Best beaches in India for foreigners

India is a country with so many different kinds of sites to see. Most foreigners might not think of beaches when they think of India, but they should. India has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In fact, the Indian people themselves love their beaches because they represent nature’s most beautiful creation. The beach is the place where the ocean and sun come together with the sand and celebrate their harmony and love. That is why beaches are so beautiful and adored by tourists and residents alike.

Best beaches in India for foreigners

Here’s a few of the best beaches in India for foreigners

Of course, some beaches are more beautiful than others. The Indian state of Goa has its fair share of exotic beaches. Agonda Beach, for example, is a long and mostly empty beach which has lots of palm trees and casuarinas. On the southern end of the beach, you will find a big hill which only adds more beauty to this beach. You can get to the beach by driving from Palolem to Panaji. You will need a motorbike or scooter to get to the actual beach area from there.

Daniel in Goa
Daniel in Goa

Three more beaches in Goa which are quiet and clean are Mobor Beach, Varca Beach, and Cavelossim Beach. If you get hungry, there are food shacks on these beaches which have lots of seafood dishes and cuisines. There is a very luxurious beach resort on Cavelossim Beach where you can lodge at. The city of Margao has bus and rental car options for traveling to this resort on the beach. The distance to travel is only about 18 kilometers.

Best beaches in India

In the Indian state of Kerala, any foreigner will love to visit Varkala Beach. Not only can you swim and surf in the beautiful Arabian Sea, but the backdrop of the beach contains a long stretch of rocky red cliffs. Other features along the stretch of the beach include coconut palm trees, guest houses, hotels, beach shacks, and old gift shops. There are steps found along the beach that will take you up to the top of the cliff and vice versa. If you go there around late March, you can witness the temple festival there.

Another beach in Kerala that is worth mentioning is the Lighthouse Beach. This is part of the beach town called Kovalam. Lighthouse Beach has fairly calm waters, thanks to its huge promontory that is quite rocky. Foreigners will also enjoy the nearby luxuries that exist, such as swimming pools, convention centers, health resorts, and affordable cottages for lodging. You will certainly recognize this beach once you see it because of its huge red and white lighthouse.       

On the opposite side of India, you may want to check out Rishikonda Beach located in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The beach is just 8 kilometers from the large city of Visakhapatnam so you should find plenty of public transportation options to get there. At the beach, you will find lots of hills and greenery which lie very close to the sand and shoreline. Water sports such as windsurfing and skiing are also very popular here too. If you’re looking to lodge, there are some cottages available for rent on top of the hill which overlooks the sea. 

If you have visited Indian and have your own list of best beaches of India then feel free to comment and tell us about them.    

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5 thoughts on “Best beaches in India for foreigners”

  1. nice pic thanks Water sports such as windsurfing and skiing are also very popular here too. If you’re looking to lodge, there are some cottages available for rent on top of the hill which overlooks the sea.

  2. Morjim and Ashwem , both two beaches are famous amongst foreigners and especially known for Russian tourists.
    Excluding them in abovesaid information wouldnt be fair.

  3. Rishikonda Beach is awesome.I think Arambol Beach also best beaches in India for beginner.
    Arambol Beach is one of the most loving beach in North Goa, it has amazing bar, lounge and disco. One can enjoy the sunset with beautiful seating. Hundreds of restaurants are available, and one can eat the delicious seafood and best drinks.


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