Bhang, India’s holy marijuana

India has to be one of very few countries in the world where one can legally stand on the street and have a cannabis drink without being arrested. The reality is that, cannabis so ingrained in the culture of India that the authorities are unable to criminalise it fully. Although selling of cannabis is prohibited in India, it’s readily available and no attempts are made to arrest the sellers. In fact, cannabis plants are native to India and are often a nuisance in many Indian gardens and fields across the country.

Bhang (cannabis, marijuana) is made from the buds and leaves of female cannabis plant. Through production and selling of cannabis is illegal in the country, bhang remains legal at some places due to cultural and religious reasons. In my home town of Patna, you’ll fine women selling bhang goli (bhang balls) on the streets at the famous Patna Market.

Hindu holy men have used marijuana for centuries and they believe that it’s the best way to worship and understand Lord Shiva, one of the powerful gods of the Hindu trinity. In addition, according to the Vedas, the cannabis plant was considered as one of the many sacred plants.

Bhang Shop
Bhang Shop. Source: Kris_B’s photostream

History of Bhang in India

Bhang is probably the oldest intoxicant in the world still in use. It has a long history in the Indian subcontinent, where Hindus associate it with their most powerful deity: the lord Shiva. Legend has it that Shiva brought bhang from the Himalayas for the pleasure of the mankind. According to another legend, bhang was discovered when the gods and demons together stirred the oceans with a big mountain in hopes of getting the nectre of life.

A famous Greek historian Herodotus who lived in the 4th century B.C. mentions the use of bhang among Indians. Some old Arabic texts refer to medicinal uses of bhang. The British were amazed to find such widespread use of bhang when they came to India during the 19th century. They were at a loss as to how to deal with it. A British report authored by J. M. Campbell in 1893-94 suggested: “To forbid or even seriously to restrict the use of so holy and gracious a herb as the hemp would cause widespread suffering and annoyance and to the large bands of worshiped ascetics deep-seated anger.” So bhang was not outlawed during the British rule in India.

Bhang Lassi at the holy city of Varanasi

Bhang Lassi

What exactly is Bhang Lassi? The exact translation would be something like “cannabis milkshake”. It would consist of nuts and spices such like almonds, pistachios, poppy seeds, pepper, ginger and sugar or honey mixed with cannabis powder prepared from cannabis plant and boiled with milk. It is then drunk either at room temperature or cold.

As it happens, bhang is the most popular intoxicant in India especially at times of festivity such as Holi and Shivaratri festivals. It’s usually consumed as milk or yogurt based beverage, famously known as “Bhang ki Thandai” or “Bhang Lassi”. You’ll find most of the bhang lassi shops in the Hindu holy city of Varanasi.

Some even like to smoke mainly in northern parts of the country. You’ll mainly find many sadhus (wandering holy men) smoking hashish called the “chillum”. Lord Shiva often is pictured lost in his own world holding a bowl of intoxicant. The bowl in fact is supposed to be the poison that Shiva drank to free the world of sins something to what Jesus did when he died on the cross for humanity. But some say that Shiva is consuming some form of drug particularly cannabis. Whatever the case maybe, cannabis or ganja is often associated with worship of the Shiva both in India and Nepal.

Bhang sold on the streets
Bhang sold on the streets

Consumption of Bhang

Unlike alcohol and other drugs, there is little or no social stigma attached to bhang. As a result, it’s consumed throughout the year. Consumption increases markedly near the popular festival of Holi. According to some estimates, sales go up more than four times the average around Holi.

Bhang is also sold at restaurants catering to foreign tourists. There are many government approved outlets who sell bhang lassi. It’s also used as an ingredient in bhajis, biscuits and several other Indian drinks and dishes.

