Top winter destinations of India

There are many winter destinations even in a tropical place. The scene is so true for a country like India. Come the summer and everybody has plans for one or the other hill station or snow adventure. The cool high altitude places puts the unbearable heat of the plains on somewhere forgotten and absolute bliss of the welcoming winter is on. It feels like somebody is constantly humming lines like these on back of his mind:

“”The rest is where 
“I” is either satiated
Or suffocated
Here, I avow
My “I” is merged
In the Pristine of Nature
I am at rest now
Even if it is
Just for a while!””

Such places, kind of which the poet is talking about, might include the following:


Lying on the way to Badrinath, Auli is a popular winter destination in Uttarakhand, more popular for its adventure of Ski. Bugyal is the local name for the place by which locals will brag about it. The meadow is also a part of popular trekking trips. Apart from Ski and Trekking, tourists can also enjoy views and boating in the artificial lake. Being surrounded by pilgrimages like Badrinath, Kedarnath, Joshimath, Nandaprayag, Rudraprayag; Auli is a must visit for tourists and pilgrims alike. April is best season to visit but skiing is good in November.

Trekking in Auli

Trekking in Auli. Source: Flikr Shikhar Sethi’s photostream


Another popular Ski (winter) destination, Gulmarg is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Known for having the highest Ski lift (Gondola) in the world, the place has more than 1300 metres of vertical panoramic views of the Himalayas. To make best use of the snow for skiing, choose the month of January and February to travel up this point and have fun. Do not get startled by occasional sights of soldiers as the place is very near to the India-Pakistan border.

Gulmarg Gondola

Gulmarg Gondola


One of the 8 Union territories of India, Diu is gaining more popularity for its tourism than ever before. Very near to the southern coast of Gujarat, the place had a long association with the Portuguese culture. The town of Diu houses Diu Fort and an Old Portuguese cathedral that are popular attraction for tourists. Enjoy the beach and island fun here.

Mount Abu

More popular as the only hill station of the state of Rajasthan, this place is well known for its scenic appeal and some old temples. A centre for spiritual activities, Mount Abu is a place where people find peace of mind. A part of Aravalli Hills, the place holds natural attraction for tourists coming to Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, etc.

Mount Abu

Model of the Eiffel tower at a roundabout in Mount Abu. Source: Flikr auldhippo’s photostream


North-eastern region of India is very popular for many tourist places and adventure activities loved by thrill seekers. For a winter destination, Haflong in Assam is a nice place to try. Located in the Dima Hasao District, it is known for Haflong Lake and Jatinga Bird Watching. Photography becomes a passion of travellers just by instincts.


A part of southern India, Kerala does not need any kind of introduction due to its huge popularity as “God’s Own Country”. Backwaters, popular beaches, spa and spiritual healing and many tourist destinations like Munnar, Kochi, etc are integral tour of any Kerala tour. You can also opt to choose to visit in a particular time during “The Elephant Festival”, Thissur Pooram is on the show. Culture insights of Kerala are a major pull for tourists from abroad along with exciting the domestic tourists.


Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is a well known amongst popular winter places of India. Tourists’ spots that are visited here include The Mall, Christ Church, Jakhu Hill, Shimla State Museum, Summer Hill, Tara Devi Temple, Junga, Mashobra, and many others. Reached by Air, Railways and Roads, Shimla remains crowded for all of the summers and most of the winters.

Shimla snow

Shimla snow


In Himachal Pradesh, this place is closely tours along with Kullu for tourism in this area. Among many winter destinations, Manali is visited more for its religious value. Located in the Beas river valley, it is well enjoyed by the people of India as well as abroad for tourist attractions like Hadimba Temple, Vashishta Temple, Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Van Vihar and more.

