20 life lessons I learnt living in India

I have been to many countries but I have to admit, India has to be one of the coolest countries in the world. Living in India has been a great experience and certainly has its advantages. Basically India prepares you for everything. Here’s why.

India for kids

1. I know how to dodge my way through almost anything. Crowds don’t’ worry me.

Indian crowd
Can you see me in the crowd?

2. I can tolerate spices because stomach is made of steel.

Eating street food
Eating street food. No wonder our stomach is made of steel.

3. I can bargain the price of anything down to at least half price.

Shopping in Karol Bagh Delhi
Me bargaining at the famous Karol Bagh Market in Delhi

4. I am now an expert driver because Indian roads have too many pot holes not to mention the high volume traffic. I can even ride a scooter like the rest of India. Speaking of, you must own a motorcycle or scooter in India. Opt for best motorcycle loans to help you own a motorcycle.

I can ride a scooter and dodge traffic like a pro
I can ride a scooter and dodge traffic like a pro

5. Sitting in Indian traffic jams have made me extremely patient.

Waiting in Indian traffic
Waiting in Indian traffic

6. Strengthened by watching 3 hour long Bollywood movies.

7. And 5 day cricket test matches.

8. Learnt to “adjust” in life.

9. Have learnt to live with animals.

10. Lived through Delhi’s monsoons; can face anything.

Living with animals in India, animals on the road in India
Living with animals in India. A buffalo walking back home with me.

11. Trying to understand Indian politics has made my brain stronger.

12. Dealing with temperamental Indian internet connection has made me an expert in IT.

Keeping cool all the time
Keeping cool all the time despite temperamental internet connections

13. I can beat anyone in a shouting match (It’s a valuable life skill in India).

14. Nothing surprises me any more. (Once you try the shitty public Indian toilets, you’ll be the same).

Indian Public Toilets
Fancy a pee in the great Indian public toilet (calling all tourists to India –  you must try this once in a life time).

15. You get used to strange weird men asking for friendship on Facebook. Being stared-at maybe unusual for foreign women but for Indian women it’s the norm.

16. India is dam dangerous. Too many pot pot-holes and man-holes on the road. Learnt not to venture outside alone late at night.

17. Fair and lovely is way to go otherwise getting married would have been be an issue. But then there’s always the grandma who can find you a good husband.

18. Learnt some good swearing techniques.

19. There’s nothing sexier than a saree.

Sexy Saree
Sexy sarees on display. You got to have one of these on your next trip to India.

20. If I’m bored, there is always something I can do or talk to someone even on the street. India is never boring.

I don’t know about your county, but INDIA is still happening. Why not visit India for your next holiday.

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43 thoughts on “20 life lessons I learnt living in India”

  1. Hi Shalu,

    I SO agree with all that you have written 🙂

    I think if someone stays in India for a few days, they’d surely learn ALL about this country without being taught about it.

    I loved the pictures you took for this post, and I think some of them are yours…lol…so apt with the post. I can so well relate to those long queues of traffic jam, the animals on the road, bargaining at half the cost, having a stomach of steel! Gosh…awesome indeed the way you related it all so well 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  2. I love India with so many reasons which are given here.

    1. Enjoying ride during traffic.
    2. Food Street of India, you can’t find it anywhere in the World. We are still healthy

    I have so many other reasons to mention it.

  3. Unlike you, I can’t tolerate spices and my stomach is not made of steel. In fact, it’s so sensitive! When I was in Sri Lanka I had a lot of spicy food and I felt so bloated and fat. Although I have not made it to India yet, I expect the food to be even more spicy :). Great list. You have obviously learnt a lot of things!

    • Thank you Agness. I can understand that you are sensitive on spices. You are not used to as I am. In fact, the food in Sri Lanka is more spicy as they along with South Indians tend to eat more hot food. Thanks for comment and shares.

  4. Hi Shalu!

    I like reading your articles but this one I have to say is…Fabulous! Love the way you have presented most of funny (annoying) things Indians have to live with.

    Thanks for laughs :-)!

  5. You forgot one thing

    You must have seen the love and care we Indians have for our neighbor, strangers walking on the road…. we are always ready to help others.

    There are many negative points in India but there are many positive points too.. No matter how poor this country is, but still today if we see someone hungry on the road, our heart sinks 🙂

  6. Sorry to say but you missed out the heart of India. Let me explain, it is nothing but Cricket. Without Cricket no city or no village will wake up. People are very Passionate About Cricket in India

  7. Hi shalu.
    As you said India is incredible place where we can live a peaceful life and we can get into relationship with lot of people we can get lot of spicy food.
    I love the food in India
    I love the natural places.
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  8. hi,
    I Agree some of your points,you are mentioning everything negatively,if u living in metro then i will agree with your point,but not in small town and villeges.still lot of good people and system will be there.

  9. Shalu I agree with your this post, Which you shared in your this greatest post but you didn’t mention good point about India. I have been in Delhi last 20 years & I have seen most difficult & good time in Delhi. I understand there are many bad things in India but there are also positive point of India if you look to find good point about India than you would definitely get.

  10. This is a very good article, so many of these things – we take for granted – are surely worth looking into. Man-Holes! Unfortunately, it’s unsafe in the day time too…

    All these tips might seem like humor, but are dark realities of India that we should be prepared about.

    Uttoran Sen,

  11. appreciate your resource and the lessons which you learn from your country.Your resource is also an inspiration to others to respect there country,customs etc

  12. wow thatz the real truth abt India.. being a girl living in DELHI I HAVE EXPERINCED THEM ALL… I JUST LOVE SHOPPIG AND I JUST LOVE EATING ON STREETS…
    its just a best place to live in n teaches u soo many new experinces…

  13. Wow, nice post to find the positives from the negative things as well. I must say if anyone lives in India for more than 2 years that person surely fall in love with the country. It has some sort of vibrant in the culture which is hard to find anywhere else in the World.

  14. This post gives a true picture of what all happens in India. I can truly recall my days, in delHi eating food at stalls and then doing shopping in that Chandni Chauk crowded market

  15. The greatness of our motherland truly reconize when we are away from home country. Red your article i really missed my indian food special the street food the taste never get in any other country desi food is best when i was in newzealand

  16. The greatness of our motherland truly reconize when we are away from home country. Red your article i really missed my indian food special the street food the taste never get in any other country desi food is best when i was in newzealand

  17. what an incredible picture of India you have shown in your article. Really India is almost like this but instead of some bad things, India is integrated with the diversity of culture.

  18. Hi Shalu, Talking about public toilets, do you think public toilets are actually required in India !!! becoz the public are deft at making a toilet at any given place. !!!

  19. Hi Shalu, Thanks for sharing amazing content. Being born & brought up in India, Can relate some of the things, but why you have mentioned about the public toilets and you could have written that many country people living in India and here all are treated, brothers and sisters.

  20. Interesting to see your pictures. you can convert Indian life into pictures.Its show Indian culture, traditions , daily life of Indian peoples.


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