5 Reasons You Must Plan a Tour of the Russian Golden Ring

If you are a globetrotter and don’t know what the famous Russian Golden Ring stands for, chances are that you are living under a rock. That is how popular this tourist route is! It’s located north-east of the Russian capital, Moscow. There are so many towns here, each one more splendid than the other that you will be spoilt for choice.

There are many Russian Golden Ring Private Tours that operate today, and we would recommend them if you want to see the best of Vladimir, Suzal, Kostroma, Yaroslavl and other favourites without wasting any time. In an attempt to lure you to this wonderful 1-day trip from Moscow, we have listed down the top 5 reasons why you must take this trip soon:

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1. Rich culture

Visiting the cities in the Russian Golden Ring is probably one of the best ways to learn about the rich tradition of Russian history, culture and traditions. The list of temples, monasteries and churches here is endless and if you are a history or culture fanatic, you would love to spend time just walking from one to the other. Picturesque churches, golden domes, ancient history, nature and tasty Russian food await you on this famous tourist route not far from Moscow.

2. Intriguing history

The history of this route goes back to the Soviet Era, when it was drawn with the objective to boost the influx of foreign tourists. In 1967, Yuri Bychkov, a famous journalist and art historian, travelled through the streets of Vladmir,  and wrote extensively on these cities, ending with Yaroslavl. Since his route was in the form of a ring, he termed it as so “The Golden Ring.”

3. Beautiful structures

Monuments of Moscow Russia
Of all the things that it is known for, the Golden Ring houses some stunning churches, convents and monasteries. One of the most popular monasteries is one that was built by St. Sergius at Sergiyev Posad, somewhere around 1340 and you must make a stop here.

4. It is relatively cheap

One of the best parts about visiting the Golden Ring is that the cities here are way cheaper than other mainstream cities such as Moscow. Whether it is accommodation or food, you can save a lot of money. So, if you are traveling on a budget, it doesn’t get better than this!

5. Perfect Road Trip option

If you are looking to head out on a road trip from Moscow, then the Golden Ring is the best option. This circuit of about 10 ancient towns, each with its own tourist attractions, is a delightful trip that you must take, whenever you have the chance.

Now that we have apprised you of the 5 best reasons to visit the Russian Golden Ring, it is time for you to look for an itinerary generator and get packing!

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  1. I never get a chance to visit all the way to Russia to explore it completely, definitely, something left to explore… what are some must have things to explore for the water lover?

  2. Hi Shalu,
    I visited Russia last year but I did not go to the golden ring as I have so many things to do and the time is very short. I was just searching about Russia and I saw your post. I read it and it is very amazing. Now I’m going again to Russia so it is better to get some guidance before going. Now I have bookmark your blog and I hope your blog will help me to get travel around the world and I’m also coming to India after 2 months and I hope we can meet if it is possible.
    Love From Pakistan.


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