Dilli Haat – The open air food and craft bazaar of Delhi

Dilli Haat is an open air shopper’s paradise, covering an area of 6 acres; it is a destination for art, craft and food lovers. Situated in the capital city of India, Dilli Haat is visited by thousands of national and international tourists every day. Dilli Haat has food stalls representing various states of India, so that one can have breakfast of Kashmir, lunch of Andhra Pradesh and dinner from Manipur on the same day. The craft stalls exhibits ethnic and exotic products and materials exclusive to India. The shops are well organized so that the customers do not have trouble finding the products they are looking for.

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Delhi Haat
Delhi Haat

People, who have lived or visited the villages in India, will know that Dilli Haat is the modernized and permanent version of the weekly market which is held in rural India. The Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) established Dilli Haat in 1994 and have been able to maintain it quite well. By rotating the arts and crafts shops, we get to see the diversity of India and various arts and crafts from time to time. The ambiance of the place gives a feeling of visiting rural India and understanding its village life. There are two such facilities run by the DTTDC; one is opposite to the Indian National Army Market, known as INA market, and another one in Pitampura.

Dilli Haat Craft Market

Dilli haat has exhibits of special handicrafts from all over India, which is rotated every 15 days. The craftsmen who wish to have a stall undergo procedures of booking a stall by registering with Development Commissioner for Handicrafts (or D.C. Handicraft) which then needs to be sanctioned. This ensures that the best handicrafts are at display. The D.C. Handicraft sees to it that unique crafts from various parts of India will be exhibited at Dilli Haat. In addition, the craftsmen do not have to pay hefty rents for the stall, as they are charged just Rs.100 for the 15 days, but they have to maintain high standard for their products. The craftsman usually sells the products at a reasonable price to the customers. Everyone benefits from this.

The various products available at the stalls are:

• Antiques
• Regional handicraft products
• Hand woven carpets and rugs
• Products made from leather
• Silk sarees, cloth, and dress materials
• Traditional jewelry
• Clothes
• Woolen fabrics
• Brassware
• Traditional and suave fabrics
• European fashion products
• The colorful embroidered camels hide footwear
• Crafts carved from sandalwood and rosewood

Delhi Haat Craft Market
The stalls at the Delhi Haat Craft Market

Food Plaza

As the tourists and customers enjoy shopping at the arts and crafts stalls buying unique and ethnic products, they can savor various special dishes and recipes from different parts of India. The food in Dilli Haat is prepared under strict hygienic conditions and served to the customers at a reasonable price. Various recipes and dishes from every state of India can be tasted at Dilli Haat. On special occasions, a regional food festival is organized to further tingle the taste bud of food lovers.
Other Attractions of Dilli Haat

Since its establishment in 1994 to promote arts and crafts of traditional India, Dilli Haat has come a long way. It is now a most sought after venue for hosting cultural festivals, music programs, dance programs, competitions and many more. In 2011 the first ever comic convention called Comic Con India was held in its premises. The theme based festivities attracts many customers. Recently another theme named the Green Haat, organized the ‘Connecting Nature with Our Lives’ which had mostly forest-based products exhibited by the tribes of India.

Dilli Haat Food Stall
Dilli Haat Food Stall – this one selling “gol gappas”. Source: dixie_law’s photostream on Flickr

Dilli haat has been crafted keeping the village in mind. It has a great creative landscape following the traditional style of India. The open air plaza is skillfully built with stone and brickwork, with flowering plants for aesthetic purpose and tall eucalyptus trees not just for providing shade, but increasing the ethnic beauty of the place. Most of the ground is covered by well mowed green grass, to avoid dust. For people who visit the place with their children, there is a play corner for them to enjoy.

How to Get to Dilli Haat?

Dilli Haat is situated on Sri Aurobindo Marg, Opposite of INA Market in New Delhi. Those who need specific information can call their office on +91-11-4629365 or +91-11- 6119055.

It can be easily reached through the underground Delhi Metro station. The place opens at 10.30 am and closes down at 9.00 pm every day, on all seven days of the week. There is an entry fee though which is quite nominally priced at Rs.20 for adults and Rs.10 for children.

Here’s a list of things you should buy in India some of which you can find at Dilli Haat.

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  1. Hi Shalu,

    Wonderful guide to Dilli Haat 🙂

    You brought back good memories about the long hours we’ve so often spent in Dilli Haat, busy shopping. More over, because they have such a variety of food stalls, you really don’t have to rush up your shopping because food is right there. We used to go in the mornings, and return only late at night.

    The best part is you find everything in one place, and though we do have small markets like this our end too, it’s on a smaller scale and of course, less of variety. But we make up whenever we go to Delhi by visiting Dilli haat and shopping our hearts out.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  2. Hi Shalu,
    I haven’t been to India but the quality of content and tips you provide on this blog makes it very temping to visit. It is definitely on my list.
    This is a very well written post, I wish I could see more pictures.. 😀
    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. I have been to this place and must say its an amazing place. All the major areas of Delhi are near to this place and its a must visit for all the people who come to India.

