5 things you need for summer travel in India

Summer is now upon us in India and its getting hotter by the day. The temperatures in most places here are going to get even hotter – sometimes the temperatures are more than 40 degree Celsius in places like Delhi. It’s not something that we like but we have to bear it.

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If you are planning a trip to India in the summer then there are a few things that you must use to beat the heat in India.

Jodhpur india
Women in Jodhpur (Rajasthan) cover their head not only due to cultural reasons, they also do it because its hot. Photo by Riccardo Romano.

Pair of sunglasses

A high quality sunglass can do wonders for your trip to India. It may seem like a fashion accessory but it can protect your eyes. So whatever you do, buy a pair of decent sunglasses for your trip to India for the summer. I don’t go out without one.


The humble handkerchief is next one on the list. In the western world, people use tissues and hence don’t carry handkerchiefs like we do in India. Here, tissues don’t work as they crumble in the heat and are more or less rendered useless. The handkerchief can come to your rescue when you’re sweating. So keep them handy to wipe of the access sweat from your forehead.

Cap or hat to cover your head

cotton cap is another thing you must use while you are out in the sun. The baseball cap does wonders. It not only protects your face from the heat but also protects your scalp from the intense Indian heat. Don’t forget to bring one or simply buy one in India.


If you’re wondering why multivitamins then this might surprise you. When you are out and about in the Indian sun then you will continuously need to hydrate yourself by drinking bottled water (here’s a guide to buying drinking water in India). My doctor always advices me to take fruits to prevent dehydration. Some of the recommended vitamins include vitamin A, B6, B1 and C (water melon has them all). Grapes are very good at preventing dehydration. It has B1, B2, B6, C and K and potassium and they are not only good at preventing dehydration but also good at lowering blood sugar. Remember Indian food is oily and spicy and if you are not up to it then you will need to supplement yourself with vitamins. Now you can see the importance of taking multivitamins. (*You will need to talk to your own doctor before you can take them).


This is a must if you’re planning a trip to India in the summer. You need something to protect your skin from getting sunburn from the intense sun. You will need something that has a high Sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 or 50. Apply generously when you’re venturing outside.

So whatever you do, make sure you bring those 5 times with you to India especially if you are planning visiting this summer. Here’s a list of other essential things you might need in India.

A moment in Udaipur Rajasthan
A moment in Udaipur, Rajasthan captured by Riccardo Romano

63 thoughts on “5 things you need for summer travel in India”

  1. Great tips. I would certainly pack my sunglasses, but I would not think of packing some multivitamins, so thank you for mentioning that. I do a lot of sport and nourishing my body is priority for me when travelling.

  2. These are great tips, Shalu, thank you. It is always useful to see what you need to do before you travel to exotic cities and countries. These simple, everyday points will help every traveller

  3. Such a simple and useful list, most people coming to India have no idea what Indian summer means. It is good to be prepared and most ignore simple things like a Cap..which can sure save you from sun stroke.

    • These 5 things are a must if you are planning a trip to India in the summer. Most Indians use hankies and they don’t go out without one. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Pair of sunglasses and sunscreen is a must much for summers in India. Its so hot here that I have been writing so many posts on Summer care these days.

    • Hi Prerna

      You are so right on this. It’s important that you apply suncreen otherwise we can torched in these temperatures. Sunglasses too is a must if you ask me. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Hi Shalu,

    Yes indeed – all the things we need for the summers 🙂

    The heat is already reached it’s peak now and you need all of these things to help you stay cool while you travel, or even otherwise. I ensure we are well equipped and wearing sunglasses, sunscreen, and caps at least when we travel or even when we leave home, or you can really fall sick.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  6. Shalu I am thankful to you for writing such real genuine posts. I just love reading your post so much. They are so pure and most of the time I can relate to them and feel no artificial sense at all. Do keep up the great work always.

  7. Hi Shalu madam,

    That was an great article regarding things to take with us on summer. Listed things are perfect for summer. But I also want to mention about water bottle, that is must with us. These days we get more attracted to cool drinks, but we should never give up drinking water.

    It is also much better to have fruit juices other than cool drinks during this summer. thanks for your tips madam.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      If you feel inconvenient to travel during summer season then there are many hilly and coastal areas where you travel even during hot summer day like Darjeeling, Shimla,Kashmir…So don’t wait for summer you can travel in India any time when you want.

