Babies tossed from the roof in this bizarre Indian tradition

This is a ritual that would terrify most mothers. The worshippers at the shrine of Baba Sheikh Umar Saheb Dargah at the “Musti village” in the district of Solapur, in the state of Maharashtra, Western India have been carrying out this tradition to bring good luck and health to the child. If you want to see this ritual, you must visit Solapur, in the state of Maharashtra on the first of May. The tradition is also carried out in other parts of the state where the babies are tossed off the roof of temple roofs. The people of this village have been practising this for about 500 years. In Bijapur, 550 km  west of Bangalore, similar practice is carried out where children between 8 months to 5 year olds are thrown from temple tops.

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46 thoughts on “Babies tossed from the roof in this bizarre Indian tradition”

  1. Hi Shalu jee,

    Great information shared!

    Really bizarre, I’m not a fan of these type of practices, a slightest mistake could cause harm to the baby. Amazing to see people standing in the queue for this.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  2. This quite frightening. Regardless of tradition I’m not dropping my kid from a one story house! The mothers of these kids must be terrified to death, one wrong move and it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

  3. This is really scary. If I am the mother, I couldn’t stand watching this thing.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing this tradition.

  4. This is just insane! Even worst is the African tribe that cuts pieces of skin off their children. These rituals sound so barbaric. No disrespect but seriously? Is this really necessary?

  5. I think that it is very ridiculous. No offense to their tradition. But I think it very dangerous for the babies to be thrown like that because they could have spinal injuries through that practice. What if the a certain baby has some disorder that may endanger her/his life doing that practice?Is there any exemption? And the cutting of some piece of the skin, is it that necessary?

  6. Before this, I always thought that the Buddhists’ sky burial is the most bizarre traditions ever done in the history of human civilization. But tossing those little babes? Even if there are people who will be there to catch the child, I’ll still be terrified as a mother to offer my child for good luck and more blessings. Bizarre, yes, but authentic too!

  7. I have seen some strange stuff… unfortunately in my country… from time to time someone throws a baby out of a window from 2, 3, or more stories high apartment building… and not for tradition. Sad and shameful about that.

    I had to say the title grabbed me and then I watched the video. As a mother, yes… I would be scared. However, knowing it is tradition and having traveled to many countries, I am accepting of such an event. Come on, some religions practically drown people to baptize them…lol

    • Hi Nile,

      It is really sad that babies are thrown out of windows. I remember Michael Jackson dangling his baby from the balcony. What was that about?

      This particular tradition is very regional specific and hence I was also not aware of it. But it does seem to exist in some parts of India. Its really amazing how many strange traditions are there in the world. Thanks for your comment.

  8. As a mother, I will never allow my babies to undergo that bizarre tradition. Just watching that video made me mad. How can they let this happen? Whatever there reasons for doing this, I will never accept them.

  9. They are only getting away with it because those are babies! Try doing that with a grown man and see what you get. Actually, lets start with Donald Trump

  10. This is really shocking for me! I didn’t ever hear about it. Thanks Shalu for sharing this such a wonderful article. This is dangerous for child. We should stop This.

  11. That’s what I call a culture shock. The tradition that seems awfully weird to us, but absolutely natural to the inhabitants of the district of Solapur. I hope that babies really become happier after going through this.

  12. While I can appreciate the customs and traditions of other countries, this chilled me to the bone, and I make scary movies!

  13. Experts agree that giving water to baby is unnecessary – and may even be harmful – before 6 months of age. But for babies older than 6 months, medical opinion is a little more divided!

  14. when to start giving baby water

    great informations , thank you very much for this great informations , I didn’t ever hear about it !!! very nice

  15. How can people do this? Very weird! Although it is a tradition, but in this modern time still they are carrying their tradition. It is really wonderful. Thanks to share this surprising news.

  16. I think, as a mother, I will never permit my children to experience that peculiar custom. Simply viewing that feature made me distraught. By what method would they be able to let this happen? Whatever there purpose behind doing this, I will never acknowledge them.

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