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We are now allowing travellers and bloggers to join the team of experts on India. If you would like to join the team of authors to blog and share your travel stories about your experiences or if you would like to send us something about India then feel free to get in touch.

Would you like to be part of an emerging community of travellers inspiring others to travel to India? Do you have travel tips for India, photos to share, insights, information or just want to share your experience, then why not to bring your travels to life and post here. You will be compensated for your contribution.

Share your travel story

What can you share with us?

Travel tips for India
Places to visit
And everything else


You have travelled in India or
Have been living in India
Preferably writing experience but not necessary

How will you be compensated by one of these?

Either monetary (PayPal)
Links to your personal travel blog
My Books (either kindle edition or paperback)

List of authors

Manuela Osorio Pineda: 23 year-old Colombian girl currently in India who loves travelling, writing, food, drinks, coffee, friends and films. Some of her articles: My top 8 unforgettable moments in India, about the Golden Temple, on Chandigarh and her arrival to India.

Rishabh Oberoi is a traveller from Delhi. He loves travelling and he has agreed to share of this stories and experiences with us. You can read about his experience of Kumbh Mela here.

My friend Natalia is from Brazil. She has visited Indian on numerous occasions and she sends her stories, photos and experiences to for us to read. You can read experience on the Taj mahal.

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