Selling and buying of Bhang

Like in most countries, trade in cannabis is prohibited by the law. However, due to a cultural and religious association with the preparation, a limited use is permitted. Bhang is chiefly sold at special vendors based in the religious cities or ghats in Northern India. The selling is monitored by the government to stop an abuse of the drug since bhang can be used to prepare more potent intoxicants. Bhang can be bought from special vendors. However, it’s advisable to check with your local/regional/national government as buying cannabis is banned in most countries.

An American buying bhang cookies and chocolates

My personal experience of bhang

Have I tried bhang? Yes I have, a few times. Its tradition! I haven’t smoked it but have tried the bhang lassi and bhang goli (balls) on many occasions especially on the Indian festival of Holi and to be honest I do like it. Strangely, it makes me laugh a lot continuously for no reason what so ever not to mention the feeling of flying. From personal experience; bhang takes a long time to get to the head and takes even longer to sober.


Unless you exactly know what you are doing, my best advice is to stay away from it. But if you really want to try it out, then I urge you go to government approved shops and refrain from trying bhang from the street vendors. Always try the lighter versions of the bhang lassi first and not the “super duper sexy” strength as mentioned in the second video unless if you want to lie in your hotel bed and hallucinate for the next 2 days. If you go for the bhang biscuits, try a tiny bit first and wait for the results. You can increase the dose if you’re comfortable. Best advice is not to try bhang at all.

What are your thoughts on bhang lassi? Would you make a trip to India just for the bhang?

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179 thoughts on “Bhang, India’s holy marijuana”

  1. Michael, medical necessities? As far as I understand, there are some pain relieving benefits of this thing and is prescribed for this purpose. At the moment, which states of the USA, it is permitted to use this cannabis?

      • Hi Shalu,
        Michael is right, it has various medical uses. Marijuana is preventive to cancer. Medical marijuana is also used for AIDS, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, nausea resulting from chemotherapy, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, epilepsy, insomnia, migraines, arthritis and lack of appetite.

      • One of the chemicals in Cannabis, CBD, is heavily being researched for its anti-inflammatory properties. Turns out its pretty effective, more so than NSAID’s and no liver damage.

      • Shalu. I am sure you have educated yourself of cannabis and health benefits by now. But I just returned from India after spending ten days with highly educated and successful Indians. There lack of knowledge about medical cannabis was shocking. India needs to unplug the addiction to pharma ASAP

    • hi shalu Bhang is famous drink for festival in holi or shivratri, and i also drink it. but i never see bhang shop. thanks for sharing.

    • Bhang is good for health. It is mild anti-stress and anti-depressant. Many need this kind of help these days. Better then be depressed and spoil your life. Allopathic medicine for anti-depressant is still not good. It comes with lots of side effect. But govt under pressure from organized Alcohol companies etc banned traditional things and legalize Alcohol.

  2. I’ve practiced a Shiva sacrament here handling chillum, and its good to know that at least in one part of the world, this tradition is still practiced and the world has not gone mad like in the rest.

  3. Hi Shalu,

    Such a lively post. Without bhang, holi is not celebrated. This is one such rare occasion of the year where Indians of all age groups let loose and enjoy to the best. Really a great remembrance for all of us.


  4. Hey Shalu very interesting article you wrote. I have heard about Bhang a long time, thanks to the films. But I never know that it’s a form of marijuana. When I come and visit India, I would definitely try the milk shake 😀

  5. As a Tea Teetotaler I have never tried any of the intoxicant, though seen people using it around Holi. Never been able to understand the benefits or the need of the same. Yes a lot of shiv bhakts claim to use it as part of bhakti.. but I wonder if this is an excuse. Yes there are refrences of using it in ancient scriptures, but none of them asks one to use it or prescribes to use it. That in my opinion is important, as mention in ancient scriptures is not a recommendation of use. Some of our ancient text also mention Sati…. I hope I have made my point. Ultimately it is a personal choice. Thanks.

    • I think you are right to a lot extent. I wonder how the use of bhang got incorporated with religion. That is something to investigate about. As you say, religion is just an excuse to use bhang anyway. Thank you for your comment.

