How to make money from a travel blog?

There are lots of webmasters that don’t make a dime from their travel blog. One travel blogger was so frustrated with his travel blog that he sent me a message on Facebook asking me to explain him the various ways to make money from his blog. He told me that Adsense had not approved his blog and was thinking of giving up. I did name a few Adsense alternatives but the truth is that Adsense is the not the best way to monetise any website let alone a travel website or blog. So let’s take a look at various ways to make money from a travel blog.

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For more information on how to start a travel blog, you can read about it here. In short, you will need a domain name, good web hosting service like SiteGround, content management system like preferably WordPress (or Blogger) and bit of creativity.

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Lets take a look at how to make money from a travel blog:

# Sell your own products

This is perhaps the best way to make money. Most people will assume you are an expert on the topic hence you maintain a travel blog. The reason why I stated my own travel blog about India is because being Indian and someone who actually have travelled in India and abroad felt that I can do travel blogging. Now that I am expert why not sell your own products which can be in the form of ebooks/books, organise itineraries and so on. This is exactly what I am currently doing. You can see my author profile on Amazon and the list of travel related books that I have on offer.

The only trouble with this is the time that it takes time to create the products. The second trouble is the marketing, keyword research, reviews and a host of other things. Basically if you aren’t going down the traditional publishing route, you just have to do everything yourself from publishing to promoting. 

# Contextual advertising

When we think of contextual adverting, we think of Adsense. Indeed, Adsense is the most credible and most profitable of all contextual adverting programmes out there. But most professional bloggers are of the view that Adsense is the worst thing you can do to your site. The reason is that when someone clicks on the ads, you do get paid but you lose a potential reader. Another issue with Adsense is that you really need a huge amount of traffic to make some decent sum of money from them. When I say decent, it means more than 10,000 unique views a day.

Anyway, if you did want to go down this route, other than Adsense others include infolinks, Bing Network Contextual Ads, kontera etc.

# Affiliate marketing

This is another great way to make a decent sum of money from your travel blog. You see this image of the camera; if you were to click on it and buy it then I will get paid a bit of money from Amazon. The camera is supposed to be one of the best ones for travelling hence I decided to place it here for people to take a look. If they liked it, they would would buy it and I would get paid. Remember most of the buyers are from the United States, the most prosperous country in the word. I don’t even bother with other countries. My experience tells me that if I were to sell 10 products (my books), 8 out of them are from America. is one of the most stable shopping sites and has a reputable affiliate programme. You can monetize your blog posts with Amazon affiliate products. You can even set up a recommended products page like I have done here. You can also do product reviews and include your affiliate links in it.  

# Hotel bookings

I have also joined various hotel booking sites and have realised that they are all bogus. Most people who come to travel sites don’t really come to book tickets but to get free information and converting traffic like that is like banging your head on the wall. But there is no harm in trying various programmes and see if converts or not. Just type in hotel affiliate programmes and there are so shortages of hotel affiliate programmes.

# Selling holidays and air line tickets

Again you can do this as a part of an affiliate programme but my experience tells me that it’s not worth the time. Most visitors to your sites are looking for free information and not to book holidays or fares. I have set one page up and have closely monitored my commissions. To be honest I have made a few bucks here but not something that I would actively pursue. So go ahead and find something decent, it doesn’t cost me or the passenger anything but I get a share.

# Offer services

You can offer your own services from search engine optimisation to writing services. The world of internet is a very hungry place and content is gobbled up at a very rapid pace. With all the Panda and Penguine updates, placing less emphasis on links and more on content; content has become more important than ever before. Why not offer writing your own SEO or writing services. Take a look at what I offer that earns me a bit of money every month. You know what they – every little helps!

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# Trip planning service

I tried this and would have to say that it’s not a great earner. I did get some enquiries but never really took off. I had an issue with the organiser. I will revisit this idea again in the future! Basically the idea is that a potential traveller approaches you about their travels and you make an itinerary for them for a small amount of money. 

# Offer advice for money

I am currently offering this service and again it has not been a money spinner. I had some enquires and most of the travellers expect free advice. Once I offered advice on Skype and I did not get paid for it. Some people think that in the internet age, information is supposed to be free. But they don’t realise that behind a blog there is a person behind it.

# Sell blog posts

Some bloggers are charging money for posts that can run into 100’s of dollars. As long as you mention sponsored post somewhere in the post then that’s fine. You just have to be careful about that you do not go overboard with this.

# Sell text links

This is the most controversial of them all. Google has clearly stated that it does not like selling links. Mat Cutts, Google’s (now former) head of spam has talked about this time and time again that they do not like this at all. But some people go around this by guest posting and this is why many companies will approach to place a guest post on your blog. You can make good money from this but you need to be careful. 

# Start a directory on the website

You can start a directory on your website and offer paid placements in the form of links on your website. If you are using WordPress then there’s a number of plugins you can use. Just do a search for using the word “directory plugin for WordPress” and you will get a range to choose from.

I hope some of these blog monetization techniques have been useful. If you have a travel blog then you can implement them on your website and see which ones works best for you.

I have a written an ebook called, “How To Start A Travel Blog And Make Money” which goes through the entire process of starting a travel blog and making money from it. If I can start a blog then anyone can.

# Ask for money

Yes, why not? I do on my blog here. And people do land on it and offer random money. Some people find the blog useful and offer small amounts of money and once in a while you will get a decent lump sum of money in your PayPal account.

