Golden Temple- More than guys with turbans and a temple covered with shiny gold

My friend Manuela shares her experience of her visit to the Golden Temple Amritsar (also known as Swarn Mandir) in the Punjab.

Golden Temple: More than guys with turbans and a temple covered with shiny gold By Manuela Osorio Pineda

I’ve always considered myself as an ‘off-the-beat-traveler’ who craves visiting the remote little spots of a country to find its essence in the unknown and not so popular places; one that always preferred to stay in hostels or with locals through CouchSurfing instead of booking hotel rooms, and definitely the type who ‘hates’ scheduled tours and ‘you-have-20-minutes-to-go-get-a-profile-picture-and-come-back-to-the-bus’ orders … Although I have to say I’ve been there and done that. After all, you’ve gotta try things to know you don’t like them, right? 😉

Going to see the Golden Temple at Amritsar

Going to see the Golden Temple at Amritsar

However, the so called landmarks of a place represent the culture and history of the countries and cultures, and as much as I hate the crowd and little Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal turned into key chains, I’m also one of those charmed by the beauty and grandeur of the real castles, forts, monuments and temples; you’ve read about them, seen videos and thousands of pictures from every possible angle! But you haven’t felt them and never will, until you’re actually there. Ohh…. If those walls could talk!…

Living in India DEMANDS a trip to countless places like Lotus Temple, Ellora Caves, Amber fort and a crescent list of Architectural jewels and natural beauties from North to South and East to West; but since I ended up in the heart of the state of Punjab, my closer ‘MUST GO’ was just 6 hours away in the city of Amritsar; the magnificent GOLDEN TEMPLE. It was time to go deep into the history of Sikhism. The weekend trip sounded even more interesting with the possibility to visit Jallianwalla Bagh –a relevant place in the history of modern India– and the Wagah Border, boundary with Pakistan. HOW COOOOL WAAS THAT??!!!!!! Well… Maybe my parents didn’t find it that exciting at the beginning :S … But were open-minded enough to remember how the media distorts the reality most of the times, after all, we are from a country with a big stigma about violence and drugs, and know very well the meaning of the word ‘exaggeration’. Travelling around Colombia is a safe and wonderful experience nowadays.

Manuela at the Golden Temple Amritsar

Me at the Golden Temple Amritsar

But let’s go back to the story of my first official trip in Incredible India! The decision tovisit Golden Temple was wisely taken at 11 pm on a party Friday night in Chandigarh, and against all the predictions about the seriousness of our plan, neither rain nor the hangover stopped us from renting a van to Amritsar the next Saturday and fill it with our little international group of Indians, Polish, Colombian, Tunisian, Spanish, Mauritius and Brazilians. First expense of the trip: 800 Rupees to go and come back, but you can make it even cheaper by taking a local bus for 250 Rs from Chandigarh or 500 Rupees from Delhi

The Golden Temple is BREATHLESS

Even though the curves and columns make the Sikh architecture impressive at any time, I feel the magnificence of the Golden Temple duplicates at night; the moment we left our shoes outside, washed our feet and step inside the complex, the chants and lights reflecting on the water invaded us with a huge feeling of peace. I had NEVER seen something like that! The white buildings surrounding the main temple reminded me of the stories of princess and deities that my parents used to tell me when I was a child, and there it was; the shiny construction ‘floating’ in the holy lake, the Harmandir Sahib, also known as Darbar Sahib or Golden Temple, the most important Sikh Gurdwara.

Golden Temple Amritsar India

The Golden Temple in Amritsar India

I suddenly remembered all my history classes while names and dates came to my mind; the Partition of India, its independence of the British domain on August 15 of 1947, the Operation Blue Star and consequent murder of Indira Gandhi. I must confess that before coming here my knowledge about Sikhism was limited; ‘the guys wearing turbans who were involved in the death of the first female Prime Minister of India’. What a shame!.. Same as associating Muslim people with the fanatic 9/11 or Germans with the Nazi Holocaust. ABSOLUTE NONSENSE!

