Chai and pakora: A must try in India

India is about experiencing different types of food that it has to offer and here’s something that you must try. You just have to try the traditional Indian tea (we call it chai) and to go with the Indian chai, you have to try some ‘pakoras’. Pakoras are basically battered fried snacks a bit like potato cutlets. They can be of different types; potatoes, corn, cauliflower, onions and even chicken pakoras. My favourite have always been the onion pakoras.

You’ll find them as starters in many Indian restaurants. But many of us just like to have it on its own with tea of course. It makes a nice little snack in the evening! Great thing about these pakoras is that they really enhances the flavour of tea – a bit like strawberries and champagne.

Chai and Pakora
Chai and Pakora

You’ll find the chai and pakoras everywhere – on the streets, stalls, restaurants and stand-alone eateries. If it’s not on your restaurant menu, don’t be shy to ask the waiter if they can make some for you.

Don’t forget to try them out when visiting India – I am sure you’ll like them. So make a note to try chai and pakoras as one of the things to do when you are in India. 

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36 thoughts on “Chai and pakora: A must try in India”

  1. Hi Shalu,

    Your post came at the right time, just when I was having tea, though I missed the pakora’s with it 🙂

    Yes, onions ones are my favorite too, so are the potato and cauliflower ones, but I stay away from them because they are deep fried and oily. However, it’s tough to resist having 2-3 whenever they come in-front of you, especially when you make them at home or during the rainy seasons on winters, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  2. I always wanted to try some Indian tea. I had some traditional Sri Lankan tea once, but it was way too sweet and too much milk. I can’t complain though as it tasted very good, but that’s not something I could drink every morning when having a breakfast. How would you describe a taste of traditional Indian tea :)? Is it sweet as well? Do you pour a lot of milk in?

    • I am not sure about Sri Lankan tea. I think they use a lot of milk while the Indian tea is 70% water and 30% milk boiled with tea leaves and sugar. We don’t pour the milk on top. Thanks for your comment Agness.

  3. This post is so tempting, Chai pakora is a staple for me on long road trip. As the pakoras are served hot, they are safe to eat and absolutely yummy. Add a cup of hot tea with them and I have a complete energy solution for next few hours… Absolutely my favorite…

  4. Hi Shalu,

    I started drinking green tea but only the flavored kind because I’m not a big tea drinker, mostly just water. I actually drink six glasses of tea a day and the snacks look really good but who doesn’t like fried foods. I sure do.


    • Hi Adrienne

      Drinking green tea is a good idea. It has lots of anti-oxidants and therefore has the ability to mop-up those free radicals. You are right, who doesn’t like fried food.

  5. Wow Shalu you are going to amazon with your Book great i’m very happy to see you are working hard to improve your Indian Travel site i m much interested to go in india soon and try this chai (tea) with pakora…

  6. Awesome article Madam! First, I should noticed you that I’m a Tea lover person. Basically, I like tea 7-8 cup in a day, sometimes it exceed with 10-12 cups. By the way, you have posted details about India Chai and Pakora, every foreigners should take a taste of Indian Chai and Pakora.

  7. But if you are in Mumbai, do try Vadapaav and Chai and in Gujarat, its Ganthiya and Chai 🙂

    The common denominator is India’s milky chai.

    Thanks for the great post Shalu.

  8. Tea with pakora the best combination at a snack time. Usually I do not drink tea but pakoras are my favorite snack . I like onion pakora but my favorite one is palak pakora (spinach) and the one made of potatoes.

    This will be more favorable to serve during rainy or winter season. It is India’s one of the famous snack item . I believe it is must try for all the people who visit India for the first time.

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Both Tea with pakora are main yummy deserts for any Indian parties such as birthday etc. Many people’s also enjoy both these items in small markets and fairs etc.
    Thanks for sharing this post!!!

  10. Chai and Pakora available everywhere and it is famous evening snack, but in most of the places they are not very hygienic to eat and it is better to skip from street vendors.

  11. Oh my! I wished I had found this site when my husband recently visited India from Jamaica. Would have helped him a lot. He came back home sick from eating the food. You have great resources for when next we take a trip with the entire family 🙂


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