Greeting Hindi words and phrases for those travelling to India

Here are some more Hindi words, phrases and sentences for those travelling to India. The ones I have included this time is greeting words which you can use with someone in North India. You should be able to use some Hindi in many parts of South India as well except states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. For more Hindi travel words and phrases, please read this post.

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A sadhu at Vashista Ashram in Guwahati, Assam, India
A sadhu at Vashista Ashram in Guwahati, Assam, India

So here are the basic greeting words, phrases and sentences. Don’t forget to listen to me speak it out and pay careful attention to the pronunciation.

Hello – Namaste

How are you – Aap kaise hai

I am fine – Mai thik hu

Nice to meet you – Aap se mil ke bahut khusi hui

What is your name – Aap ka naam kya hai

My name is John – Mera naam John hai

I am from America – Mai America se hu

Do you speak English – Kya aap English bolte hai

I know little Hindi – Mujhe Hindi kum aati hai

Where do you live – Aap kaha rahte hai

What do you do – Aap kya karte hai

I am a doctor – Mai doctor hu

India is a wonderful country – India bahut accha desh hai

I have come from America – Mai America se aaya hu (male), Mai America se aayi hu (female)

Okay – Thik hai

Where are you from – Aap kaha se hai

Excuse me – Mujhe maaj kijeeye

Where are you going – App kaha ja rahe hai

I am going to Agra – Mai Agra ja raha hu (male), Mai Agra ja rahi hu (female)

Did you like the Taj Mahal – Aap ko Taj Mahal kaisa laga

I have to go – Mujhe jaana hai

Thank you – Dhanyevad

Goodbye – Namaste (alvaida)

We will meet again – Phir milenge

If you wanted a complete travel Hindi guide handbook then you might wish to get this book “Essential Hindi Words And Phrases For Travelers To India”.  You can buy them on all Amazon stores. If you want to learn more Hindi then book-mark this website now as I will be posting more later.

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  1. Hi Shalu i really fw 2 spend next holiday visit ur country with deep culture and supeeer awesooome friendlyyyy poeple of it :X:X:X:X

  2. I managed to learn ‘Thank you’ in Konkani during a recent visit to Goa but that was all (shameful I know).

    As you know I love India dearly and finally, after a ten year wait, I was able to go back. It was so wonderful to return to the country I love so much.

  3. Namasty is the most important hindi word to learn if somebody does not know hindi and want to visit India. If you say “Namasty” to somebody in India he/she will greet you with both hands folded. Its a positive sign.

  4. Hi Shalu,

    This is excellent. This vocabulary is useful both for international and national tourists.

    Just imagine people from South India travelling Punjab!! This vocabulary will sure help.

    Thanks and keep posting such useful information.


  5. thanks for this information ..Your blog is very important for India tourism and your mentioned phrases should know everyone who are travelling to India..spend time with your blog is very helpful

  6. Nice Blog. You have created a very useful and informative blog.It is also helpful for knowing about indian clothes , shopping, traveling ..Thanks for this helpful article

  7. Hello Shalu,

    I’m already familiar wit some of this words by watching Indian Movies, Indian is a great country I will love to visit, but I’ve heard scary news about Indians being Racist, How true is that. I’m from Africa


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