  8. Ya these basic tips are really important during traveling. When am in traveling i also always carry freeze water enrich with glucose. Now i don’t forget to carry your listed product.

  9. Hi Shalu,
    I’m from Delhi, India but I don’t much trave Out side out Delhi ! You can say I’m a Delhi lover. There is much hot summer in Delhi so most of Delhi womens don’t prefer to travel in Delhi But we are discussing about Indian so yes these thing must have a Women while traveling in India. These are important thing to carry while travling.

  10. True! All of that is needed for a holiday in India! A good sunscreen lotion is so important, otherwise it’s hard to recognize oneself! 🙂 Good tips indeed.

  11. Hello Shalu Sharma,

    During summer, specially in sub continent countries, temperature stands from 35-40 degree. For European people this temperature is huge. You added some valuable tips which should be regularly during visit. For example, sun glass, handkerchief, a bottle of water, medicine etc.

    I think its better to take precaution before anything bad happen.

    Anyway Happy Weekend with your family 🙂

  12. Hi Shalu,

    Many thanks for the tips! You really surprised me about bringing handkerchief instead of tissues. Never thought of that.

    Yes indeed multivitamins are a must when traveling. I cannot imagine how hot it is there.


  13. WOW, nice post..Your tips was awesome, its easy to understand all traveler who went to vacation in summer..Thanks for sharing, keep updating like this posts..

  14. A pair of sun glasses can do it for you in this hot Indian summer. Temperature has already reached 40 Degree Celsius. However wet handkerchief around the neck can be helpful.

  15. Thanks Shallu ji for sharing this beautiful article for summer trip. We friends are plannings to visit Ranthambore this June and surely some of these tips will help us……

  16. Hi Shalu,
    Glad to read your tips about summer travel. India is a great place to visit but in summers, you need to take care of your skin. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  17. Hello Shalu mam,
    really very thankful to share your awesome tips.it is Such a simple and useful list when you go outside in summer
    thanx for this post
    Happy Blogging

  18. One of the things which is a must carry while going out during summer holidays is sunscreen and sun glass. This is because my skin is very sensitive to sun and the same thing with my eyes and light.
    I must say this is a good alert especially to us people who long to visit India one of this fine days. The tradition and sites is a must see when we are under the sun.

  19. Hi Shalu, thanks for the sunglasses tip – the only accessory I never wore in my life and would certainly not have considered buying. As for water etc. I’ve heard from an experienced traveler once that in order to protect against germs and diarrhea use a lemon to squeeze into your water if you cannot get bottled water. I don’t know how much of it is true and if I would have gotten the “bugs” had I not done so. Maybe some reader knows more about it.

  20. Hi Shalu, You have prepared a good list for the travelers who came here. During the summer times it becomes very difficult to move from one place to other. These all the things can not make us comfortable in the summer times but they can help and protect us from the worst effects of summer days.

  21. Really you shared a great tips for the people who want to visit india in summer,you mentioned almost all things which are mandatory for travel without a Cap,Sun glasses,water bottle & multivitamin tablets journey is impossible

  22. Hi Shalu,
    Yes that’s very true that we need sunglasses in india to protect from sun and dust. Without these stepping out is not safe at all.

  23. Nice bahut hi achhi advice di he aapne

    में ये कर सकता हु, I can do it inspiring story in hindi

    एक दिन की बात है बहोत सारे मेढ़क बरसात में नगर के रास्ते से दूसरी जगह जा रहे थे। ऐसे में कई मेढ़क पास के खतरनाक गड़े में फ़िसल के गिर गए। अब शरू हो गया जीवन बचाने का महासंग्राम क्योंकि यह गड़े में एक बहुत ही बड़े साप का घर था।गड्ढा दूसरी तरफ़ बचे हुए मेढ़क आनंद और उल्हास मना रहे थे की वो बच गए, साथ में गड्डे..

    Inspiring story पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ?? क्लिक कीजिए


  24. Great tips, I wouldn’t have thought of bringing some of the items you mention like multivitamins. With the hot Indian sun, sunglasses and a cotton hat seem like a definite must.

  25. This is very practical advise. For temperatures of upto 40 in Dhelhi its important to be prepared. I was also surprised by the multivitamis use for preventing dehydration.


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