Skiing in Manali

Skiing in Manali

Corbett national Park

Located near Nainital, Jim Corbett National Park is a popular spot for enjoying wildlife tourism. Tigers are obviously the main attraction and icing on the cake is the elephant safari. Jeep rides are also there but one can imagine what will be more fun to do. The vast diversity of the oldest national park of India allows scope for birding as well if you are also engaged in bird watching. Not good to visit in Monsoon, the summers and winters are quite enjoyable here. You can add this to your list of winter destinations if you planning for winter holidays!

Author bio: This post is written by Kuldeep. He is writing about travel & tourism stuffs like wildlife in India since 3 years. He has visited few places from above and planning for more.

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  1. Jack says:

    I like winter because there are no need of fan or rest place. Take a blanket and sleep anywhere in house and as you mentioned here about some place then i would say that there will be more fun with a bucket a ICE CREAM.

  2. kevin says:

    Shimla looks beautiful, if I ever get the chance to head to India it would definitely be my place of choice to visit. The others look great as well, but the mountainous scenery is my favorite.

  3. Marisol says:

    Hi Shalu,
    Wow, I was overwhelmed. Have not heard of most of those wonderful places you have listed. Wish I can visit them all! Thanks for letting me know about them!

  4. Ahsan says:

    I think Shimla & Kashmir are the best places to visit during Winter as nature looks full bloom in snow

  5. Corbett it is. :)

    It is a wonderful place to be in winter as well as summer. Better to stay in the Forest Rest Houses.

  6. Michael Belk says:

    Shalu, skiing can be fun, but I never had the guts to experience such a beautiful sport.

    I am a bunny slops kind of guy.

    I love the tiger but those guys are crazy for getting that close.

    If I am correct I believe India is known for Bengal tiger.

  7. Akos Fintor says:

    Hey Shalu,

    I have never been to India, but ever since I watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love i have a deep desire to discover it.


  8. I love that Eiffel Tower at Mount Abu – now that’s something you don’t expect to see.

  9. Aleah says:

    Wow, I never knew India also has a winter season! If I were there, I’d certainly try skiing though I’ve never done that before. I’m going to northern India in March, from Kolkata I will go northeast. So excited!

  10. Donna Spears says:

    I didn’t know there’s a replica of Eiffel tower there.
    I would really like to take a picture of that!

  11. Kuldeep says:

    Thank You Donna! India welcomes you whenever you plan to come here.

  12. Hi Shalu,

    This post is really nostalgic. We have been to a couple of these destinations and enjoyed ourselves a lot. There are many more beautiful winter destinations in India. They are Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Panjim, Horsely Hills and many more.


  13. Shalu Sharma says:

    Thank you Vijay. I agree that there are many more that are as good as the others.

  14. All of above winter destination I’ve already visited with my entire family and really this selection is totally perfect. Thanks 😀

  15. Michael Belk says:

    I would hike up these mountains just to see the views. Those are some pretty places.

    Hiking is like exploring. Most of us do not go off the man made roads much.

  16. I envy you, Shalu! Here where I’m from, we only have summer and rainy seasons. What I’d give to spend a few days learning how to ski and enjoying the snow.

  17. Hey nice stuff on India tourism in winter. India offers various exotic places like wildlife tourism, heritage tourism,hill stations, desert, beaches, religious places where you can spend your holidays and get a marvellous experience that will remember fondly for many years.
    Here I found one more source that can help you during India travel.

  18. ubtav says:

    Well written and informative topic about Top winter destinations of India. Thanks for this great post.

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  20. I am happy when reading your blog with updated information! thanks a lot and hope that you will post more Content that are related to this site .

  21. Shimla is one of the popular winter locations in India. I have played kufri, which is a winter sport. It is an interesting skiing event.

