Try BigLife stores for your clothes shopping in India

If want to buy some Indian clothes then you might consider going to BigLife by Ritu Wears located in the cities of New Delhi, Faridabad (Haryana), Jalandhar (Punjab), Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh) and Indore (Madhya Pradesh). They are one of the biggest retailers in North and Central India.

BigLife Stores by Ritu Wears from outside
BigLife Stores by Ritu Wears from outside

BigLife by Ritu wears retails clothing for all ages including western wear and traditional Indian attire. Most of the stores in all locations are very identical. They all have 3 storeys where the basement level keeps women’s clothing such as saris and salwar kameez along with shoes while perfumes, purses and jewellery are kept on the first floor.

Do you like my ear rings I bought
Do you like these ear-rings I bought here

Here’s an example of the party wear salwar kameez available at the store I bought some time back. This suit has a decorative, net overlay with a two piece “suit and dupatta”. Cost was 5595 Indian Rupees (or $112 USD). Remember if you want adjustments, stitching is not available so you might have to that done separately so it’s best to try them out before buying.

Salwar Kameez
Salwar Kameez I bought at BigLife

In addition to clothing, BigLife also carries home decor items including linens, statues and figurines. Yoga mats are also available which I bought for myself.

Also bought a yoga mat
Also bought a yoga mat

In majority of these stores, the second floor is usually the men’s wear, including young boy’s clothes. The upper level is mainly the kids department where they have sizeable toys section with international and regional branded toys and a baby section. The baby section includes strollers, playpens and diapering needs in addition to common baby need items. Girl’s clothes are mostly located on the upper level.

Katrina Kaif Barbie
Katrina Kaif Barbie for my niece

The goods carried by BigLife are better quality than those available in the bazaars and those available at local stores. Store representatives are available throughout the store to assist with any of your shopping needs. Changing rooms are located on each side of the store in the clothing sections.

If you are looking for something specific such as accommodation or second hand goods like a car/bike for your trip in a particular city or an Indian state or if you are moving or travelling to India, you can always checkout useful sites such as the classifieds India.

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39 thoughts on “Try BigLife stores for your clothes shopping in India”

  1. Ah…just what all women would love Shalu!

    Don’t we all tend to go crazy when we land at such shops, and sometimes even when we don’t really need something – we tend to go ahead and purchase something or the other. I guess that’s why my hubby dreads such stores 😉

    But I liked your write up about BigLife, and hope they venture out to the smaller cities in the country too so that more people can benefit from them. Nice color of the suit though.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. 🙂

  2. Nice sound Shalu, wonderful article. There are many store & malls for Clothes in India but even lot of people prefer online shopping & I think online shopping for clothes is best option to safe time as well as Energy too.

  3. They are one of the greatest suppliers in Northern and Main Indian. BigLife by Ritu would wear sells […]The publish Try BigLife shops for your outfits purchasing in Indian showed up first on Holiday information to Indian.

  4. I liked your write up about BigLife, and hope they venture out to the smaller cities in the country too so that more people can benefit from them. Nice color of the suit though.

  5. It’s awesome post Miss.I like post about India.Your post
    describe lot of things about india .This post is awesome like previous post keep it up and through your posts people will know about india much more.

  6. Hi Shalu jee

    Perfect one!

    Ritu wear has great product line and one can go crazy with the variety they have.Centrally located in Delhi and one can enjoy many things there apart from shopping.

    Thanks for this great share.


  7. I could have used this post when I was in India. I was looking for a regular store to buy some clothes–the kind of place an average person might shop at. That’s hard to find as a tourist. We usually end up at stores with low quality clothes that try to overcharge us or very high-end stores that are out of our budget.

    • Agreed, usually a tourist do not know where to shop and end up buying low quality stuff and at a higher prices. In addition, the prices in these stores are fixed hence you need not haggle. Thank you Daniel for your comment.

  8. Hello Shalu,
    yes there are many shopping stores & mall in all over India & India’s top best cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta & Chennai But even most of people go in Local Bazaar for clothes shopping. why ?

  9. Thank you for this Shalu. I’m actually planning to visit your country before the year ends, and one of my favorite things to do in a foreign country or city is to buy souvenirs that I could take home. But when you said clothes, I’m absolutely thrilled. I’ll be shopping at BigLife first thing I get to India.

  10. Affordable wardrobe and so many styles to choose from? Well count me in! I’ll be visiting India in September this year, and I’ll be sure to drop by BigLife for my Indian dose of retail therapy.

  11. Your snapshot of that cute bauble definitely made me drool! Shalu, you’re marvelous! I’m a shopaholic and even if I don’t have plans to go to India for a vacation this year, I’ll put the country to my list of planned itinerary next year. And I will never forget about BigLife and all those affordable boutique-chic items.

  12. Ritu wears apparel and life style retailed has rewritten his name has BigLife Ritu wears. Having a moderate start by ritu wears now it is promptly known for fashion and style. Delhi based retail chain has done well in initial years and created niche for itself. –
    isnt this awesome achievement?

  13. I always prefer traditional wear. Salwar is my all time favourite.Your blog truly looks cool mam.It is very natural without any tinge of artificiality.I believe that the goods provided here are of good quality…:)

  14. Wow nice shopping mall, and good materials with nice dress, Nowadays shopping is big part of our life, your blog was very interesting with awesome images

  15. A lot of good information you have provided here about biglife stores in India and hopefully I’m quite benefited. SO thanks dude 🙂

  16. Wow Nice dress. I want purchase that one..Can you tell me where it is located? I love to going shopping malls..Your article is awesome..Keep posting on this topic..

  17. Nice tip for travelers. In every year plenty of travelers go visit India from Bangladesh. No doubt big life is a large shop but they should build ecommerce for more flexibility.

  18. Hello Shalu!!
    I already purchased some of my clothes from the big life and I love the collection. Some of my friends not aware of your brand so you should promote your brand online more because marketing is one of the effective ideas to generate your business lead.

  19. Hi. Shalu,This is nice shopping mall, and good materials with nice dress, The new logo – with four human figures – celebrates the colourful bond of a family and positions Biglife Ritu Wears as a family lifestyle destination where there is something for everyone.
    Thanks for sharing.

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