    • Sati was something that came into existence scriptures do not recommend it. The women were scared of being used/ raped by other men that’s why they followed sati back in the days.

  6. I have consciously stayed away from bang, even during my wild engineering college days. I don’t want to lose control at any moment in my life. When I was in Jamshedpur, during holi bhang used to flow. 🙂

  7. Hmm, this world is really a funny place! While in some areas every thing is being done to clamp down on those who use marijuana, it is really surprising that is freely being used in a place like India.

    My biggest worry is this, from what you described it is definitely something popular among all ages, does it really have any affect in the area of madness. I remember some years ago, marijuana was abused freely among the young ones in my area. This was before the Government set up a govt agency to fight drug misuse. I remember that in those days, this abuse accounted for a high insanity among the users.

    In fact, that is the biggest reason why many in my place stayed away from its use. So with this type of widespread use, even finding it in biscuits, does it have any such negative effects?

    • Chadrack, the marijuana (bhang) is for cultural reasons and many Indians would have tried it at some time point. I personally have as well on many occasions. I am sure its open to abuse where it is perhaps smoked in association with other harder drugs.

    • Shalu, I actually got that cultural aspect of its use among your people. But, I’m concerned with the overall effect. For example, even among those who take in my area, they have reasons for it. I have friends who, while we were in school can never do without it as they claim it gives them the ability to concentrate more and of course I can testify that among many of those who use, there is no negative effects.

      However, generally the effect is really not good. And understanding that its use is restricted among my people and the ratio of the negative effects to the over all use is very high, I’m only wondering if that could really be so also in your area where it appears that the use is more wide spread?

        • Ok, I understand your point there. The problem is with long term use. And I must say those who I’m talking about here are those who are addicted to it. I think that’s why they have the problems. Thanks for sharing.

          • Hi Shalu,

            Firstly, thank you for such an impartial post. Simply brilliant ma’am. This is really amazing as most of the new age people think of Bhang as the worst drug possible and it’s a little sad that among Indians, we who used it traditionally for centuries, only outlawed it’s use due to U.S.A’s international laws imposed by the U.N. You will find some very, very interesting topics and facts as to the real reason behind it’s prohibition and Ban. Also. look up the Indian Hemp Drugs commission.

            @ Chadrack, there are no known cases of insanity through use of Bhang or Marijuana, the insanity issue can up as a product of negative social propaganda due to it’s prohibition by the U.S because of the rise in petroleum companies, cotton and timber industries and also pharmaceutical industry.

            Marijuana oil is now proved to cure cancer by assisting in cell death. I’m sure if you just do a little non biased research, you will see that I am not trying to change your mind, but rather the perspective in which you view this plant. There are 30,000 different uses of this plant and over 400 treatments available because of it’s properties. There is only politics involved in it’s ban and we should asses for ourselves as free thinking humans, what are the benefits we can derive from this one plant.

            I am pro cannabis and am looking forward to it’s legalization for use in medicine and also recreational use because it is just not harmful as the way media has portrayed. It is less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes. If it really was that bad, do you think there would be any Indian’s left. We have used it for mellenia and I’m not tooting our nations horn, but Indians are ranked as one of the worlds most smartest people. We would all be wandering ninnies by now if whatever negative said against it, is true.

            I am working towards it’s legalization and anyone who is pro life, pro humanity and pro nature can join me. This is not a selfish crusade, i’m just tired of seeing humans controlling other humans for money.

            I hope you found this a little interesting.

          • Thank you Chadrack,

            Could you please elaborate on the bad experiences you’ve experienced. Personally, I have been raised a christian but now, I only believe in trying to be a good person. That’s the only religion we need.

