Why are Indian women beautiful?

Someone recently told me that Indian women are the most beautiful in the world. Even Paris Hilton, on her visit to India tweeted that she finds Indian women exotic and gorgeous. It got me thinking and I came to the conclusion that Indian women are indeed naturally gifted and beautiful. No wonder Indian women have won numerous beauty pageants for instance; Susmita Sen as Miss Universe, Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra as Miss World. In addition, India has some of the world’s sexiest women for example Neha Dhupia, Riya Sen and numerous others.

Indians are a mix of races. India was colonised by invaders and this is where the breeding of the “exotics” began. The average Indian could have Greek, Mongol, Arab, Turkish, Persian, Afghan, Portuguese, French, British, tribal, subcontinent’s original inhabitants, and Central Asian heritage so genetic variation over the centuries make Indians a unique race. Over the centuries, inter-racial marriages resulted in formation of a progeny giving the Indian people best of all races.

Why Indian women are beautiful and attractive..

Dark skin tones: Indian women have a natural tan giving them a beautiful skin colour.

Black hair: They have beautiful raven black hair.

Dark brown eyes: Beautiful olive black eyes with spark and glow in their eyes.

Petite: They also tend to be petite, which can be attractive.

Shy: They are shy which can be an attractive feature.

Behaviour: Indian women tend to be friendly, polite and accommodative. They are generally very sweet that enhances their natural beauty.

Caring attitude: Indian women are devoted to their husbands, children and their family which may seem attractive to some.

Cultural awareness: They are aware of their culture.

Divine beauty: They are god gifted.

Exotic looks: There’s a mystic feel about Indian women.

The way they dress: The sari can make any women exotic. They are traditional yet seductive. A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.

Indian climate: The hot Indian climate makes them look pretty.

Neha Dhupia in Saree

Neha Dhupia in Saree

Come to India and see for yourself…

Do you agree with my points? Do you find Indian women attractive? Have you ever had a crush on an Indian girl? What do you think of Indian women?

Some beautiful Indian women:

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96 Responses to “Why are Indian women beautiful?”

  1. Rahul says:

    Of course they are pretty, but I am not sure how hot climate helps women look prettier.

    • Shalu Sharma says:

      Rahul, if you’ve ever been on the beeches of Seychelles or Hawaii you will know what hot and sweaty means as far as sexy and looking good is concerned. If you are a regular gym user then you will know that some men find “sweaty women” hot. In addition, breaking a sweat can make you look nice and feel fantastic not to mention the benefits of sweat on the skin. In fact, after a vigorous exercise where you sweat like crazy, skin looks great. Hot climate can mimic some of those effects.
      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Hi Shalu,

    NO doubt, Indian women ARE pretty and for the lovely reasons you just mentioned above. I think it’s the real care and concern she has, along with the compassion she shares that makes her stand out.

    I also read and saw Paris Hilton when she was here – and she looked graceful in a Sari too, which I think a majority of Indian women wear.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

  3. Absolutely True, and now with Frida Pinto conquering Hollywood too, also there is no doubt about it. We in India always knew it now the world is also acknowledging it.

  4. Andrew White says:

    Are you joking. Your hair only comes in one color. I am not trying to be racist but I prefer blond hair. Also they are stuck up. Your culture is controlled by men.Also they dont go out with white men. They are not fun at all. Indian women are ignorant and too stuck up.

    • Shalu says:


      are you saying black hair is not beautiful. Besides, the generalisation that all Indian women are stuck up is not right. Anyhow, if some of them wanted to be stuck up, they are entitled to be. This goes for any women, this is nothing to do with nationality. In fact, I am stuck up – so what.

      Where did you get the impression that Indian culture is controlled by men. Another misconception here, it is true that India is more male dominated than some other societies but its coming out of it. In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to vote. In the UK, women were not allowed to vote until 1928.

      Thank you for your comment.

