My new children’s book about life in India

I am excited for my new children’s book about India. It is called “Namaste World. I am Diya. My life in India.” This book is about a 6-year-old little girl called Diya who lives in Delhi with her mummy and daddy.

She narrates her life in India to other children. She talks about going to school in an auto rickshaw, going to temples, celebrating festivals and general life in India.

This book introduces Indian culture, religion, animals and other various things about India. Kids learn more when other kids tell them things.

Namaste world I am DIYA
Namaste world I am Diya book

This book is ideal for those who will be travelling to India with their children. It’s also ideal for those parents who wants to introduce multiculturalism to their children.

This book introduces India and Indian way of life to children. Children will begin to appreciate that there are kids just like them in other parts of the world.

Watch my video to learn more.

You can buy my book on all Amazon stores. Just search Amazon for – Namaste World. I am Diya.



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