            I feel marijuana is a bit spiritual depending on the dosage. The thought processes seem to divert towards a more peaceful and calmer world when on cannabis. You tend to re-realize things and this re-realization of those things we take for granted is one experience I take as spiritual. I will never force a person against his will to try cannabis but if I see that a person is suffering, and if cannabis can alleviate his suffering, the most decent thing I could do is a suggestion.

      • Elston
        You have presented some interesting facts. I have not heard of marijuana oil, seems interesting but I have not seen this anywhere. In India, some variants are still OK to use such as bhang lassi or bhang goli. Other variants such as the smokeable ones are still outlawed.

        • That’s true Shalu,

          Smoking, possession and production of cannabis in India is illegal for most parts but since the laws are very lax, we have a lot of corruption happening because of it. Our country can actually benefit from it’s production. It is not like our country isn’t exporting cannabis. It was and is still one of our country’s main cash crop but people don’t know about it only as the government is not ready to change their laws because they are making so much in black money. Rather than it going to our nations benefit. We are the second largest exporter of cannabis may i add and our poor farmers can actually live a decent life if we legalize its production.

          • @Elston.

            Thanks for your clarification to my comment. I must say that yes, most of the stigma comes from the prohibition imposed by the western world. Even among my people there are those who still believe that it has some spiritual powers. I’ve friends who were smokers when we were growing up but personally I’ve never tested it – of course, I’m not a smoker whether cigarettes or whatever.

            But I can say that even if the restrictions are removed, it will be a difficult thing accepting it in my area because as I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve seen numerous bad effect of it’s use.

          • I agree Elston that we can benefit from it if laws are relaxed. People would be coming from outside just for this.

            The only country as far as I am aware that has legalised it in Europe is Holland. Amsterdam has a huge tourism industry based entire on cannabis.

            India too can benefit but at the moment only legal government shops can sell. Although, in my home town of Patna, you will find vendors selling bhang goli in every nook and corner. Also, you will find bhang lassi being sold in near the ghats of Patna and Banaras.

            Basically, its semi-legal in India.

  8. Wow, I did not know that marijuana (bhang) is not fully illegal in India and according to its history in India, it was given to man by Shiva. I have never had any drugs before, but of course, I am quite aware of what are the effects of different prohibited drugs.

  9. I have to say that I’m pretty much someone that would be willing to try something new, but this one I’d probably think twice in trying. I had a bit of my share of mary janes back when I was younger, and the experience was less holy and more close to what happened to Tony Bourdain in the video clip. Hahahaha!!!

  10. Hi Sharlu,

    First off, I finally answered your questions on my blog, sorry for taking so long.

    I used to work with a very sweet Indian lady and she is the one who told me that Indians do not drink alcohol, Yet you are using substances that would be illegal in the US. That’s just so funny and interesting at the same time.

    I don’t think I would want to drink that juice on the video, though 🙂 I’d rater have a glass of wine 🙂

  11. This is incredibly interesting, in Italy cannabis has been allowed by some regions because there is scientific evidence that it prevents and cures many types of cancer, multiple sclerosis and other illnesses. The closer I get to Indian culture the more I wonder how did ancient Indians know all the secrets to prevent diseases and live a healthy life, from curry, to curcuma, to being vegetarian to yoga!

  12. Although most of us look at smoking marijuana as a vice it’s interesting to know that this is ingrained in your culture and that people can openly do Thanks for the reminder that it should be done in moderation, no one would ever want to spend his vacation passed-out because of its effects 🙂

  13. I think that it’s just a matter of regulating its use like your country does, it’s valid enough that this is ingrained in your culture and that there are several forms that you can take it without actually smoking it 🙂 As long as its used in moderation and responsibly, I don’t see any reason why it should be restricted. Thanks for sharing this interesting matter.

  14. I have watched on TV a week ago about some women who ate some brownies given by a friend and they felt sick afterwards. The brownies contained marijuana and it made them dizzy and unwell after they ate them. I think it’s okay if someone is using marijuana for occasional recreation, but careful not to overdo it, and moreover, do not trick someone into taking it because a lot of people will not be able to tolerate the bad effects of bhang, and it would really destroy their health.