    • Tammanna says:

      Are you serious? I am an Indian (Hindu) and my life partner is British white! He is best thing ever happened to me.

  5. That’s nice tribute to the beauty of Indian women.Beauty is what beauty does.

  6. Hi Shalu,
    I agree with you. Indian women are not only BEAUTIFUL but they also know how to take care of a man. I used to go out with a lady from India back in my University days. I had a wonderful time with her, talk about the food, travel and other wonderful stuffs I can’t disclose here!
    I enjoyed every moment of my life with her. Why didn’t we marry? Her parents only want her to marry the same culture :-(
    Thanks for sharing this, it reminds me of good old days…

  7. Partha Mandal from Heritage Hotel Jodhpur says:

    Yes of coarse, The topic is as hot as Indian women’s are and the example of this is proved by our world famous Indian diva’s Reita Faria , Aishwarya Rai , Diana Hayden, Yukta Mookhey, Priyanka Chopra and more yet to come :) :)

  8. Tom says:

    Indian women are annoying.I shared a flat with an Indian girl and whenever she showered her hair blocked the drains and she never took it out.and she was too fussy about everything. she had a good body though but I never managed to get her in my bed.

    • Shalu Sharma says:

      I am sure if you had asked her nicely then should would have removed the hairs from the drains. Seems as if all you wanted to do is get her in bed. Perhaps she knew it. Women can be very clever at knowing these things.

  9. What an amazing story! This is a new one by me but I deo agree these women are beautiful.. Great video Thanks for sharing.. Chery :)

  10. Vijesh says:

    Truly Shalu, Indian Women are beautiful but I wont say more than this because you have described so beautifully in the article.

  11. Brian says:

    Neha Dhupia is gorgeous! I love reading your new posts Shalu

  12. Hiten says:

    Hi Shalu,

    I found your post very interesting. Indeed, Indian women and men are certainly a mix of different races. I think this aspect really does make Indian people in general, quite fascinating.

    Indian women are certainly beautiful and I feel lucky to be an Indian man! :-)

    Thank you.

    • Shalu Sharma says:

      Most Indians will have some sort of history behind them as far as their genetic makeup is concerned. Just think why some are more darker or fairer than others. Thank you for your comment and hope to see you again. Have a nice day.

  13. yeah really nice and interesting post Indians girls are always beautiful amazing post bookmarked blog..

  14. Babanature says:

    Hello Shalu,
    India women are really the most beautiful women in the world :). I love watching indian movies because of the beautiful women and also the cultural flavour ;) Like this movie star ” Arshwarya (hope i got the name right)” she’s just so beautiful. Indian women are naturally blessed with beauty. thanks

  15. Suhas says:

    Hi Shalu
    Interesting topic and reasons of Indian women being beautiful. Most of the Indians will agree and most of the men will say that women are beautiful.
    We respect Indian women for many things not found anywhere in the world . However Indians must also start respecting women in real sense and that will be the real appreciation of this beauty.
    Thanks for the interesting post.

    • Shalu Sharma says:

      I agree that Indian men must start respecting women. Unfortunately its easier said than done. Sometimes, you feel that women are second class citizens in India. Thank you for your comment and hope to see you again. Have a nice day.

  16. matheikal says:

    Jean-Paul Sartre, Nobel laureate in literature, wrote that any woman was beautiful because of the slit she carries between her legs. And I think he is right. Indian women are beautiful because of the Sati and purdah and such traditions heaped on her in addition to the slit.

  17. Techtiplib says:

    I love girl with olive black eyes, Indian women are so beautiful. But in your country, women are still subjected to injustice and pressure. I am very upset for women in your country the incident through the news recently!

    • Shalu Sharma says:

      Not all women are subjected to injustice. Most news are negative in nature. Good news hardy comes out. Thank you for your comment.

