Can a woman pee like a man – female urination devices for your travels to India?

India is great fun but the fun can fizz out if you see some of the toilets India has to offer. The toilets in your hotel room will most likely be western style but if you are out and about and if you want to pee and most likely you want to, then you are in bad luck. You will have to deal with Indian style squat toilets and it’s not easy using it. If you happen to be travelling in trains then it’s even worse. You not only have to deal with a moving train but also the toilets are dam right dangerous. Guess where the ‘poo’ and the ‘pee’ drain on to. Yes – straight on the tracks! That is why most trains have signs requesting passengers not to use them on platforms. Even Indian ladies try not to use them unless they really have to, let alone foreign tourists travelling to India. It’s not going to be easy for a western lady to pull their pants down and bend their bum all the way down to the ground not to mention that they can get mosquito bites when the’re down there. If you’re not sure how to use the Indian toilet then read here.

India for kids
Indian train toilet
Indian train toilet

However some women have resorted to using something called female urination devices (FUD) when travelling to countries where hygiene conditions are poor. They are funnel shaped devices that allows a female to “make water” while standing upright. The idea behind is that you pee like a man and collect and/or discard the urine. Although I have not used them myself but I personally think this is a good idea. Let’s face it; it’s an unnatural thing to do for a woman to “pee” standing up like a man. But then these devices can be a life saver.

Indian hotel toilet
This is an average hotel toilet in India. You may be OK here but how about when you’re outside-fancy peeing like a man

These devices can be great for outdoor holidays and activities such as trekking, camping, walking and skiing, climbing even traffic jams and for avoiding dirty Indian public toilets. Using one of these devices will also make you feel that there are no advantages of being a man.

Here is a list of Female urination devices I found doing a Google “cough” Yahoo search

is a portable urination device for women allowing women to urinate whilst standing up and without removing clothes. If you’re OK with extreme pink colour, I think it’s a good device.

Go Girl – Female Urination Device is another of these so called female urination devices. It is claimed to be handy enough device to be placed in your bag. According to their website, they recommend this for festivals, camping, hiking, long car journeys and ‘icy toilets’.

Whiz Freedom is a lily shaped device allowing women to wee in a standing up, sitting down or lying position without undressing. According to the manufacture, there is no need to remove any clothing and the water is directed away from the body preventing flow-backs, splashes or spills.

P-Mate Female Disposable Urine Director
– As the name suggests; the role of this card-board device when placed between the legs and tilted downwards can direct the urine hence eliminating the need to squat.

Lady Elegance P EZ Female Urinal, another FUD that allows a lady to pee like a boy. It has a flexible tube to allow you to point the urine away from your body.

TravelJohn Disposable Urinals are not exactly devices to urinate but more like are portable urinals. They are pouch like disposable urinals made of biodegradable fabric. According to the manufactures, they absorb urine and degrade it into smell-less, non-spill gel bag that is non toxic that can be disposed safely.

Woman using the FUD in a men’s toilet – Source: Wikipedia Commons

I can see that it’s not an easy thing to use. Seems as if things get a little splashy, chances are you might get wet. Remember, most good Indian hotels and restaurants (not all) have western styled toilets but check before you go. But if you’re visiting places and stopping at “Dhabas” (road side eateries), you’re not going to find decent toilets. This is where these female urination devices will come handy to prevent you squatting over unsanitary toilets. Don’t let Indian squat toilets stop your desire to urinate.

38 thoughts on “Can a woman pee like a man – female urination devices for your travels to India?”

  1. Informative Shalu!

    Yes indeed, any foreigner coming over to our country often faces problems where Indian toilets are concerned. The squatting ones really aren’t all that easy to use for them, though it’s said they are more hygienic than the Western ones.

    I never really had any idea about the various kinds you mentioned here, which would be a great option for anyone who isn’t familiar with the Indian kinds.

    Yes, nowadays most places cater for the Western style, but sometimes you are caught unawares and really don’t know what to do. So, thanks for sharing this with all of us. 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,
      a tourist to India will be overwhelmed at the site of some of the public toilets India has to offer. I remember going to Agra from Delhi and the ones I encountered were horrendous to say the least. These FUDs might be an option.
      Thanks for your comment.

      • hi shalu, Thank you for this article. I think many of foreigners don`t know the real situation in traveling and these are the good devices for travel in india.

  2. Nice to know about this product. That is going to be useful.
    If it is a public toilet I personally prefer the traditional Indian toilet. But then again I hear you can pick up more germs from an airplane’s armrest than that toilet seat. Btw, some health experts world over are now advocating the squat toilet because it’s best for the bowels.

    Even highly developed countries have some really dirty toilets. The FUDs would make life a lot easier. 🙂

    • I have never preferred the Indian toilet but I have no complaints. But the public toilets are filthy and unusable by every standards. I agree with you that the swat toilets are better than western ones for bowels.

  3. I have never thought about this issue……
    It is really a matter of concern and Indian government must do something in this direction to improve the situation…… specially in Trains and Tourist visiting areas.

  4. HI Shalu jee

    Great info shared as always!

    Grave situation and Authorities should act before it is too late. You travel in whatever class in trains, the situation is worse.

    Thanks for bringing this to notice.


      • Hey girls, Your biggest worry is over now. Now, no messy toilet seats, no trouble in urinating while travelling, no acrobatic postures inside the toilet to avoid direct contact with the seat. We have introduced “Eazy-Go” for Indian market. Eazy-Go is a device which help females urinate standing up just like men. It is disposable, bio gradable & easy to use product. very usefull product during travel, pregnancy, urin infection, knee joint pain.

  5. This is really shameless for Indian Railway Department, Indian Railway provies dirty urination devices in train, A male can easily use urination devices of train but how can a female use it. This is really shameless matter for Indian Railways.

  6. Hi shalu jee,
    I totally agreed with your post. yes really the Indian Railway services are very poor and bad. Atleast they can’t give some small facilities to people like giving a special extra sitting boxes to females and water, clean compartmental. I hope they provide atleast better services to indians.

  7. I am 23 year old. Actually I am not shy on writing this comment I want to be open with you.
    I am female but I have a penis 🙁
    But still I sit and pee just like any women would do because I feel its not right to stand and pee as a woman.
    What do you say??

    • Hello Mahima
      Thank you for your comment and being frank. To be honest, I do not know any women who has male organs along with the female ones. But to be honest, peeing like a man for a woman is not easy and even un-natural. But in certain situations, it has be done. What do you think?

    • Hi Kharim
      No – its not something that men would heard about but it does exist and will come in handy when women are unable to bend. So there you have it, its one of those things.
      Thanks for your comment and best wishes.

  8. Hatts off to you @Shalu. Glad to hear this point from lady. If I am Right, there is no facility available in India for ladies in traveling. I agreed with Disha’s comment “Indian Railway is Shameless” and I feel “Indian Law too”. To be frank still i haven’t heard about this female urination devices in my life. Anyways,

  9. I have just spent a month in India and had the choice of only a squat toilet on just three occasions. I carried a cardboard drinking cup with me and it worked perfectly for peeing. Strongly recommend it. Some of the western toilets were also too filthy to use. You certainly learn to “hold on”. Luckily the first class train toilet I used was western style.

  10. I tried a disposable FUD called Smartway when I traveled to Europe and it saved me a couple times. Small, cheap, and water/odor resistant! Highly recommended for all travelers.


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