How to Stay Safe When Traveling in India

Delhi Roads

Staying safe in India requires awareness and caution. While India draws millions of visitors each year and is known for its great beauty and diversity, there are simple precautions that tourists need to take in order to help ensure a pleasant and enjoyable vacation. The following tips are some of the best ways you can protect yourself from illness, aggravation, and theft.

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Being Fly: How to Find a Cheap Flight

Booking flight last minute

Flights can make a huge dent in our holiday budget, especially when travelling abroad. The quest to get from to A to B and save money is one the greatest challenges for travellers, so when and where can you find the cheapest flights? We bring together some tips.

Booking last minute

You could find a cheap flight by booking last minute, although this method certainly isn’t for everyone. Last minute deals will work out best for those travelling during off-season outside of peak times. Flights are harder to fill during these months, and airlines often drop prices if there are spare seats in the weeks before departure. Last minute deals suit those who can be flexible about travel dates and times, are flying during off-peak times, and can be flexible about their itinerary.

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Real Berlin, Real Flavours

Markthalle Neun

Ask any traveller where you should go in Europe, and chances are the list is going to include Berlin. While it doesn’t have the name recognition of London or Paris, Berlin is a city vibrant in life and culture. The combination of different cultures with the cheap cost of visiting makes it a prime destination, especially for budget travellers. With so many things to do, one aspect of Berlin that gets overlooked is its vast array of food. From kebabs to currywurst, the city is a foodie heaven, affordable for anybody. If you want to eat and see your way on a city break in Berlin, this guide is for you.

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Shores of the world: Ancient ports and modern cruises

Limassol in Cyprus

Cruises may be all about the convenience and luxury of modern travel, but they’re also a brilliant way to experience some of the oldest port cities in the world. Central Asian and Eastern Mediterranean cruises offer a particularly fascinating look into the past., so if you want more from a holiday than flip flops and beach umbrellas, consider a cruise itinerary with one or more of the following ports of call:

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Mobile Recharge App Review: Which App Should You Choose?

When a loved one in another country runs out of minutes, you can use a mobile recharge app to transfer credit and stay in touch… but which app is best?

Staying in touch with friends and family is important, and with mobile technology, you can easily remain in contact even when you are in different countries. Of course, sometimes funds run low and minutes run out – but with the help of mobile recharge apps, you can transfer credit from your account to that of your loved one and keep talking!

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Out There: The Goa Vibe

sunset in goa

India has long been a favourite among holidaymakers across the globe and Goa in particular has captured the popular imagination. The country’s smallest state, this west coast idyll offers sun, sand, culture and sumptuous cuisine. It is not just tourists from Europe, America and other far-flung destinations who are making the trip there either. Increasingly, middle-class Indians are flocking to Goa’s beaches and coconut groves to lap up the relaxed atmosphere on offer in the state. 

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Benefits of Booking a Package Holiday

Benefits of Booking a Package Holiday

Travelling can offer you the chance to get some sun, relax and experience new adventures all at the same time. However, just how you like to explore and travel is more of a personal decision. You may like to plan each detail of the holiday yourself, right down to where you’ll first taste the local grub, or you may prefer to have someone else organise the trip for you. All-inclusive holidays are becoming more and more popular for various reasons. Let’s take a look at some of these:

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India: Off the Beaten Track, Yes Indeed

auroville puducherry

From child-free hotels to bargain luxury breaks, there’s a package holiday to suit us all. Of course, nobody can deny that the internet has given us a lot more choice regarding our holidays, with late deals and offers on all kinds of destinations. However, if you’re yearning for something just a little bit different this year, you’re not alone.

The world is a big place and is still largely undiscovered. Nowhere else is this more the case than in India, arguably one of Asia’s most beautiful places to visit for an ‘off the beaten track’ holiday.

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Hot But Not Bothered: Tourism and Beauty in India and the Middle East

monkeys in india

I may be biased, as I was born and brought up in India, but I love my country and am always encouraging people to visit it. However, I have a confession to make: I also really enjoy getting out of India and experiencing the Middle East from time to time. There are a great many ways to enjoy the similarities and differences between these destinations, so I’ve created this quick guide to India, the Middle East and everything you can see and do there, from sightseeing to pampering yourself and looking after your skin while on your travels.

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Bengaluru’s Most Exciting Festivals

Lal Bagh Gardens

Bengaluru is known as India’s “Garden City.” With its gentle climate, abundant green spaces and wide streets, it can provide a visitor with a less crowded Indian city experience, but because it still is a city, Bengaluru offers much more than a simple garden or more rural town could. From its pubs and clubs to its local Rock and Metal scenes, Bengaluru has plenty in store for the adventurous vacationer, especially when you consider its impressive list of festivals.

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Holiday and Travel Guide to India