect.

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