  15. One of the most obvious medical uses of marijuana is to assist those who have a limited appetite gain some desire to eat. A 1970’s survey showed that a whopping 93% of the people who have smoked marijuana found that consuming food is more enjoyable after smoking the drug. This was verified by a test conducted by Foltin in 1988 which compared the use of marijuana verses a placebo in stimulating the appetites of the users. This can assist people who have lost their appetite due to illness and those who are more prone to opportunistic infections such as those who are HIV or AIDS positive. This is also beneficial to people who have malabsorbtion of foods and therefore must eat more in order to receive their necessary calorie, vitamin and mineral intakes.

    • Kazi, that is an interesting observation of the medicinal uses of Bhang. I have known that that those who drink also have high levels of appetite. I think marijuana will also have a similar effect.

  16. Nice article from the author. We are glad that the author knows how it feels to be high and the hapiness it gives as she mentioned that it made her laugh. Im not spamming but our very own India’s Marijuana Community Forum ( ) supports the use of marijuana 🙂

    Thank you for the nice review

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    • Bhang is actually good for health. Please do research before blindly saying what others have told you. It cleanses your body and bring great joy, cerebral thinking and creativity to it’s user. Everything should be done in moderation. The maximum that can happen from Bhang is that if a person over drinks, he will definitely fall asleep, and next day wake up with no hang over.

  18. I have practiced a Shiva sacrament here handling chillum, and its good to know that at least in one part of the world, this tradition is still practiced and the world has not gone mad like in the rest.

  19. You indeed are very knowledgeable about Bhang and its effects on Indian culture. I also once used this and that was a once in a life experience for me because I could not control its effects and I was made fool because of that. Thank You for sharing such useful information.

  20. Hi shalu..
    I am visiting india currently… had the bhang here n liked it much … m wondering if I can take some with me abroad… I wont face any problem taking it out in my country from the airport but was curious to ask is it permitted to be carried on flights out of india???
    Thanks for ur time … nice artical

    • Hello Behroz
      I am not sure about this. Bhang is still illegal in India but due to cultural reasons it has not been contained but I am guessing taking out of the country at least on flights would be illegal.
      Thanks for your comment.

  21. While Reading this article me i have got some diplomatic ideas related to your ideas but the entire credit goes to Shalu Sharma Thanks for sharing the useful tips for all your readers.

  22. Hi Shalu!
    Nice Blog. I am writing a research paper about legalizing bhang in our country. One of main arguments is that alcohol, nicotine and caffeine are almost 3 times as addictive as cannabis. Also cannabis has at least some medical boons but these three are just another addiction for the user.

    • I agree completely. In India, we are so addicted to ghutka and khaini and we do not do anything about it and here we are trying restricting bhang which is part of Indian heritage. But I personally think it should be left as it is otherwise it can get out of hand. What do you say?

    • Hi Abhimanyu,

      I am also trying my best to educate people and also to legalize this sacred plant. Send me and e-mail, and we’ll talk about what we can do together if you’re interested.

  23. Hi Shalu!
    Nice Blog. I am writing a research paper about legalizing bhang in our country. One of main arguments is that alcohol, nicotine and caffeine are almost 3 times as addictive as cannabis. Also cannabis has at least some medical boons but these three are just another addiction for the user.

  24. People at my place will surely have a visit in India if they knew this information. Kidding aside, I will never ever try to use bhang. Whatever it is called, it is still marijuana.

  25. Hi Shalu, can u buy the goli and send me by courier. Not the wet goli but the one which comes packed in polypacks called Bhola Munakka, Anand Munakka, Lehari Munakka.

  26. Hi Shalu,

    I did not say you are a dealer/peddler etc… I thot why not ask you directly, when you have written so much about the said subject. Anyways Elton & Shalu, just ignore the messages or better delete it from this place, so that you people don’t get into any troubles because of my post/comments.


