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If you are interested in visiting India and want to customize your plan then you are the right place. Just fill in the form and we will get you started on creating the best India Tour Plan. Either use the form or email your information to [email protected]

This is how it works

1. You fill out the form and tell us what you want to do in India and places you want to visit, but if you have no idea, just send the form with your contact details and let us get you started.

2. Once we have received your details, the team will send you possible tours plans according to your needs, interests, budget, time etc, until you find the one that you love. The plans will include destinations, stay, food, transportation details, guided tours, safaris etc.

3. Once you find the plan you love, we will send a quote – free and no-obligation of course.

4. If you like the plan and the quote, you confirm the tour and agree to make an advance payment to book the tour. Once you confirm, I will talk to you personally before you go ahead either through Skype or phone.

5. Once we receive your advance and we will get back to you with the itinerary, advisory, invoice etc. We will also send you the details such as contact information of hotels, services, restaurants etc.

6. You travel to India and we take care of you. You are received on the Airport by your chauffeur for the tour and our team member gets in touch with you (at your comfort), everyday during the tour to make sure all is going well.

Send us your ideas…

What you want + Our Knowledge = Your custom made Indian Holiday

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