      • Beki says:

        Shalu Sharma, You seem reasonable, I was wondering if there is something in your culture that does not allow women to say hello to other women from other countries?
        the reason I ask is I am custom to while passing someone I say hello. Example, We were at a museum and there were many people from other countries there Most when you made eye contact with them would say hello back and smile. But not one Indian woman would smile or say hello back. They would look through you,with no acknowledgement. Im not hurt, I just like to be friendly but I am curious. Thank you.

  18. Agness says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Indian women look so natural. They are classic, exotic and gorgeous at the same time, but they often put on weight with age. The older they are, the more puffy they become.

  19. Shy is the huge factor because of which Indian Women look Beautiful.

  20. Kudeep says:

    yes our indian girls and women so beautiful and having good manner, that\’s we see them as a goddess, because of natural beauty.. good topic, thanks for sharing it..

  21. Calra from pet hospital orange says:

    Yeah! I agree! Indian women are so beautiful! I like the molding of their faces, their noses and how pointy they are. I even like those eyes that can make you stare at them without them trying. :) Now, I know.

  22. Sandra from house inspections sydney says:

    Oh, yeah! Now I get it! The shyness makes them look more attractive. I always knew there was something beyond appearance. Thanks for pointing that out! :))

  23. I. C. Daniel says:

    That’s not true! In my opinion romanian girls are the most beautiful girls on Earth :D

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  24. Sapna says:

    HI Shalu jee

    I feel genetics can be the reason as well, the reasons you mentioned are good enough to prove the same.

    Thanks for this share.


  25. Hello Shalu,
    you are absolutely right, i have come across many Idian woman,and they are naturally beauty, even most of the one that live in my country Nigerian..

  26. Anshul says:

    Well the above mentioned reasons are really true. Its main reason is its cultured people and yes India is the best.

  27. Naveen says:

    you are absolutely right.hy is the huge factor because of which Indian Women look Beautiful.

  28. Anket says:

    I don’t know why so many indian men are so obsessed with American white women.American women are extremely shallow,materialistic,superficial and corrupted by feminism.Indian men don’t realise how we are.Indian women are the best : )

  29. Lyricsguru says:

    What I like most about Indian women is their Shyness, and the way they ogle at you…is something to die for! ;)

  30. Aswin says:

    Dear shalu Sharma…why are u publicizing Indian woman’s beauty..Indian women’s beauty is not in the skin or curves..and the many examples u gave..like Aishwarya,Neha ,Malaika ,Susmita..etc etc are nothing but a total disgrace to Indian womenhood.We have enough ladies..who with their behavior and caring attitude protected and passed our holy culture to generations,,From Gargi ,Maithreyi…..to our mothers…

  31. Majaal says:

    I agree that Indian women are more attractive and beautiful than other countries. Indian culture is different from the others and its main point. Thanks to share.

    • jasa seo murah says:

      Well, I never see an Indian woman in my real life. I just watch her through bollywood’s movies and facebook. I have a question, are Indian women’s skin are white? If I watch the movie, most of the actress having the white skin but it is quite different when I look any Indian peoples on facebook. Most of them having black or brown skin. Is it true?

  32. Ankit from Android says:

    Top class again :) I don’t have an idea s to where you get idea to blog about these topics.

  33. Dan from bali thatch huts says:

    A trip to India is one of the items on my bucket list. I have always been attracted by the Indian world. It’s not just the woman, that I must agree with you, are absolutely gorgeous, but it’s the colors and the people that are full of life and peace. Nice article, I liked how you brought up the traits that make them women so attractive. Cheers.

  34. Rahul Verma says:

    Indian women are the most beautiful creatures of this world. I know this because my mother is the most beautiful lady on this planet and always will.
    We Indians always have different point of view towards certain things and women is one of them.
    And this is the main reason behind the of beauty of our women.

  35. Simona says:

    I bow to your Indian genes, indeed! The women in the video are incredibly gorgeous, it makes me feel petty. I really wish that one day I will have the honor of meeting an Indian person because I find your culture fascinating. Thank you for the post.

