First impressions of Mumbai

Mumbai formerly known as Bombay is the commercial hub of India and the capital of the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai lies in the west coast of India. It is known as having one of the biggest slums of the world called Dharavi. Mumbai is also the home of Bollywood. Another interesting fact about this city is that it has highest number of billionaires among all cities in India. In addition, the world’s richest people love in this city. Here are some first impressions of Mumbai you will have when you go there. If you are considering visiting Mumbai then you might wish to read on how to travel in Mumbai.

India for kids

Gateway of India Mumbai

The Gateway of India, the monument built by the British overlooking the Arabian sea.

Haji Ali Masjid, Mumbai

Overlooking the Haji Ali Masjid (mosque).

Marine Drive, Mumbai, India

Marine Drive, a 4.3 km boulevard. It is considered as one of the wealthiest spots in Mumbai.

morning rush hour

The morning rush hour. Ladies going to work. Mumbai can be very crowded.

Mumbai CST Station

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CT), the history railway station of Mumbai and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Oval Maidan in Mumbai

The Oval Maidan (field). Just like rest of India, people of Mumbai love playing cricket.

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  1. really very interesting information about mumbai.making shoes are very interesting.
    The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Haji Ali Masjid (mosque). are looking very beautiful and comfortable.
    i want to see these places. anyway thanks for nice sharing.

  2. Hi Shalu,

    I’d say, That was the most beautifully summarized post about Mumbai city. It took just 5 minutes to read but gave a good background about Mumbai city.
    i’d like to suggest some more points which will beautify this post.

    1. Wankhede Stadium (It has hosted some of the biggest national and international cricket matches.)
    2. Laxmi Temple (a popular temple)
    3. Shivaji ground (hub of popular political rallies)
    4. Neharu Planetarium
    5. Byculla Zoo
    6. Sanjay Gandhi National Park etc.

    Thanks again

  3. Hello Madam Shalu,

    To be honest with you, I thought Bombay and Mumbai were two different cities in India. I have learned a lot. India is a place I would love to visit one day in my life.

  4. Hello!
    I am in Mumbai last week we visit places to mention big city in India, especially those who have worked brilliantly daba wallas provide the products at the time at home.

  5. The best way to show the world the clear picture of Mumbai in a short and simple way. The informative article was really helpful which will help me on my trip to Mumbai. A marvellous way of describing the beauty of the city. Just loved it!

  6. Hello Madam,
    I am reading your post about Mumbai. This is a well written post. But I think You can go deep in your post by describing the food delivery in train done by “DabeWallas” in Mumbai whose management now appreciated all over the world.
    Overall your post is close to reality and very well descibed.

  7. Nice article you have captured some off the best pictures of the city which truly shows stories by themselves.Thanks for sharing a masterpiece of the city which never sleeps

  8. Everywhere you look you see something that shocks and surprises. I found seeing so much poverty really difficult to deal with and battled with feelings of guilt, sadness and helplessness.

  9. Namastey Shaluji,
    You have posted some really beautiful images of Mumbai. The pics of CST, Oval maidan and marine drives are superb. I visited in mumbai once and I want to visit there again.
    City of Dreams….

  10. First impression of any place is becomes life experience sometimes, and if it is Mumbai city then experience will be mind blowing. Mumbai is also famous for its street food like spiciest vada pav, messiest kathi roll, bun maska and mava samosa.

  11. Mumbai is a beautiful city! I think this is pretty neat that you’ve started your own blog and are promoting a book to make it in India. I’ve always wanted to travel to India! I might have to check it out 😀


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