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## Finally

There is one tip that I have left out which I hope to reveal in the near future. The tip is worth weight in gold and hence would like to keep it to myself and no right minded blogger will reveal it. Some blog monetising secrets are never told. But I am dying to tell you (honestly). So if you are interested, I suggest you subscribe to my blog now and keep an eye on it so that you don’t miss out.

How you do you monetize your blog or your travel blog if you have one?

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  1. Hi Shalu,

    Great advice for those looking to make money with their blogs. I think the only thing I can add to that would be to make sure you keep up with your blog and post consistently. It’s a hard one to do sometimes but well worth it.

  2. Hi Shalu,

    This is SUPER STUFF!. Thanks for being honest and sharing stuff upfront. It really helps. I am a freelance writer but wanting to start a blog. This piece of info is quite motivating.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hi Shalu,

    I think the best advice here is to create your own product. A book, or a digital one will do. It will help increase your credibility and people see you as an expert in your field.


  4. Wonderful post, you are absolutely right one can not just have one way to monetise the blog but needs to have multiple ways and see which one works… I will sure experiment with some of the techniques mentioned here…thanks

    • Thank you Prasad. Glad you liked. A blogger needs try different things to make money from their blog. I am considering including a directory on my website. Will see how it turns out.

  5. Excellent article maam. I think travel blogging is one of the best way to blog and live a perfect life. Generally in other niche, its frustrating sometimes as the job become monotonous. But in travel blogging, as one is travelling for blogging, he/she can enjoy the life to the fullest. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Hello Shalu ji,
    Nobody is better than you in managing and earning from travel blog, I am a regular visitor of your site and today I came to know how you are optimizing your site.

    Thanks for sharing your earning methods. Loved it.

  7. Hello,
    Travel blogs are amazing because you can share your experiences through these blogs to others, but if you can earn a decent amount of money with it then it is really awesome.

    You are really an experienced lady and I am happy to see you have shared some great ways to monetize any travel blog.

    Thank you and best of luck.

  8. Hello Shalu Ji,
    You have shared some great ways to monetize a travel blog. Running and Managing a travel blog is not so easy. But you are doing it great.
    All I want to say is best of luck for your future and for your blog.

  9. Great post.

    The graphic you have put for Advertise Here is attractive.

    Please do update your best monetizing method/comparison also.

  10. Hello Shalu Maam,
    From where you got the idea to start a travel blog? Can you please share?

    Loved all the monetizing techniques and specially the ticket selling idea is amazing and has potential too.

  11. This is a great guide and awesome to see a travel blogger from India is guiding to start a blog on travelling niche. Everyone like to travel and if they know what is blogging, then making a passive income source is very easy just following your article. Thanks.

  12. Hi, Thanks for these beautiful money making tips. All are very effective. Although I haven’t much knowledge like you, but I think affiliate marketing is really a good choice.
    Good post.

  13. Hello Shalu Madam,

    Nice Read through your post.

    I know that most of monetizing methods, Unless you have enough traffic to you can’t make it big any methods, to be honest I’m also trying to get my blog approval from Adsense! But not yet approved. Fingers crossed.

    Please do check my blog and do let me know any improvements needs to be done.

    Thank you

    • I suggest you do not use Adsense as you will not make any money from them and it will be heart-breaking to check the stats everyday to find out you have made only 5 Rupees.

  14. Thanks for the superb stuff. I am a blogger myself, but I mostly blog about the gadgets. Traveling is also one of my hobbies. This post has encouraged me to write a travel blog. The tips will also help as well as encourage the young bloggers to write.

  15. I was always interested in traveling.
    And I recently started a Travel Blog of Myself but I never knew that my Passion for travelling could pay my Bills too.
    Thanks for Sharing.

  16. Hello Shalu, firstly thank you for such a good article. all methods to earn money from travel blog is good. but firstly we should have a good traffic.

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    Great Content. Always feeling awesome when reading your content. I am always search for online earning. Thank you for sharing such type of that content.
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  20. Hi Shalu, The information you posted in the article will be helpful for many of us. Monetizing through Travel Blog is very interesting. Hope you will share many more great articles.

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    This is such a nice post you have written! I was wondering about earning money from blog. Your post will surely help me. Also i am currently working with an African Culture blog. Culture and Traveling is kinda related. So i hope i could add travel section in my site. what do you think?

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  26. Hello,
    Great advice for those looking to make money with their blogs. I think the only thing I can add to that would be to make sure you keep up with your blog and post consistently.

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  29. Travel blog is one of the most expensive blog to maintain and creating new content. One must have the financial back up to travel the world in order to create new contents for readers. I always wonder how such blog is monetize, thanks as you just told me.

  30. I don’t own a travel blog myself. But I would love to create one in the future. Traveling is one of my passions and I’ve always wanted to live my life traveling. Currently, I’m a blogger but still haven’t started my traveling journey because of financial difficulties.

  31. Hello Shalu,
    The article was really great and motivated. I think, now making money through Travelling blogs and Travelling YouTube channels create become so much easier than before. Because Now everyone loves travel blogs and I also like Travelling. I love these tips #Sell your photos, #Monetise videos, #Develop your own products. Thank you for sharing this valuable article.

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    The article is really inspiring. Travel blogging definitely opens doors for passive blogging along with the passion to travel.
    The different monetization methods described in the post are really great.
    Thanks for sharing such nice information.
    -Nitin Dabas


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