  27. hi shalu, I remember trying a tiny bit on holi a long long time ago, when it had apparently no effect. I wish I can try it next time I am in India! thanks for the informative article.

  28. Hahahah Video was funny, Well I have tried the bhaang Pakode. But never tried lassi or balls. Although I am from U.P. But never had the chance to actually taste it feel it.
    Once I smoked it and I was flying and laughing without any reason. It will make you relax, But telling you the things was so strong . I was out for almost 8-9 hours . Next day I was still feeling it in my body. That day was first and last when I smoked it. Would suggest everybody to stay away from smoking it. Would love to drink it.

  29. HI shalu,

    Being indian, i did not know much about BHAANG 😉 and yes! it has very good space in life of people even on some occasion it attract numerous users 😉 ( HOLI & SHIVRATRI ) i have used it few times.It gives good pleasure and best part is we dont feel any kind of bad hangover like a liquor is like a herb.

    Thanks to your post for giving information.Jai Bholenath.

  30. I am hoping to travel to Goa or Delhi from Manchester U.K. January 2014.

    i am open to any route as I have no time restrictions (bar visa) and the whole trip will be done on a very tight budget.

    If it is cheaper to fly to Goa then travel by train to Agra (ultimate destination) then I will be happy taking said route but will need to know the costs of train from Goa to Agra.

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    Accommodation will be needed and I am only to happy to use Hostel type accommodation should needs must.

    ANY advice will be received with many thanks,

    Steve Hakes

    Please reply to my email address.

  31. Thanks for your well written article. As an American proponent of legalizing marijuana I really enjoyed reading this article. I’m a firm believer in using government sanction and approved marijuana over any street marijuana. You never really know what you are smoking when buying off of the street.

    Keep up the great writing!

  32. But if you’re going to be depended on the use of marijuana then it will become just the opposite somehow. The way you use marijuana is the best in my opinion.
    Medically one can grow their own supply from marijuana seeds Canada company and wherever available.let’s keep this natures natural help

  33. Hi Shalu,

    Nice to meet you. I really appreciate and love the cultural differences that exist between us. In my country, this kind of drink is very unusual to be served and have a risk of imprisonment by the court.

  34. Good morning Shalu ji, are you tasted bhanga, in India some states strictly prohibited marijuana,bcz it’s harmful to health, you give great stuff about bhang, some holy places like varanasi ( kashi) some agoras( human eaters) take bhang,all over India some saints take bhang, you are great research scholar,take one topic give amazing stuff. thank you mam

  35. Bhang is said to be favourite drink of Lord Shiva.. that is why it is spreaded on the occasion of Shivratri.. Bhang reunites us to our culture and tradition.

  36. please note that my somebody given bhaang prasad to my wife on last shivratri (around 12 days back), before which she have never consumed any type of nasha. but after so many days she is still in very much depressed,afraid of all the neibours, relatives, even some time she want to go outside or have unnessery quarll or blame others like with my mother in law, her brothers, sisters, before that time she was very understanding,supporting and jolly nature and good sense of humour but not now, she some times behaves like child or suspicius .and some time she behaves well (6 to 8 hours good in a day ) , please suggest me that this is all this bad or side effects of bhaang or i should consult any psychatrist doctor, and for last 10 days i have never let her alone.

    i find symptoms of madness in her behavior in these last 10 – 12 days .

    i also want know that how many days or weeks bhaang effects on brain of any women.

  37. Bhupinder , It depands on person’s tolerance level to the substance .., but yes for some people the effect goes longer , but in your case definately you should take her to doctor may be he will prescribe some multi vitamins or antibiotics .., on the contrary , if u can treet her with lot of water and haldi+milk thats is best .., or something high in protein like eggs or meat it will work , protein will help recover the brain and divert her focus to some creative thing or take her to some vacation

  38. Oh wow, Bhang. I have to try this; I know in America we have Cannabis drinks in some states, but I’ve never heard of this. I will make it my business to come to India one day so I can try this. Getting banged up on some Bhang :D.

