You must drink lassi to cool you down in India

If you are travelling in India at this time of the year then one of the many things that I recommend doing in India is drinking the popular Indian drink the “Lassi”. The lassi is something like a milk shake or a smoothie with yogurt, milk, water and exotic spices. Sometimes fruit is also added to it. The typical lassi is very popular in the summer months and often served in clay pots called “Kullhad” or steel glasses. Lassi is made by mixing yogurt, milk, water and the other ingredients and giving it a good churn. Watch the video below to see how lassi is made!

A typical shop for a lassi
A typical shop for a lassi. Photo by Kishore Bharbava

There are several types of lassi including sweet or salty lassi, mango lassi and the bhang lassi. The bhang lassi contains bhang which is a form of marijuana and popular during the festivals of Holi and Shivratri. The best place to try Bhang lassi is in the holy city of Varanasi where you will find street vendors selling them. The normal lassi is available everywhere in India particularly at this time of the year. You will also find street vendors selling lassi in many places. Most restaurants would also have listed in their menu.

So if you are up for the challenge, the lassi is something to look out for. There is a list of other things (in this book) you can do in India to get the complete Indian experience.

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29 thoughts on “You must drink lassi to cool you down in India

  1. The management should be well aware of numerous arrangements of the FCRA and must strictly follow the exact same otherwise they might deal with a number of strenuous punishments under the Act.

  2. Lassi is my favorite drink and many people also prefer it more than cold drink. But it is not easily available as cold drink in the market. Also it is not as hygienic as cold drink because many seller make it carelessly. This is the reason that lassi is not popular as cold drink.

  3. Hi Shalu Sharma,

    Great post indeed!
    I also love to drink Lassi, But Bhang Lassi is not good for normal person, We should only drink simple Salty Lassi that is very good for health in summer.

    Any way thanks for sharing such different type of Lassi.

    Areesha Noor!

  4. Hey Shalu !
    You’re such a amazing blogger I’ve read many of your blogs they all are just awesome .
    I never taste this kind of drink, but M’ Definitely gonna try this whenever I visit to India.
    Thanks for sharing such interesting post.

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