Corruption in India

Corruption in India is a story that can be traced back to the ages of king’s rule even before India got independence. In fact corruption has its birth in Indian history before the British rule was established. In olden days corruption prevailed as a means to accomplish immoral tasks such as bribing a cook to poison the King or a member of the royal family, to disclose the royal secrets, etc. But today corruption in India is everywhere; it is a means to get things done whether it is getting the right things done on right time or to speed up the process of the work or as usual getting the wrong things done.

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Corruption in India
Corruption in India

Here are some of the forms of corruption in India:


It is the act of altering the behaviour of the recipient to favour the process/person who gives gift and/or money. It has already hit India like the plague and people are affected beyond recovery, but somewhere at the end of the tunnel there is still a light of hope which needs to be discovered; the sooner the better.


The practice of favouring friends and relatives especially in political appointments devoid of the eligibility criteria and requirements. Influencing candidates who are not fit for the position is a good old story. Wife of a politician, daughter or son, sisters and brothers, are appointed for either succession of the political position or members of the same family go on to acquire several positions in the Indian politics without even being eligible for the position. This will further facilitate and set the grounds for corruption.


It is virtually a rule by a thief or thieves where those who are in power steal and misuse the national property. Every child in India will be able to speak with great leaps and bounds on this topic. It has its roots in the history of Indian politics. The rich politicians are getting richer accumulating money in Swiss banks and the poor are getting sunk in poverty.

Slush fund

Fund raised and used by corrupts to practise illegitimate action of bribery. Most of the money gets accumulated in personal treasure but also a part of the money earned (which actually is robbed!) goes into party fund which will be used again for bribing in the next elections.

Electoral fraud

It is the process of illegal interference in the election process in an attempt to alter the final results in favour. Supplying liquor, money and monetary help to voters and asking votes in return are done openly in India. Votes are even stamped by the party workers in the voting booths.

To explain corruption using all these terms – “the candidate who already had an opportunity to make big deal of slush fund through Kleptocracy and is now trying to Cronyism the political aspirations by giving Bribe to the nation via public and officials!”

Corruption in India is not only the problem prevailing in politics and practised by politicians alone but the level of corruption is different at different levels of society.

Here is the hierarchy of corruption in India:

• The major corruption at present scenario in India is political corruption. The figures of corruption in politics are literally unreadable by a common Indian man. A major part of Indian society being illiterate, the zeros followed by a number which adds up to hundreds of thousands of crores cannot even be imagined by a layman in the field of finance.

• The next level in the hierarchy is formed by the bureaucrats, civil services employees and major government officials who are directly or indirectly connected to politics or political affairs. Many politicians in turn pay bribe to this class of the society along with other business giants and common man.

• The business class of the Indian society is yet another major part of the population that adds in fuel to the growing corruption and the culture of bribing to get things done. Be it a small business or a business run by a huge industrialist or a business tycoon, everybody shakes hands with the concept of corruption. Moving the papers fast, getting things done on time, making illegal things legal, making adjustments with the law, giving bribe to settle adultery or misappropriation, you name it and it can be done.

• Lower level government officials, police officers, business retails and the common man are all part of this level thus covering the population of whole nation to be part and partial of this unethical practise either directly or indirectly.

Lost opportunity

The tourism industry of India is a significant contributor of India’s GDP however the Indian government has failed to capitalise on it. The Common Wealth Games in Delhi was a golden opportunity for India to showcase its culture and the nation to the world however India showed its sorry state of the affairs. Although a trourist need not worry about the corruption in India but they should bear in mind that if they need to deal with the police for instance registering stolen goods then they might face the brunt of the Indian police. I remember some years back I had to report a theft at my local police station, I had a pay a little “bribe” without which the police inspector would not have registered a report.

Renewed hope for the end of corruption in India

Anna Hazare, the man leading the crusade against corruption in India
Anna Hazare, the man leading the crusade against corruption in India. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Amongst all this mess, a man with the power to turn the whole nation upside down made an unbeatable attempt to curb the corruption in India by showing the Indian people the power of raising the voice for justice. He is none other than Anna Hazare. Hope the anti-corruption movement started by Anna will establish a strong legislation and end this menace of corruption in India for good.

Poor people in India

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  1. Not only in India but also around all over world corruption is present everywhere ,in every place , in every home… Corruption raises costs not just to Indians, but also to the foreigners whose capital India needs….

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  2. A very blasting post are here which can annoy everyone.I think Nepotism and bribery is the main concern at this time.
    Anna has done a great work but they have been destroyrd by government.

    • Hello Ehsan,
      I agree that you are right here at some points but I think at this time the constitution has some changes against corruption and Not completely but there will be a improvement soon.
      Just wait and watch because Many of Big politician and big men are in custody after investigation.

  3. My sister went to India for a work assignment several years ago and was aghast at the level of corruption in the business sector. Enlightening article, thank you.

  4. I think corruption resides in every corner of the world. A lot of citizens are having serious problem with corrupt politician and other leaders. I wonder how the world looks when corruption doesn’t exist!

  5. It’s the same thing here in Jamaica so when I read what you say, it just resonates. It’s great that you have someone who can be a champion. I just am not so sure we have anyone here especially in light of the uptick in sexual crimes among girls and women. I hope to visit India one day so thanks for the “heads up”

  6. not sure if agree with the renewed hope .. the khadi wearing people are all the same ..

    and I am not sure why Gandhi’s picture is everywhere always .. its not just him who fought for independance there are others who did much more and lost much more and Gave much more than what Gandhi did ..

