Caravanning in India

Caravan in India

When Mahatma Gandhi returned to India after his visit to South Africa, he knew that the best way to get to know the Indian condition would be to travel amongst her villages and see, first hand, the greatness of a nation that is borne from one of the oldest of civilizations. Gandhi did that almost a century ago in 1917. Even today, this is a great idea to do almost the same thing except there is an even better way to go about it. Our motives may be a little different from the Mahatma’s, but the effect is just as spectacular and just as colorful.

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Finding the Delhi Vibe

Aura - Vodka Bar at Claridges, New Delhi

Whether you’re in Delhi or in Johannesburg; London or Bangkok; New York or Singapore; a bar, is a bar, is a bar. Right? Wrong. They may all serve the same drinks, they may all have similar names, they may all have alcohol served, but each offers their patrons an experience unlike each other’s and unlike any other. The decor may be the same, but the ambiance is a different matter altogether.

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