What happens when 20 Indians are asked to kiss on camera?

We Indians are an amazing lot. As a traveller to India, you’ll find out as soon as you step out of the airport. For instance, any sort of public affection between the two sexes is a no go area for us. Kissing in public is something that we don’t do at all costs.

If you don’t believe me, watch this video where 20 Indians were asked to kiss on camera. Although the video is in Hindi, it does illustrate what I am trying to say. In the video, 20 Indians were asked to kiss for the first time without any introduction. The video was a kind of a social experiment called the “First Kiss”. What this video shows is typical Indian responses, awkwardness and mindsets.

Be warned – In India, any displays of affection will probably violate public obscenity including kissing. Even a simple kiss could be disastrous giving the Indian police to charge you with obscenity and allow them to extort some money out of you. Don’t get us wrong; Indians do all the kissing they want, it’s just that they don’t do it in public or at least when no one’s looking.

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58 Responses to “What happens when 20 Indians are asked to kiss on camera?”

  1. Hi Shalu,

    Interesting video :)

    Yes, expressing any kind such emotions or physical attachment doesn’t happen in India, and I’m glad you mentioned that especially for the foreigners who visit so that they are careful. Although they might find it very normal, it’s not something that’s taken well in our country.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

  2. hahahaha :) wow ! This is really so nice & romantic article :) just kidding ! Well seriously Indian people are so unique on every way & these way may be Romantic, serious & selfish ! Many young couples are found in park while Kissing with each out but they feel little embrasse while Kissing on Camera.

  3. Interesting stuff and video about Indian thinking. Kissing is just normal thing, I don’t know why people feel so much shy on this topic. :)

  4. Listice says:

    Funny and interesting stuff over there. Publicly kiss can be an awkward moment for every Indian teenage because they are not habitual of this. How ever you can see this on some special parks or restaurants that are made for lovers . :)

  5. Hi Shalu,

    Well this is a new one for me! I didn’t know that kissing in public was a no no! It’s a great thing that you posted this in case I go to India one day.

    I’m of Italian decent, and we kiss everyone! Kissing on the cheek in my culture is so natural, even for strangers.

    Thanks for the tip!


  6. Prerna says:

    I know kissing in public is something really weird for Indians. I remember when I use to see my relatives staying abroad kissing each other on roads during their Indian visit, I use to feel like wooh what are they doing…Lol

  7. Bluecsi discount says:

    Lol.. But Public Kissing is Really Very Bad. We Should Avoid it.

  8. Agness says:

    I find it so odd, but every country has its own different customs and we should all respect that.

  9. Prasad Np says:

    Really funny, I loved every episode, specially the police guy trying to act tough. Some of these things also define India… :)

  10. Pankaj says:

    Really fun video and shows the mentality of Indians. Generally Indians are very shy and don’t kiss in public, instead they do it when no-ones looking.

  11. Addison Grey says:

    Hi Shalu
    Really an awesome post. It show that how Indians are bashful.
    Thanks for sharing
    Keep posting.

  12. Worli says:

    Not just India, there are also other countries which don’t favour it. For example, in Indonesia kissing in public places will be penalized with 10 years of confinement and a penalty of 300 million of Indonesian rupiahs (33 thousand US Dollars).

  13. Nice post! Well discussed about the kiss fact of India. Tips- Avoid kiss in public in India, Its not allowed :)

    Thanks for sharing this important thing that not to do in India.

  14. Aleah says:

    Very interesting view of the Indian mindset, Shalu. Filipinos are not into public kissing too, though maybe not as much as the Indians. Great video!

  15. jeet sejwal says:

    nice article about kiss fact of India.If You Kissing in Public is Very Bad. We Should Avoid it.

  16. ahmedzahir says:

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  17. i cant stop laughing! you just made my day with this video!

  18. Munmun Nishi says:

    I see that your it is very interesting Video.Really Funny post.I also like this video.

    Thanks Shalu Sharma,

  19. coco says:

    Funny, now I have to kiss an Indian in public of course

  20. Skylo says:

    Ha-Ha funny video. I dont mind public kissing, but can not stand it on the TV

  21. maria nicola says:

    nice site, Thank you for share this site. I have a site like this. You can see this site.

  22. Lynnea David says:

    Kissing and hugging I have heard that in India it comes with a big Hawww

  23. amazing video..i too never try this in india…
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  24. nice video…india is not a good place for kissing ………..
    independence day india and america – visit our site for a great stuff

  25. Haha … nice video ! It’s really very awkward for we Indians to do such in public places.

  26. I don’t think things are that bad. I think public hugging/kissing , holding hands etc is quite acceptable now. Of course, you cannot be overdoing things. But I think we are more progressive than we ourselves think. At least in the Cosmo cities.

  27. jamshad says:

    really nice post and data , your article deserved the salute , thanks man i appriciate you , i read yor blog , totally supported and slove my problem

  28. Neeraj says:

    Found second half really interesting.Nice video representing many section of India society.

  29. atul says:

    this really nice video and such a logical indian video

  30. atul says:

    this video really interesting nice is the nice part of india and thsnks for this video

  31. Abinash says:

    We should note that the video that is shown in this page would be a top sample of Indian culture in future.People are joking ,but it is true reflection of our culture and we should proud for that.

  32. Jess and Brandon from Watch Me Wander says:

    Wow. Interesting video. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

  33. satnam says:

    funny but showing reality in this video very nice video thanks for sharing with us..

  34. Jafar Dhada says:

    You can piss in public but not kiss in public here. Very funny video and funny post haha. Thanks for sharing this. (Y)

  35. haha… very funny video i ever saw of this kind. people can abuse any body in public but they can’t kiss…. thanks for sharing…..

  36. Nnaemeka Eze says:

    LOLZ!!!! Very funny video indeed. Kissing in public might be very embarrassing atimes.

  37. thetechtime says:

    well interesting video, its really hard for some people to do that in public. well posted.

  38. amandascott says:

    very interesting video.its good to know that expressing any kind such emotions or physical attachment doesn’t happen in India.its really appreciative.

  39. John says:

    This one is really interesting and nice video.
    I loved the Indian culture after watching this video.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  40. sanjay says:

    a nice video thanx for posting post like this top sample of Indian culture in future.People are joking ,but it is true reflection of our culture and we should proud for that.

  41. Betty Rose says:

    Hi Shalu Sharma,
    I am great fan of your website, you write very informative articles.
    Keep writing such amazing articles,
    Thanks for sharing.

  42. jeevan says:

    India has great culture and tradition, proud to be an Indian, Thanks for sharing such a wonderful video and post.

    Thanks !

  43. Rupesh says:

    I really love indian culture. I also love bigg boss tv show. Waiting for bigg boss 9.

  44. pratik says:

    nice video really liked the guts it needs to do such things

  45. Utsav says:

    Hi Shallu !!!
    Really such an Interesting Article ..
    Indians are Indians..Its a pleasure for me to be a part of this incredible India

    keep writing … I love reading your Articles :)

  46. Nitin Singh says:

    Interesting articles and I must say Indians are indians actually 😛 Thanks for presenting, loved reading this article.

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