    I think its time we started accepting all freedom fighters and not just praise one, the others deserve it too i think .

  7. There is corruption the world over, and indeed noble commentators who are willing to stand up to these people. With the rise of the Internet and social media it has become easier for the little people to express their opinions against corruption. But it will always be the media who have the greatest power in outing those responsible.

    That is unless you control the media too.

    Off topic I adore pasta, Ferraris, and Peroni lager.

  8. Hi Shalu.

    I went to India during July-August and experienced that corruption is SLOWLY going down. I went to Ahmedabad (my home town) and a friend of mine was caught for breaking a traffic rule. Now, he indulged in paying a bribe to the cop but the cop didn’t agree and he legally had to pay the fine.

    I wasn’t present there but was told the whole story by my friend.

    Now let’s see if this starts all over the country! It would just be a more better place to live!

  9. Wonderful post Shalu. But I think India has gone far beyond recovery from corruption and its after effects. No Anna Hazare can revive India (he is now hand in glove with Yog guru-Ramdas, who has sky high political ambitions) In fact even if Mahatma Gandhi would be reborn again, he would not be able to help the current plight of Indians

  10. Hello Shalu,

    I really am speechless. Grew up in this country understanding the ideals of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Gautama Buddha and the legendary Freedom Fighters. All of them lead selfless lives. I believe in Karma. I do my bit now and then by writing to news dailies over burning issues. It is never enough. Hats off to you for being so responsible towards society.


  11. I live in South Africa and we have some Indian channels in our satellite pay network including few Indian news channels which I watch sometimes, I usually can not believe it when I see the extent of corruption in India it like every day something comes out especially since the country is one of the upcoming powehouse (if not already) when it comes to economy

  12. corruption is a global issue, it happens everywhere in the localized form. We often complain about ours because we are not aware about other’s. Corruption cannot be reduced unless until people participate by being honest themselves.

    thanks for sharing this.

  13. Corruption is the only matter due which india has the maximum percentage of poverty. Rich people are becoming more rich and the poor more poorer!
    But wat to do we just blame on each other and fight but never take a strict decision against corruption.

  14. I think corruption resides in every corner of the India. A lot of citizens are having serious problem with corrupt politician and other leaders. I wonder how the world looks when corruption doesn’t exist!

  15. Hi Shalu,
    I believe a lot of countries also have these kinds of corruption just like India. I sure hope too that Anna Hazare can make it possible to reduce, if not totally vanquish, the corruption occurring in India.

  16. Nice post. I believe Mr.Kejriwal is proving more effective than Mr. Hazare -at least he has done something- by washing many a politician’s dirty underwear in public he has started a movement, irrespective of whether or not action will be taken against the offenders.

  17. A very apt post!! Corruption is in the very roots of the country, and is destroying the principles of the land. From a small peon to big officers and politicians, all are same under the purview of being corrupt. I hope, the like-minded individuals will realize that corruption needs to be eradicated from the roots to make India a better place to live. Thanks for sharing this post.

  18. Corruption in India cannot be eradicated even if a thousand Anna Hazares appear on stage. One of the major reasons is that we have too many laws which either cannot be implemented or the implementing authorities are not bothered or are corrupt themselves. Exceptions made or discretionary powers given to to the authorities are vaguely famed so that corrupt practices can be perpetuated with immunity and impunity. Gratifying the bosses through various means have become established and in some cases is considered as normal. Whether the basic root of corruption lies with politicians or bureaucrats or both is not a matter of concern. The fact is that corruption has percolated into all spheres of people’s life in the country. Should it be allowed to continue by citing reasons as the ones I have advanced is the question.

  19. You have put it very well, Shalu. Corruption is eating up our country slowly like a termite. With new scams being exposed everyday, I just think what would have been the state of our country, had that money be used for making us more prosperous. I have hopes from Anna and Kejriwal both. Wish we could do something about it. The main drawback is our law system. It is so easy to do a big scam, spend some months in jail and enjoy after that with the money looted, as it takes years and years to get the final statement form courts over a case. People have become way too shameless and they know they can have an easy escape. Sometimes I just feel, things have gone way beyond control now, and we can just hope and pray for better times.

    • Abhishek, that is a great analogy you used comparing corruption to an termite infestation. Slowly and slowly it eats away at the foundation of a country until all that is left is the excrement.

  20. It’s heartbreaking to know that everywhere you turn, there is corruption. India, most especially, is a great nation that seems to be in the process of being ruined by corruption within it, and it’s truly devastating. The same can be said for other countries as well. The change that can save us can be found within ourselves. If we became better people and worked toward the good of all, the world would be a much better place. Thanks for the share.

  21. Definatly, Corruption is biggest issue in this world (specially in india) but who start the corruption? if the person who ask for bribe is less responsible then the giver. And who is giver? We, the people. We the system.So, it is WE who need to get our mind free, if we want corruption free india. And for that i guess Education is the best way to get corruption free. You can educate your child with quality education, one day, the corruption will end, for sure.

  22. I wish I was never born in this shithole called India, I wish the white man comes again to rule this sewer and clean it.

  23. corruption! corruption! corruption! the self-induced terminal cancer, Can’t we all just have some control on the greed? We all need to learn from those that have gone before us, learn from their mistakes, and from their achievements.


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