Golden Temple at night

Golden Temple at night

The history of Sikhs

I can’t really talk about the history of a religion I’m still discovering and understanding, and which is extremely linked to the history of India and the partition of the country based on ‘religious demographics’ into Pakistan, Bangladesh and India; but to make ‘the story VERY short’, I’ll say Sikhism was named and officially established from the 15th Century in the Region of Punjab, when the Guru Nanak became not only a religious leader but a social reformer. The Sikhs have been related to warriors because they fought the persecution of minority religious communities during the Mughal Hegemony and because of the Kirpan, one of the five ‘articles of faith’ that baptized Sikhs should wear all the time and that can be a small dagger or a long curved sword.

Visiting Golden Temple cover head

Me at the Golden Temple – Remember to cover your head

But let the trip continue!.. After roaming around with open jaws, taking pictures from all the possible angles and fighting the feeling of being inside a dream, our little group divided into those who wanted to go to a hotel and those who wanted to sleep at the temple; yes! You can actually stay there overnight! Of course, I was in the 2nd group. So we said goodbye and found a spot on the green carpet that covers the corridors of the complex, but despite the friendly people around us and the beautiful view, we couldn’t sleep at all; the chants became louder and the night colder; it was time for us to find the famous ‘foreigners room’.

According to the principles of the religion, everyone is welcome to the temple without distinction of race, nationality or beliefs, and as long as he/she respect the basic rules of no smoking or drinking, removing the shoes -they can be stored at the entrance- and covering the hair with a scarf, which can be also provided inside the building. What could make this experience even better? Oh yes! FREE accommodation and FREE food.

Golden Temple Langar

Vegetables being prepared at the Golden Temple Langar

Craving to know if we found the Foreigners Room and what happened the next day? Keep coming to Shalu’s blog and find out! But meanwhile, tell us if you had ever visited the Golden Temple and how did it go!

From Shalu: I hope you have enjoyed Manuela’s story of her visit to the Golden Temple at Amritsar. Here are some of her other stories just in case you have missed of her arrival from Columbia and moving to Chandigarh.

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40 Responses to “Golden Temple- More than guys with turbans and a temple covered with shiny gold”

  1. Srimanta says:

    The Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab. Its popularly known as Swarna Mandir. It is one of the most sacred place of the Sikh religion where Guru Nanak lived and meditated

  2. Hi Shalu and Manuela,

    I enjoyed this one, or perhaps I’ve been to the Golden Temple so many times and each time it feels like the first one.

    The most serene place is right on top where you can see the lake in totality alongside listen to the ‘kirtan’ that resounds in your ears. And if you are there during the night time, the lights of the Temple are simply breathtaking. We of course, stayed overnight at the temple to see the ‘sewa’ of the Granth Sahib that’s done around 3-4am, and that’s a different experience altogether. I wonder if you managed to see that Manuela- and the way the clean the whole inside area every single day – wash it thoroughly.

    Oh yes…the free food is known as ‘Langar’ and that’s something you will find in most gurudwaras. Not to mention the taste of the Langar that is unbeatable.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    bful place to visit :-)
    i luv lungar food yummmmmmy

  4. I. C. Daniel says:

    Amazing place this Golden Temple. Shalu thanks for sharing with us. Visiting India seems is a dream, however maybe I have enough money to do it one day.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  5. Ankit from Android says:

    Great to see those images. I simply relived my trip to Golden temple to them.

  6. Pramod says:

    This place is like heaven on the earth am Glad that it has been covered in this wonderful blog .I haven’t visited this place yet but have plans to visit it when i’ll be visiting Amritsar in Diwali Holidays . Thanks for sharing your experiences .


  7. raj says:

    You will certainly feel the peace once you come here. I am living in the same city(Amritsar) since last 5/6 years and go to this historical place quite often as I find a beautiful atmosphere here. I forget all the worries I have been surrounded by since quite a long time. Its your hard luck if you haven’t been here atleast Once.

  8. I’ve heard so much good things about this Golden Temple. Wish I could visit this myself one day.

  9. probate will says:

    golden temple is historical place of sikhs religion. Where everyone who stay in India or those who visited in India like to visit golden temple atleast once.