  22. Surminga says:

    I never knew India had that much snow during the winter. It looks amazing. I was in Mumbai for a summer and that was boiling but India in the winter must be much better

  23. Felicia says:

    I normally had the first impression that India is any other tropical country that does not experience snow during the “ber” months. I sure would love to try skiing in Manali and go to Shimla and Corbett National Park. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Nelieta says:

    Very interesting! Some of these places I have never heard of. Thank you for sharing. I would like to go to Shimla 😉

  25. Shan says:


    Nice overview of all the places in India , I like to make a trip every place that you have mentioned. :)


  26. Harkuchh says:

    Such a great list I must say, u have covered almost all destinations a person choose to go in winters great research and post… :)

  27. Lee says:

    Just had to read this post when I was researching about summer bucket list ideas. Made me smile glad I stopped here now some of these places look amazing and I will be honest the thought of going to India in the winter would of never of crossed my mind.

    So for great heads up thanks lee

  28. Anthony says:

    Many people associate India with being very hot – but there\’s obviously a cooler side to it!

  29. Jessica says:

    This is really good published article. Such a great yet interesting post. Thank you very much for sharing this useful stuff.

  30. Rabia Khan says:

    Nice display of all the places in India , I like to make a trip every place that you have mentioned

  31. Osho Garg says:

    Winter is my favorite season as there is no tension of warm. In hot season, it is tough to work or visit any place. But Winter is the best season in India to visit any place comfortably. I love to visit Kerala & Shimla as I have not visited yet.

  32. Hey Shalu, thanks for the list. Its really hot here in Mumbai thinking of getting away for while!

  33. Raj says:

    Hi shalu,

    Thanks for sharing this list with us. Apart from this article i want your little help. I created a travel blog which include all places of world which are famous for traveling. I have just started this blog before 3-4days ago. Can you help me that how my blog become popular in various search engine.
    Thanks in advance…

  34. grace says:

    Wow! I really don’t know theirs a snow in India. Thank for the info. I want to visit now in India and experience the India winter, like skating. But try summer in Philippines.

  35. Reena kayal says:

    Wonderful list of places dude! Winter destination are very few in India and you have told the most of it!

  36. Karan Singh says:

    nice list, and shimla is the one of the best place i ever seen

  37. wow! thank you for this amazing blog, it really inspire me to visit India, though I’m in Philippine beach holidays right now. thank you once again and have a great one!

  38. nasir says:

    been a kashmiri one loves too much of snow nd snow nd wans to habe great time on fresh powder u get def killong peaks to lok for …love kashmitr nd sikong.being 30 at present donr it grm my vjild hood i can net no other place on whole world got sucj muth watring nd sensantial peaks nd pwder yo ski nd peole eld love the oyhrr tjong that is i better giss..WfEED..pot om snow oops

  39. jose says:

    Fantastic country, I intend in the near future make a 15 day visit with my familly, Shimla is my favourite spot !! nice post thanks !!

  40. Raju says:

    My favourite destination in India is Kerala, Manali, Auli and Shimla. I had visited these places many times. You have done great work over here. Lovely pieces of information you shared. Thank you.

  41. syed munir ahmed says:

    shalu i want to know that manali is best place for family tour if this so thn tell me the full package of tour for four persons

  42. Ravi says:

    good website, concept of the website is interesting and its very useful for us also. manali is one of my favorite place.

  43. Jess and Brandon from Watch Me Wander says:

    Nice post! The location you suggested are amazing. I’ll try to visit them all.

  44. Winter is a perfect time to visit some interested tourists place. Here, is great list for winter destination in India.

    Thanks for sharing this list.

  45. Mich says:

    Awesome list! I might have to consider India now a must to my travel list for winter. London is a beautiful and interesting place too.

  46. Just Himachal says:

    Beautifully written about Shimla (HP) thanks for sharing this with everyone

  47. Rainbowy says:

    Hi, very nice information about, Manali is visited more for its religious value, thanks for sharing this with everyone.

  48. ivy kriste says:

    Hi Shalu,

    i have started following your site daily. Awesome article. keep posting..

  49. Great list of Indian top winter destinations..shimla and manali are the very famous destination for winters.

  50. Very very useful information about winter destination of India . Go work hats off.

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