  36. Indian Recipes says:

    Saree is a sexiest costume in the world. There is no doubt about it. It makes women prettier and sexy. :)

  37. Why don’t you write about the smile of india’s smile and bright eyes? It’s very special

  38. Why don’t you write about the smile of india’s smile and bright eyes? It’s very special

  39. jasa seo murah says:

    I’m agree with you. But you must add my opinion. India’s women has a nice smile..

  40. Ankit from Android says:

    I read the response you got from one of the visitors (which you updated on Facebook) regarding the ‘Why don’t man wear woman clothes”.
    I am yet thinking about it. I thought a post at your site will better answer it for me.

  41. Ahsan says:

    Hello Shalu,

    Yea… Indian women are the most beautiful either they wear traditional dress or Western dress. The color of hair – black makes them different from Western. I heard that lots of European girls convert their blond hair to black hair.

    Indian beauty also win the heart of miss World for example, Aishwarya Rai. According to me, the best dress which looks Indian women are gorgeous that is saree

  42. Girilaya Real Groups says:

    Hi Shalu Sharma

    im Girilaya Real Groups owner girilaya.com Indonesia

    i just want to say, your article about natural beatiful hindi woman with Sari is So AMAZING.

    She is aware of their culture and still keep her inner beaty.

    Thanksz… I love HINDI

  43. Tammanna says:

    A perfect beauty in beautiful sari! Lovely post about Indian women and her costume sari :)

  44. Sujoy Dhar says:

    I am still proud of my India and our culture than the foreign countries !

  45. Tao of Badass says:

    I think what makes Indian women beautiful is their exotic Eurasian-like looks. A mixture of the East and the West makes them more appealing across cultures; i.e. the countless times India has won Miss Universe, with consistent top 10 runner ups year after year.

    Another thing I like about Indian women is how talented they are when it comes to dancing. Maybe a bit too much Bollywood for me. :)

  46. suzy says:

    nice read.. i have some indian friends in my university and they are beautiful too..

  47. Julia says:

    An Indian lady has an aura around herself.
    Wonderfully draped in a perfectly pleated Sari (or otherwise), it somehow defines grace.

  48. The women in India are so beautiful and as you listed above features that what makes indian girls pretty cultural background helps in maintaining discipline in life

  49. I think Indian women are exotic. Most of them are having sweet face

  50. Indian women are all around beautiful any time with a conservative look always.In their traditional attire they are unmatched any time. Indian Womens are so beautiful.

  51. Indian women are all around beautiful any time with a conservative look always.In their traditional attire they are unmatched any time.

  52. i think not india women but india actress is beautiful

  53. Ashi says:

    Indian Women are considered beautiful around the world. They look just stunning without any efforts. I mean if they don’t makeup or just be simple look . They look awesome in almost every outfit. beside it is indian or western . I felt madly in love with a girl. She has no make up , very simple and shy kinda nature.

  54. I agree that Indian women are more attractive and beautiful than other countries.

  55. Rick says:

    Indian women are the most beautiful in the world! Think of Aishwarya Rai!

  56. pageant interview says:

    I know that Aishwarya Rai is one of the most famous and beautiful women in pageantry so I would certainly say from our “pageant” prospective I would agree.

  57. Prakash says:

    No doubt indian women are beautiful, but how many of them workout and stay in shape? Also good luck getting them out of stuck up mindset. Most of them do not want to go out on date. Only way to get laid is if you marry, is it middle east?

  58. Aida says:

    Many thanks for the exciting blog posting! Simply put your blog post to my favorite blog list and I was actually going through the nice helpful tips from the blog and I put respect to the writer of this post.