    Great post

  39. Wow this is a really good article you have here I’m familiar with bhang and actually make lassi from fresh milk. I run a blog about cannabis and I’ll definitely be bookmarking this and citing you for additional information for a later article.

  40. The laws and legal status for growing marijuana are changing each year around the world. While there is still harsh punishments for growing this plant that is safer than alchol and has never caused a single death the laws and legality are changing fast.

  41. Even though many of us take a look at cigarette smoking cannabis like a vice it’s intriguing to understand that this can be ingrained with your lifestyle and this folks can openly complete Thanks for your reminder which it should be completed inside moderation, no person might actually need to invest his / her getaway passed-out for the side effects. I know something information, to know you can click here
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  42. Hi Shalu,

    I’ve been to New Delhi & Mumbai but have yet to encounter bhang. Do people sell it secretly in this cities? Or do I need to know a local before buying some?

  43. Essentially the most apparent healthcare uses associated with marijuana would be to aid anyone who has a restricted hunger gain a number of need to eat. A new 1970’s survey confirmed that your tremendous 93% on the people who have used to smoke marijuana located which taking in food is more pleasant following cigarettes the actual substance. This was approved by the check done by Foltin inside 1988 that in comparison using marijuana compared to a placebo inside stirring the actual appetites on the end users. This can aid people who have shed their particular hunger caused by disease as well as those people who are much more susceptible to opportunistic transmissions for instance those people who are HIV or perhaps SUPPORTS positive. This can be additionally good for people who have malabsorbtion associated with ingredients and for that reason ought to eat much more so as to receive their particular needed calorie, supplement as well as nutrient absorption.

  44. HaHA , have not tried it yet , Thank you for wonderful post, I love your blog, It gives very useful and informative information , Thanks again and highly appreciated.

  45. here the culture of india is described. india is also becoming famous for producing many type of car. the companies of india is also producing trucks and the parts of trucks. this company is also famous worldwide.

  46. I had a question for some of you, I know that marijuana is illegal in the U.S but if someone was to take bhang powder packets from India with them back to U.S would they get caught? Because it is considered as Ayurvedic medicine?

  47. Good one.Nice article from the author. We are glad that the author knows how it feels to be high and the happiness it gives as she mentioned that it made her laugh.Thanks for sharing.

  48. Nice post.I’ve practiced a Shiva sacrament here handling chillum, and its good to know that at least in one part of the world, this tradition is still practiced and the world has not gone mad like in the rest.Thanks for the post.

  49. That man supposedly selling bhang in picture above is not bhang.
    I no that because two reasons I grow and teach how to grow cannabis also I have bought it what the man is selling.
    Its a little dry plant which is supposed to grow gree when its roots are placed in water. I do not know the name of that plant.

  50. Hi Shalu, it was great to know about the Indian culture and the “Bhang” or cannabis. I was not aware of the fact that it can be used for smoking also, its totally now for me. I have been a great fan of Indian culture and I always try to find things related to it. And you are one of the best Indian writers I guess :). Also, do you know whether Electronic hookas are famous in India or not? Looking forward to hear from you….thanks.

  51. I like your article and Bhang is very powerful nasha. Mostly people use in Holi. There are many incidents of people getting hospitalised on Holi because there are drinking bhang.

  52. thankyou for sharing this article with ll of us. Bhang is a thing which makes person to feel extraordinary. ti takes him/her in another world.

  53. It was extraordinary to think about the Indian society and the “Bhang” or cannabis. I was not mindful of the way that it can be utilized for smoking likewise, its absolutely now for me. I have been an awesome fanatic of Indian society and I generally attempt to discover things identified with it. Also, you are one of the best Indian essayists I figure :). Likewise, do you know whether Electronic hookas are well known in India or not? Anticipating get notification from you… .much appreciate.

