Bengaluru’s Most Exciting Festivals

Lal Bagh Gardens

Bengaluru is known as India’s “Garden City.” With its gentle climate, abundant green spaces and wide streets, it can provide a visitor with a less crowded Indian city experience, but because it still is a city, Bengaluru offers much more than a simple garden or more rural town could. From its pubs and clubs to its local Rock and Metal scenes, Bengaluru has plenty in store for the adventurous vacationer, especially when you consider its impressive list of festivals.

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Top Money Saving Tips for India Hotel Stays

Tips for India Hotel Stays

India has long been seen by travellers as a very affordable holiday destination, and while the prices of flights, food and hotels are much cheaper compared to Western standards, there are still more ways that you can save money on your accommodation, and be able to afford to stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel.

There are lots of discounts on hotels available, and even the very best hotels in India don’t want empty beds, so they will offer discounts on some of their most luxurious rooms and even suites to a few lucky travellers – but how do you get these discounts?

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Things to do before travelling

When you want to travel, there are a variety of issues to put into consideration. That is, unless you are willing to have a distorted journey. In other words, there needs to be a plan for your travels to avoid disasters that may crop in due to avoidable circumstances. The first thing to do before travelling is choose wisely the place to go to. Unless you want a repeat journey to a given place, which is not too good as there is need to explore and have a variety of new experiences, you have to gather sufficient knowledge of a place you are visiting. Since the inception of the internet, you can always browse and have loads of information at your fingertip.

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Fly to the World’s Top Destinations from Heathrow Airport

Top Destinations from Heathrow Airport

Europe’s busiest airport by passenger volume, London Heathrow Airport is also one of the world’s massively trafficked hubs in terms of international passenger throughput. Just last year, it handled more than 70 million passengers: This means that more than serving residents of London and the United Kingdom, Heathrow Airport also handles passengers who may just be in transit to onward destinations outside of the British Isles.

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Top national parks in Sri Lanka

Elephant on the road

Sri Lanka has become an increasingly popular holiday destination and one that’s especially well known for its beautiful beaches. However, there are many other natural attractions on this amazing island, including several fantastic national parks.

I was lucky enough to visit Sri Lanka earlier this year and didn’t have time to tackle even half of what there is to see and do in this remarkable country. I did make time to visit one of the national parks (which I’ll talk more about in a minute). If you’re looking for an exotic and friendly holiday destination, check out some of the deals being offered on trips to Sri Lanka.

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Cheap Train Holidays in Europe

When many people think of European holidays, they think of flying but there are other options for travelling to and within Europe. The Continent has a vast rail infrastructure which can be utilised for holidays. As well as an option for getting to a place, train travel in itself can be the holiday when you book a tour by rail.

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Heritage Holiday Udaipur – Learning History Cannot Get Any Better

Ancient Remains of Chittorgarh

When we think of our ancestral kings and kingdoms, royalty and chivalry, Rajasthan is the place that shows up in our imagination with visuals of forts, the desert, palaces, heavy armour, colourful locals, puppets, camels and oxidized antique jewelry. To tour the entire state of Rajasthan on a single holiday is a massive task but can be possibly accommodated over a span of few years talking from a typical city-Joe’s point of view. The idea is to cover one city or area in one trip and enjoy it to the fullest.

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Planning a Gap Year? – What you need to know about vaccination

What you need to know about vaccination

Preparation is key when it comes to planning your gap year travels. You may have flights, accommodation and trekking routes planned, but one thing that should be on your ever increasing ‘to-do list’ is getting vaccinated. Vaccines prepare your immune system and enable your body to fight off deadly foreign pathogens quickly and efficiently. When it comes to vaccines, you don’t want to mess about. Your health should be your first concern.

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Travel India in Tagore’s footsteps

The Strand skyline of Kolkata

Colourful, in-your-face and fascinating from the moment you set foot off the plane, India is a country that is addictive and overwhelming in equal measure. And as last minute holidays go, we think it should feature at the top of any intrepid traveller’s list. Taking Nobel Prize-winning Indian poet Tagore’s route is a fantastic way to see the country. Renowned for bringing cultural understanding between India and the West, he is considered to be one of the top creative artists of modern South Asia.

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5 top travel destinations of India

Shiva Statue in Bangalore

India is a huge country and potential travellers to India are often spoilt for choice of the places they want to visit in India. India has numerous cities, towns and villages where history speaks for itself. No wonder, travellers from all over the world no matter where they are coming from, love this place. The culture, the food, the history, the sounds and the smells of India is something that one cannot experience anywhere else other than India itself.

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Experience History in India’s Golden Triangle

Red Fort Delhi India

Marcel Proust, the French novelist, once said: “The voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” This is all too true today, as we try too hard to look beyond what we already have and, as a consequence, fail to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. If we look at where we live from a new perspective and a new mindset, we’ll see it in a different light and perhaps learn to appreciate its beauty more than ever.

India is one such place that has attracted loads of visitors for years. The country’s amazing landscape, coupled with its rich, varied history, makes it a must-see for tourists from across the pond. But when we ourselves live in this colourful country, we sometimes get so used to it and don’t appreciate it for what it is.

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Visiting India

"Goa coastline"

Tourism in India continues to grow as more and more people make it a destination of choice. A visit to India is a journey of incredible discovery and mesmerizing sights. Splendor waits you whichever direction you choose: Himalayas to the north, beaches to the south, tribal territory to the east and desert to the west. There are specific destinations that are a must visit for anyone who is on a tour around this vast land.

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