My website now hosted with SiteGround

Initially when I started my travel blog it was hosted on HostGator on shared hosting plan. It went well like my other websites but one day, they sent me an email (this is about 3 years ago) that they had temporarily removed my website from their shared hosting as it was taking a lot of resources. They will put it back if I do a few things hence I must message them if I wanted the site up. I sent them a message asking them what I had to do get the website up and running. They messaged me back a few things that I had to remove a plugin and had to add a caching plugin. After I had done all that, my site was up.

Web Hosting

However I knew that I had to move my web hosting before I could do anything!

I contacted a few blogger friends and one of them was able add my website to her dedicated hosting. The hosting went well (for about 1.5 years) till a few weeks ago. She told me the site had grown and was not able to continue hosting my blog.

I then went into panic mode and looked for alternative hosting. I knew that it had to be minimum a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or at least a reseller.

I went on the web and searched and read website hosting reviews for hours and hours. I had helped a few of my friends set up their blogs. I had bought their hosting on eBay some of which was from the UK. I contacted the UK based company (which I had bought on eBay) and they were happy to give me a “managed” VPS for that included the following below.

4 CPU Cores
4 GB Ram 80GB
Diskspace 80GB
2000GB Bandwidth
and a fully managed cPanel

Web Hosting

The price looked appropriate and cheaper than the bigger names. They responded quickly to all my questions and I thought that I had found my hosting.

I went and bought it after giving it a thought for at least 1 week.

They migrated the site and everything looked alight for 10 days and then things went pear shaped.

The website was down for hours and when I contacted them many times they kept asking me what I was hosting on the website. They fact is that they could not handle the website. I kept getting emails in my inbox that they server was configured properly and had failed.

The final straw was when my website was down for one entire day and when I messaged the hosting company, they had no idea what was going on and they rebooted the server. That didn’t bring the site up…

I have grudges against this company. In fact, I have a couple of small websites hosted on their servers.  They staff had been appropriately responded to my questions, it’s just that they were not able to host my website which they didn’t want to admit.

I knew that it was time for me to find another web hosting company. Someone from Facebook ground recommended SiteGround.

I then spent an hour reading their website, SiteGround hosting reviews and comparisons. For example this one, Siteground vs Hostgator. A lot of people had written good reviews about them.

I talked to one of their staff via their chat. They told me the kind of hosting was needed and was assured that the site would be migrated to their hosting.

I then bought the WordPress hosting plan (their higher plan). I didn’t even have to send them the ticket. As soon as I signed up, there was a question asking me if I needed to transfer anything to their servers. If yes then I should complete a form which I did straight away.

Funny thing is that the previous hosting sever was down and I had no access to the cPanel. Luckily I had a copy of the complete backup. I sent SiteGound the copy.

Guess what…

After competition of the website migration form, I got a message from SiteGound in about 30 minutes that the website had been transferred and all I had to do was change the Domain Name Servers (DNS).

Which I did ASAP…

I checked after 4 hours later and the site was up…

SiteGround WordPress hosting review

SiteGround WordPress Review

Let’s take a look at what SiteGround actually offers…

Geeky SuperCacher- their own cacher plugin rather than the usual ones making your website faster.

Free Cloudflare CDN makes your website load faster in any part of the world by caching its content and distributing it over multiple data centers. When foreign visitors access your website, our CDN delivers the content much faster from the data center closest to them.

And a host of other things and support…!!

So all in all, I have am very satirised with SiteGround. I highly recommend considering their services if you have a travel WordPress website and want to save yourself a agony. Click here to find out more about SiteGround.

14 thoughts on “My website now hosted with SiteGround

  1. SiteGround is awesome!

    I’ve been using them for a while now and I’ve also tried a lot of the major hosting companies, but SiteGround has definitely stood out. You have made a wise choice and you won’t regret it.
    Their support is top notch, great speeds, and features. Yes, they cost a little bit more but they are definitely worth the price.

    I agree!

  2. According to me, now siteground is the best hosting service company……………and it’s reviews are fantastic.

    now my website hosting on GoDaddy but in future, I’m planning to host my website on siteground

  3. Definitely your site speed and performance incensed a lot. Apart from this I really like your blog Shalu Ji.
    Just saw you have Written a book which Sold in Amazon “Travel India” Can you please provide me how to buy it in INR as is not allowing to buy in INR and it will cost more to me. So Please share any Indian site where u r selling this Book.

    Kindly reply to this comment with the Link.
    I will wait for your reply.

  4. Hi Shalu Ji

    We all know about the importance of reliable web hosting in our life. Web hosting help us run our online business smoothly.

    In my 5 years of experience, I had tried some of the web hosting companies and found that Siteground is one of those top and trusted companies which are handling a lot of websites over the internet.

    And getting the trust of huge customers. I am glad that you had covered such a great and honest review here. Thanks for sharing it with us. 😀

  5. purchasing good web hosting is an important decision to start any website or blog because good websites run on the hosting, I faced loss in the past due to bad hosting companies. I recommend cloud server hosting for the website. I used Godaddy in the past for my first site and my experience was not very good.

    Thanks for detailed review for siteground

  6. Choosing a good hosting is really tough task and if anyone is new in the field it goes tougher. It always matter to get a reliable host. if anyone could not find the good hosting service, they or they blog may suffer & due to lack of business and visitor.
    Nice review on SiteGround hosting service.

  7. Really beautiful post,
    And getting the trust of huge customers. I am glad that you had covered such a great and honest review here. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Most of the web hosting companies in UK offer packages with unlimited resources; Unlimited web hosting; such as disk storage, bandwidth, MySQL databases, email address, FTP account and so on this is so that websites with high traffic don’t hit resource limits. Therefore, am sure you are asking which companies provide unlimited website hosting? For your business to enjoy Unlimited Services you need a company offering dedicated web hosting services.

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