  54. Hi I am currently interning for a month in Patna and was wondering if bhang balls were still sold in the market area you describe. I would like to have as many indian experiences as possible and have been told this is one experience I cannot miss. Thank you for any reply.

  55. I’m no stranger to bhang at all but it was nice reading some history.

    I like it as well, tried it for the first time in Thailand while backpacking actually (assuming that’s what it was)..

  56. Bhang is very common in India specially during Sawan month. If you go to Himachal Pradesh, UP or Bihar, you can get Bhang very easily. Some Pan Wala also do sell Bhang but you’ve to find one yourself.

  57. hiii….mr. blogger…you are best in your work like blog writter but bhang is not our future….its loose your consistration…and make short tempered man…..what you want to say …

  58. Hi Shalu Sharma, What a great article. I never knew that in India consuming Bhang (or cannabis) is associated with the holy Lord Shiva. I live in Holland and there we have a tolerance policy, but by law it’s forbidden to grow cannabis. And also, in Holland are a lot of social stigmas around consuming bhang. People consider it as a drug or think your a no-good. I like the way you consume cannabis more. You consume it in a lot of different ways and with a hole other philosophy. It’s sounds to me that people in India consume bhang to come closer to God/ Lord Shiva, is that correct? I like to try Bhang Lassi when I came to visit India. Thanks for your advice by the way at the and of your article! Lots of love from Holland. Maureen

  59. “Bhaang” The Marijuana is the good thing but peoples are using it beyond the limit.Hence it becomes a drugs in this era and peoples are enjoying it as a drug and not using it as a medicine

  60. WOW! This is so interesting. Thank you for sharing how big a role “bhang” has in Indian culture. India’s colorful, religious, and vibrant culture has always fascinated me!

  61. Bhang is the favorite drink at the holi festival and yes it is the marijuana of the India . Bhang is very tasty is drink and also gives you swings after some time … it is a must try

  62. I salute to Shalu Sharma for providing these surprising information about the policy of cannabis in India. I am so happy to know that India takes positively to think of a medical use of marijuana. I have a little wish to visit India recently to see this amazing Environment of broad mentality and attitude. I am sharing this post about India to my all client’s of

  63. Hey Shalu, it was lovely reading your detailed post on Bhang and especially how locals at your place sell bhang golis.

    I had my first encounter with bhang in Varanas a week back. I had a very mild dose in Thandai (milk preparation).

    Adding a bit from my side to your already detailed post!!

    Ganja (weed/marijuana) are made of flowers and resins of the female cannabis plant which are very high in THC.

    Bhang, on the other hand, is made using the leaves of the male cannabis plant. The Active component in bhang is also THC but its level is lower than that of ganja. It is a recreational drug unlike ganja (Source).

    Ayurveda attributes various medicinal properties to the male cannabis plant if taken in proper quantity. Ayurveda, however, does not prescribe cannabis for smoking recipes.

    In fact, bhang chutney in Uttarakhand state of India, is a speciality which is consumed as an accompaniment to other dishes.

  64. It is really intriguing to know that Cannabidiol is useful in treating depression and anxiety.CBD oil truly works to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, social phobias and more. I’m learning for the first time the history of CBD. CBD has many medicinal benefits such as for treating anxiety, depression, low libido and more, and I’m not surprised by the number of countries unbanning the product are on the rise. I have some other cbd oil product at home. I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information.

  65. Bhang is one of the most traditional plant which is used by india over a long period of time and it has many medicinal effects as well.But now a days people have started smoking cannabis which is also effective in treating many diseases.
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  66. I was trying to get a strain of bhang for ages. Made some research and learned they have bhang has medicinal properties as well. Anyone knows if there are anyone I can buy this directly from legally?

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