  59. Ragster says:

    Hi. I just read your article. I am a heterosexual (south asian) man. While I do think that a lot of Indian women are beautiful, and I have been attracted to many, I don’t think that you have a sound enough basis to go so far as to make such a general statement that they are “the most beautiful women in the world”. This just sounds quite conceited and pretentious. But hey, you’re not the only one…I have encountered countless number of Indians (south Asians in general) who claim that their’s is the most beautiful / intelligent / smart / greatest / superior culture in the world. Of course these ridiculous statements are based really on nothing more then the person’s own inflated sense of ego (and probably a low self esteem). Anyway the point is that there are beautiful women from every culture, ethnicity and corner of the world. (Using Paris Hilton’s tweet to support your case does not do it any justice either, I’m sorry). Not to mention that beauty is also quite a subjective matter. What may appear beautiful to one’s eyes may not be the case for another’s. Yes, while it may be true that Indian women have won many pageants, but then again so have women from other cultures. And as for your reasons as to why Indian women are attractive: such as dark skin tones, black hair, dark brown eyes…etc, etc…These are not features that are exclusive only to Indians (except for the saree, of course). And “divine beauty”? which implies that god favours Indians over all others?…A controversial statement to say the least. Anyway this is just my 2 cents. I think you could definitely use a bit more objectivity in your articles.

    • Shalu Sharma says:

      What are you trying to say. Yes there are many beautiful women from all cultures. Just because I am saying Indian women are beautiful does not mean that women from other cultures are not. You say I need to be bit more “objective” in my articles. Have you actually read my other articles?

  60. wobble head women says:

    Indian women beautiful? the average Indian woman looks like a hairy, fat,smelly, and self centered gold diggers that doesn’t age well, if you actually think those brown carpet baggers look hot, then you haven’t met blond Nordic women or Venezuelan women who have won the most Miss Universe titles despite having a really small population, even the average East Asian women look more feminine than Indian women, Indian women are the second least desired by white men according to a study with black women being last, even your Bollywood actresses are just considered averages in the west and a majority of them use fair and lovely creams and look more Persian, go to Google and type in Indian girls in India and you will get a true idea, even a white girl with no make up looks better than the average Indian girl and East Asian girls are naturally feminine for not being hairy and smelly.

  61. That’s nice tribute to the beauty of Indian women.Beauty is what beauty does.

    • A says:

      Indian celebs don’t look persian. Get out of here with that crap. You must be persian because only persians would like to claim beautiful Indians. I see plenty of videos made by persians on youtube called persian women with pictures of Indian women celebrities! Persian women from what I’ve seen are wannabe Europeans with their fake blonde hair, and plastic surgeries to change their ethnic features such as their noses. Atleast Indians are not that screwed up even if we have a fondness for light skin, we are not altering ourselves to look like a different race. That’s sick.

  62. arijit singh says:

    hmm i say about indian girls its look like beautiful skins and hairs and some about Indian songs nice and beautiful lyrics

  63. Indian women are beautiful, yes, I agree with your article, but I am adding Indian fashion because Indian lady look good in saree, suits, lehenga and Kurtis.

  64. Sumeet says:

    A facial wash that contains lemon juice can be used to treat acne, oily skin, or oily skin is a face wash that contains some lemon juice. Use it once a week to improve larger pores and get rid of excess oil on your skin.

  65. Krishna says:

    Actually, Indian women are among the least attractive women in the world. This is the consensus of world men.

    2-3 Bollywood actresses are not representative of Indian women.

    This article is just written by an insecure Indian woman who wants attention, and believes in truth by assertion.

  66. Krishna says:

    Actually, Indian women are among the least attractive women in the world. This is the consensus of world men.

    2-3 Bollywood actresses are not representative of Indian women.

    This article is just written by an insecure Indian woman who wants attention, and believes in truth by assertion.

  67. Boundless Mongolia says:

    They both are really pretty…..Indian women are pretty because they have inner beauty..more than outer…..

  68. Sam says:

    You are so interesting! I don’t believe I’ve read a single thing like that before.This site is one thing that is required on the web, someone with some originality!

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