  10. Santanu says:

    Its my dream to visit this place once, but its still far away from me…

  11. hairdressers in Edinburgh says:

    I am sure this post has touched all the internet people, its really really fastidious post on building up new webpage.

  12. Bridal Jewellery says:

    I visited Golden Temple twice, it looks marvelous at night. It had a twin effect at night. I like the prayer sound that fills the environment with purity.

  13. Hi Shalu mam,
    I am planning to visit this holy place with my friends. your article will definitely help us. thanks for sharing.

  14. Tanisha says:

    I am new here. But after reading your post I am very much Impressed and I bookmark your blog.

  15. Anmol Makkar says:

    Loved the post. I visited Golden temple about 5 years back and this post reminded me of the awesome time we had there.
    And waiting for the nest part of it of next day.

  16. Raj says:

    Wow very nice place, I have not been there but it looks like a place worth visiting.

  17. Anusha from SEO dublin says:

    Golden temple is one place in the country, where one can find immense peace. Me and my family visit here, every year, and the intriguing thing is that every time we find something new and worth appreciating here.

  18. i live in Amritsar and i always go in golden temple is one of the peace and beautiful place,,

  19. Jones says:

    I visited Golden temple 3 times and it feels very very nice over there . Lots of peace over there .

  20. prachi says:

    It is indeed a very mesmerizing part of Amritsar which always grab the attentions.

  21. Amit Dua says:

    Golden temple is really a fantastic place. I visited Amritsar in 2009 along with one of my friends, and after that whenever I see the image of Golden Temple, I remember those wonderful moments, when I was watching it while standing on the other side of the holy lake.

  22. Rita lopes says:

    hi shalu,
    i also had visit to golden temple and i had great experience there i think it is one of the most beautiful monuments of india which look like shiny gold temple

  23. albert joson says:

    shalu you are doing wonderful job keep it up.golden temple i like the shiny gold temple.

  24. I visited Golden temple about 2 years ago and this post reminded me of the awesome time we had there.

  25. raj gaurav says:

    ya..! you’re talking right…no doubt Golden Temple is one in all the favorite traveler destination place with its historical background and spiritual aspects…!

  26. Govt Jobs says:

    Golden temple is my hometown and its is a very religous city for Sikh dharam. Thnx for posting on Amritsar Saahb..

  27. Still now not Forget My Trip and Visit in India Golden Temple and My Friends also trying to Go there I`m Now in Florida….

  28. Anil says:

    One of the Famous temple in india,,,i loved ..Thanks for Sharing…:)

  29. The Golden temple which is covered with gold is totally amazing and Im hoping to visit it personally someday.

  30. mobile games says:

    whoah this weblog is wonderful i really like studying your articles.
    Keep up the great work! You understand, many individuals are hunting
    round for this information, you can help them greatly.

  31. sara rockan says:

    Very nice This place is like heaven on the earth am Glad that it has been covered in this wonderful blog .I haven’t visited this place yet but have plans to visit it when i’ll be visiting Amritsar in Diwali Holidays . Thanks for sharing your experiences

  32. It looks great, if only I was there only once

  33. Disha Sharma says:

    Wow….. GREAT… Your Experience of Golden Temple looks superb ! I never have been in Golden Temple But I really wish to visit Golden Temple ! Let’s see when My Turn Comes to be there at Golden Temple !

  34. What a great post, Shalu.

    Not only a good ‘travelogue’ about this incredible site, but also sharing the history, as well as the respect for another culture that we don’t hear much of on this side if the World. Would love to go there.

  35. Raj from IRCTC Login Account says:

    The golden temple is one of the best palace to visit in India. It is peaceful place. beautiful pond, nice and tasty Langar and a unique and informative Museum.

  36. starflight says:

    I heard much about Golden Temple Amritsar (also known as Swarn Mandir) in the Punjab.but never visit there.sacred place of the Sikh religion as then its called Mandir..very nice description shalu…

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