10 Hindi words to know before you travel to India

Are you travelling to India? Are you planning a trip to India? If yes then here are the top 10 Hindi words to know before you travel to India. These are very basic Hindi words which you can get started straight away. If you want you can learn more travel Hindi here. Don’t forget to listen to the pronunciation in the audio below.

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Hello – Namaste

Thank you – Dhanyavaad

Mine – Mera

Yours – Tumhara or Aapka

Yes – Haa

No – Nahi

Okay – Thik hai

Stop – Ruko

Let’s go – Chalo

Excuse me – Maaf kijiye

These are 10 basic words which you can start using from the moment you land at the airport. For example, if you get to the customs/immigration counter, you can greet the immigration officer by saying Namaste (learn about the meaning of Namaste here) and when you leave you can say Dhanyavaad. Hope this helps. If you want to know more Hindi words and phrases click here.

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