Pizza Hut in India

If you are one of those people like me who love pizza then don’t worry, you are in luck. There are places in India for example the Pizza Hut where you can eat. The good thing is that you will find them in most major cities and towns of India. Although you may not find Pizza Hut in smaller towns and villages but most metros and larger towns of India will have them. If you are travelling to Delhi then there’s one in the popular destination of Connaught Circus in Connaught Place in Delhi.

Pizza Hut in India

Pizza Hut in Amritsar (Punjab)

The one shown in the picture above is the Pizza Hut of Amritsar (Punjab) in the main tourist area of Lawrence Road in Joshi Colony. World renowned for its pizza, this establishment in Amritsar will not let you down. In fact, the menu here is better and has more selections than the original American counterpart. You will find that there are more vegetable options available as well as some uniquely Indian selections.

The seating areas of Pizza Huts in India are similar to the American restaurants. You are bound to feel at home. The staffs here are generally attentive as well as friendly and there is always an employee that speaks fluent English. In fact, most if not all of them will be able to speak English. You can custom order “speciality” pizzas and drinks and they will understand your request.

One good thing about the Pizza Hut in Amritsar is that the serving station for drinks and desserts is in full view of the dining area. This gives you the opportunity to see how attentive the staff are and how your items are handled.

Orange Strawberry Spritzer and salad

Orange Strawberry Spritzer and salad – My favourite

Typical music playing in these restaurants is American. However, occasionally you will hear words that would be censored by American media and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) but not in India. In fact, average Indian people don’t know or don’t understand these words anyway. Akon and Eminem seem to be favourites on the radio station they play.

If you fancy your pizza delivered at your hotel, then you can have that too. You will need to ask your hotel about the local Pizza Hut. Delivery is available within 3 KM (approximately 1.5 miles) from the store. Some items are not available for delivery because they cannot be hygienically delivered. Some items are unavailable for delivery or takeaways because containers would compromise the integrity of the dish – for example, the cheesecake platter.

Average cost of a meal for one person is approximately 350 Indian National Rupee ($8 US and Aus) for a custom personal pan pizza without dessert included (this price includes a special drink as pictured and not a soda).

Here are some tipping rules for India

Would you satisfy your cravings by going to Pizza Hut in India or would you rather try Indian food?

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33 Responses to “Pizza Hut in India”

  1. Renuka says:

    I love Pizzas too! And yes, I like them at the Pizza Hut. Of late, I have started exploring other eateries too, but for a very long time (almost a decade) I had only pizza!

  2. Agness says:

    I’ve been to Sri Lanka and locals were pretty obsessed with pizzas and burgers. It’s good to know you can always head to Pizza Hut if you get bored with local food, which I believe does not happen very often. I love Indian curry!

  3. Pankaj says:

    I really enjoy Pizzas, sometimes I even get Pizza at home as well. :) I haven’t tried all kind of pizzas, I generally eat cheese pizza.

  4. Prerna says:

    Pizza hut was my favorite pizza outlet and even now with hundreds around, it still remains my fav place and its garlic sticks are too good. Haven’t tried this salad but looks yummy.

  5. Punkaj says:

    Pizza Hut is the right place to have this delicious fast food. Taste is quite different from others.

    This makes it something very much different

  6. Janit says:

    Pizza Hut is probably the best and most well known pizza chain across India.

    There are some cities which do have really good wood fired pizzas available in niche restaurants, but as a brand, its Pizza Hut thats best.

  7. Sifet says:

    Wow, Pizza! It is the most favourite item of mine. I like to eat Pizza every time I visit my district center because there is no Pizza hut or Dominos in my home town.

  8. Prasad Np says:

    I think more people love Pizza in India than many countries combined. We too are hooked and kids want pizza as much as possible. Also for those traveling from US it is a good option as they can get something familiar in India if they have a craving for their own food.

  9. Alexis Smith says:

    Their specialty pizzas specific to India might be an interesting treat! My brother is working in India right now and we’re planning for a surprise birthday for his birthday next month! This might be a good place to celebrate. Thanks for sharing this!

  10. i love pizza and pizza hut is v beautiful place to provide delicious food.

  11. richa from bali huts says:

    I so much love pizzas and pizza hut is the best place for it much better than dominos. Though some other small chains too offer good ones but then you can’t take a risk when it come to pizzas 😀

  12. I love so much pizzas and pizza hut is the best place for it, I am searching a pizza hut nearby but do not found.

  13. Lynnea David says:

    Do they have all the flavors available? like vegetable and pork

  14. Mike LaPorte says:

    I had never thought of Western fast food in India. Are there any dietary restrictions, such as pork, to cater to more of the local customers?

  15. Ahsan says:

    Hello Shalu,

    Pizza is one of my favourite dishes. In our place, there is also Pizza Hut. As it produces quality food, its popularity is increasing day by day.

    Anyway its great to know about Indian Pizza culture :)

  16. When I eat pizza then never thought who write an awesome article on pizza. It’s really great post and I like your post.

  17. Hello Mam,

    I live in Delhi with my entire family & we all love to eat Pizza on weekend. We order online as now a days online service is increasing in all over India. So, It has been most food in my family. Whenever we don’t get online Pizza service after that we all go to nearest Pizza store. Thanks for nice post!!!

  18. Stampota says:

    I love pizza and especially pizza hut :)Hurray
    Of course i like many other pizza companies 😛

  19. pizza are delicious food , somethime i try to make my self , but i think its different taste

  20. yes i also like pizza hut and their service also :) , one more thing GCS offers business continuity plan in Chicago. We also deliver Exact Plans for the Safety the Suppleness of your worthy data.
    thanks !!!

  21. Amrish says:

    I love pizza but I cannot eat right now because Pizza Hut is not available in my city.

  22. Karan says:

    Why I read this post now, as I could not get pizza right now at this time.
    But really i like pizza very much and especially that of Pizza hut.

  23. vinu nair says:

    I love Pizza and I will definitively check this spots out on my next trip to India.I hope the pizza here tastes just like in western countries. Recently on my trip to India I ordered a French Onion soup from one of the Indian restaurants and it tasted nothing like a real French Onion Soup.

  24. Jess and Brandon from Watch Me Wander says:

    I love pizza too, but when you are in india, where is like the heaven of delicious food, why do you need pizza :))

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