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If you have never been to Goa then you are missing out on one the most popular destinations of India. Goa is considered as the party capital. But there is more to Goa than just partying on the blue beaches. Goa has many Portuguese churches and if you happen to like Indian food then Goa has lots of interesting dishes for you to try. In addition, Goa is very scenic so why not take the opportunity and do a nature tail. If you like wildlife then you should visit the Bhagwan Mahavir and the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuaries. There are numerous waterfalls for you to discover, for example the secluded Dudhsagar waterfall on the Mandovi River is quite a popular one where the only locals visit.

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Water sports are one of the most popular activities in Goa. In fact, this is what most tourists plan to do on the many beaches of Goa. Some of the water sports include jet skiing, wind surfing, scuba diving, para-sailing and dolphin cruises or just simply building sand castles and drinking beer. The Anjuna Beach remains open well after midnight while the Arambol beach is where you can head to if you like live music.

I will be showing photos of Indian destinations called “India in Pictures” and Goa in pictures had to be my first one as most International tourists when they think of India, they think of Goa as their number one destination.

>>Here’s a taste of Goa in pictures<<

A tourist taking pictures of the sunset in Goa. The beaches of Goa is world famous. You can party late on the many beaches of Goa.

Sunset in Goa
Sunset in Goa: Photo by Shahnawaz Sid

Shri Mangeshi Temple is one of Goa’s most prominent temples, Shri Mangesh also known as Mangireesh or Manguesh is the presiding deity.

Shri Mangeshi Temple, Goa
Shri Mangeshi Temple, Goa: Photo by Aruna Radhakrishnan

This is the St. Michael’s Church situated on the Anjuna-Beach Road. St. Michael’s Church was built in 1613 and is one of the oldest churches of Goa. The main attraction is the Portuguese style of architecture.

St. Michael's Church, Anjuna, Goa
St. Michael’s Church: Photo by Eustaquio Santimano

A fascinating and unusual curried dish made of ripe or semi ripe mangoes.

Mango Dish from Goa
Mango Dish from Goa: Photo by Joel

If you love trekking then you must check out the Dudhsagar waterfall which is situated in a very remote location on the Mandovi River and therefore not accessible by car. You can either walk it or hire a 4×4 SUV at the many car centres that hire vehicles to tourists.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls
Dudhsagar Waterfalls: Photo by Cajetan Barretto

Relax on the many beaches of Goa and don’t let the cow bother you.

Relax on the beach
Relax on the beach: Photo by Jacques van Niekerk

The Goa Carnival is a four day extravaganza of fun, frolic, amusement and festivity held around the month of March. It’s similar to the ones in some of the Latin American countries.

Goa Carnival
Goa Carnival

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  1. Beautiful pictures, you made me recall my trip to Goa. I had a fab time there but when I retruned back I was full with suntan even after applying tons of sunscreen.

  2. Hi Shalu,

    Your post reminded of the time we went to Goa – it surely is on must visit place 🙂

    Love the beaches there and the typical food of that place is simply delicious. I’ve been there with my parents and then later with my family too, so always a welcome visit.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  3. Goa is sure all time favorite beach destination in India..every time you go there something new is discovered be it the beaches, churches, or the markets to do shopping. I hope to go there during carnival to see it…

  4. Nice pictures! I have traveled to Goa only once when I was in college, but then I didn’t see it from my perspective. 🙂 It’s on my radar this year. I am eager to visit it and photograph it the way I want! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  5. Goa is a nice tourist place, it has beautiful blue beaches, lots of interesting dishes and many famous temples and areas. thank you for sharing great post.

  6. I love tourist place as like goa, there are huge tourist to come here to see beautiful place of goa, beaches, nature, temples etc. Thanks for providing most beautiful information.

  7. I love Goa. Last year I enjoyed a lot with my friends, such a awesome place to visit and specially i love Shri Mangeshi Temple, Its beautiful. Awesome pictures, Thanks for sharing lovely moments of Goa. 🙂

  8. Goa 🙂 just Name is enough. When we hear name of Goa, Our mind just think about Goa Beach, Destinations 7 Night life Because Goa is such a wonderful place of India ! I never have been in Goa but as people tell & share their experience of Goa. So it’s imagination is awesome 🙂

  9. Hi Shalu,
    With a skyline of Portuguese churches, Hindu temples and forts of the Kadamba and Chalukya dynasties, Goa is a rich amalgamation of cultures and religions.

    There are lots of Destination to visit in Goa,

  10. Hiii Shalu Mam..

    This is my first visit to the blog.I must say very nice pictures.looking for more good articles from your sides.happy blogging !!

  11. Goa is the best place for tourist and to spent your vacations.Ya these are wonderful places to travel and for enjoyment. Aguada Fort and Mobor Beach are also right place for it. You definitely love it.

  12. Superb Pics. Really Goa is the best tourist place. It’s famous for their beautiful beaches. I have never been to go, but seeing this Article I planned my next holidays to Goa.

  13. Goa is one of the famous beaches in India. I likes it very much and want to mark it as my top tourist destination. All the pictures of Goa those you have posted here are very good and well described.

    Thank you for sharing these magnificent shots of Goa.

  14. Hello Shalu,

    I adore beaches more rather than exploring hilly areas and Goa is one of them, indeed. I have been to Goa many times and planning to go there this summer vacations. Nice pictures !

  15. Recently visit goa back after 6 years and i found too much change in Goa many beaches had become worst beaches towards north are still much better as colva beach and all are still much better than other beaches. If you visit Goa i will must recommend you to stay in the hotels of north Goa.

  16. Thanks for the great post, Shalu. Not only does it bring back great memories, it makes me want to visit again. Does anyone need a Veterinarian, there?

  17. Hi Nice Images,

    Wow , this is blog pictures very beautiful ,Thanks for

    these extra suggestions!

    Thank you for sharing .

  18. I think this is a good idea. It is much better than glossy brochure pictures. It would be a good idea to include one or two places to eat, drink and sleep in the future. I have been considering Goa for sometime and I will try to make it there around September, October time.

  19. Yah I love India and last I remember time I came to India then I visit Goa its nice place and I enjoyed that moment there beaches so nice and that pic remind me thats moment.

  20. Hi Shalu

    I am planning to visit Goa this summer and the pictures here have made me more than eager to visit the beaches now. I was wandering if you could provide me pointers on hiring motorbikes or simply cycles to roam around the city?

  21. Goa is a really beautiful places, I’ve read a lot about it in my Malaysian History textbook where it was once an important outpost for the British East India Company. Hope that I can visit it one day, I can see from your post that the place is gorgeous! Cheers!

  22. Hi mam,

    Goa is my favorite place to go for vacations and your blog remind me all place and activities !!!

    Really nice article about goa and very helpful to them who is planning !!


  23. Wow.What a fabulous post about goa tourism. I wish everyone who plan to visit Goa should go through your post to get some insights about popular attractions. A helpful post!

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    As i saw your website and i liked soooo muchh. After seeing your website i am also very excited to visit goa.whenever i will get a chance definitely i will visit goa. your article is very helpful for the visitors.

  25. Goa is wonderful peaceful place to visit spacely beaches are really good you will gate wine very cheap price thanks shalusharma you blog is outstanding .


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