  4. ‘DILLI HAAT’ one of the very known and interesting place of Delhi where you can enjoy food and shopping under one roof. By the way Shalu its a very appreciating idea of yours adding Google map in your blog which can help people to easily there.

  5. Dilli Haat is an open air shopper’s paradise, covering an area of 6 acres; it is a destination for art, craft and food lovers. Situated in the capital city of India, Dilli Haat is visited by thousands of national and international tourists every day.

  6. DILLI HAAT is myone of the favourite place; it has been visualized as a showpiece of traditional Indian culture- a forum where rural life and folk art are brought closer to an urban clientele.

  7. What a great post with vivid description and information of a fabulous market (the old type, not mall)….. Moving around Delhi without having any knowledge of direction is extremely painful experience…. Your post made sure that will not happen if I try to go to Dilli Haat……. Thank you for the share……

    • Kathryn
      Dilli Haat is good fun not just for the food but also to see some of the crafts as well. When you are in India next, you can visit this place. I am sure you will like it.
      Thank you for your comment and hope to see you again here.

  8. That\’s fascinating as well I enjoy go to this specific area.Thanks intended for giving this specific with us. Truly I prefer brassware a whole lot as well as When i in no way overlook time to go to this type of places.

  9. Dilli Haat is truly an elegant place which has a lot of great things to its credit. I have been to this place a number of times with my friends, and we surely have a lot of memories of this place engraved in our hearts. The shopping outlets are way too amazing at this place and it’s a favourite place for the individuals who happen to be a big foodie like two of my friends. Reading this post, I relived all those moments. A big thanks to you for sharing this post.

  10. Hi Shalu, interesting posting. Love your eloquence and your description of Dilli Haat, but must admit never heard of this place before. I’ve been to India, Calcutta decades ago…and hope to one day visit Kashmir. And this Dilli Hatt.

    Your mention of food there sounds good.
    I love Indian food and where I am, my wife and I would buy Indian banana leaf rice with all the aromatic curry trimmings, fried fish and whatever…
    Love to see those Indian handicrafts you mentioned.
    Incidentally, do we have to bargain buying stuff there?
    You have a fun weekend and keep a song in your heart.

  11. You are right Delhi Haat is absolute must for anybody visiting Delhi. Though now more have been opened in Janakpuri and Pitampura, the original one remains my favorite..for both stalls and foods

  12. Delhi Haat is absolute must for those who visit Delhi. Though now we have Delhi Haats in Janakpuri and Pitampura also, but the original one near INA remains my absoulute favorite both for food as well as stalls. Thanks

  13. Hi Shalu,

    This was a wonderful post on Dilli Haat! I’ve never been there and after reading your post I feel like visiting it!

    I’ll definitely go there the next time I’m in Delhi. The ability to buy arts and crafts from all parts of India along with tasting food from various areas sounds great.

  14. Another very entertaining post by you Shalu which I thank you for sharing. It seems like a regional food street and shopping arcade and should be very convenient for people to spend their entire day shopping and enjoying.

  15. Just love this place, though a bit over rated at times, the food is always awesome! A perfect hang out place for friends and family.The accessories are unique with the traditional touch to it.Perfect place where tradition and modernity is inter woven. The quality of the stuff is very good and very reasonable.You’ll find beautiful hand paintings from Bihar, retro sarees from Chatissgarh, bright embroidered umbrellas from Rajasthan, brassware to Kolahpuri chappals (sandals) and Pashmina shawls from Kashmir

    Thanks for sharing Shalu!!!!!

  16. How interesting – I recall that I went to a craft area in Delhi, but I don’t know whether it was this one. It was a few hundred years beyond the Expo site where the Book Fair was held in 2010. Is that the one?

  17. Hey Shalu,
    I also live in Delhi but I must agree, no one could have given a better description than you did. It was like I am actually strolling along the streets of dilli haat. Simply loved your post.

  18. Wow, beautiful market! truly, post has a great amount of information about a fantastic and colorful traditional market. so, Dilli Haat market looking amazing to visit.

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  20. Hi Shalu,
    It’s a very nice post. Dili haat is the single destination for the shopping and food lovers as one can find several products and materials.I love to visit this place.

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  22. Hi Shalu Sharma Ji

    Indeed a great article about Dilli Haat.

    I belongs to New Delhi and I have visited Dilli Haat so many times with my friends when I need to do shopping.

    Dilli Haat is the perfect place for shopping and enjoying the delicious food found there.

    Dilli Haat is the most crowded place and you will find so many people buying different different things all the time from different stores of this market.

    I had always enjoyed been there. Thanks for covering an article on it. 😀

  23. Hi Shalu Sharma,

    Thanks for telling about Dili haat, you have wrote several information of dili haat. I will definitely visit that place to eat some good stuffs and buy some cool arts and crafts products.


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