How to Plan for Your Next Travel Adventure (After Covid-19)

While the majority of us are currently being forced to stay at home in lockdown, and many of us have had to cancel our vacations and/or reschedule, so it’s no surprise that we’re feeling a bit blue. However, it’s been proven that planning for the future can boost your mood by a significant amount. What’s more, a recent study found that almost one-quarter of people are currently looking for places to travel to once the restrictions have been lifted. We think this sounds like a grand idea, so have put together of things to keep in mind as you plan for your next travel adventure after Covid-19.

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Assess Your Risk Tolerance

Speak to any travel experts, and they’ll tell you that the travel industry will rebound from the pandemic quickly; certainly far quicker than most people currently expect. Despite the challenges currently faced by airlines and cruise companies, it won’t be this way forever. Industry experts like John Lovell, president of the Travel Leaders Group, have pointed out that the travel industry has rebounded quickly from other pandemics, and also from national disasters. While assessing your risk tolerance level is important before booking a trip, we should see some amazing deals to destinations all over the world once this is over. Just make sure to plan smart and take reasonable precautions.

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Consider Where to Visit

Covid-19 has impacted countries across the globe, with some reaching the peak earlier than others.  It’s fair to assume that the countries that have already seen a peak in cases will be the ones to see restrictions listed first. So, rather than looking at a trip to Southeast Africa, or Asia, for example, it may be better to consider traveling to somewhere in Europe, or even somewhere in your own country.  Many travelers may prefer to enjoy the safety of home, with road trips and staycations a great option for many. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a warmer climate, though. There’s no reason those living in Seattle, Washington can’t take a long, leisurely road trip down to Florida or Tucson AZ. Just make sure to factor in the time change to your sleeping schedule and have a plan for if you need to return home early.

Focus on Value

It’s likely that there will be a lot of tempting travel deals available once the pandemic is over, but experts suggest looking for those that offer value as opposed to cheap prices. Deals that come with packaged flights and meals included are going to offer much more than a cheap airline ticket.  It’s also best to opt for packages with travel operators that you know and trust. Sales that sound too-good-to-be-true could be coming from those trying to stave off bankruptcy, which could lead to more problems in your future. Financially stable, well-known brands are those you want to travel with.

How to Plan for Your Next Travel Adventure After Covid-19

Purchase Travel Insurance

Finally, travel insurance is important anyway, but it’s going to be even more critical in the aftermath of Covid-19.  A reputable travel insurance policy will cover you if the provider you purchase a trip from goes out of business, or if you need to return home due to something outside of your control. It’s recommended to purchase both your travel insurance and your trip on a credit card, too, if you have one for an added level of protection.

While nobody can travel currently, that doesn’t mean you can’t begin to plan your next adventure.  Just be smart and take precautions, and you’ll soon be jetting off on the trip of a lifetime.

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  1. Hi, Shalu! I’ve been following your blog since here in Brazil for some time. My trip to India was scheduled to start now on May 1st, 20, but due to Covid … In your opinion how long will it take our dear India to recover? Would scheduling my trip for November 2020 be too risky? Could leaving the trip to May 2021 be a better alternative? What do you think? Greetings! Jorge

  2. Thank you, shalu Ji, for these beautiful tips on planning a trip after this situation. I am getting bored in the house now.

  3. After Covid19 pandemic, I will visit India to connect with great SEO experts so we can work together in the future. It is good to meet people in person, before working with them remotely. Thank Shalu for this blog.

  4. True. Covid 19 has really put our spirits down. We can only prepare for the future for the time being. I am currently focusing on my hobbies right now. But your idea on travel insurance us great. I had put thoughts into it previously but never took it seriously. Probably now is the time for taking it up. As for preparing itineraries are concerned, I have already done too many😇😇😇

  5. Hardly any industry is untouched by the Covid-19 crisis, but travel was among the first to be affected and has been dealt a particularly brutal blow. Barely a month after worldwide lockdowns and border closures effectively sealed off entire countries from reach, many are already looking back fondly on the halcyon days of travel. Until February, the pressing existential crisis was too much of it, in fact: Booming economies and growing flight routes made the world more accessible than ever before, flooding destinations like Iceland, Barcelona, and Tulum with more tourists than they could handle. Now, the existential crisis is, well, the industry’s very existence.

  6. Im finding it so hard as a travel blogger to write about travel. Every time i post something i get a barrage of abuse about how we shouldnt be selfish and we should stay at home. HOnestly makes me feel a little like giving up when there is no end to COVID in sight. how about you?

  7. Travel will recover in stages and freedom to travel will vary, not only country-by-county but by region. Besides, multiple factors will influence travel such as whether social distancing on planes is economically viable for carriers, the reliability of antibody tests, and if immunity is lasting, to name but a few. and it’s hard to travel with this pandemic situation

  8. Hello Mam, Happy to read your article. As we all know that this pandemic has ruined the tourism industry. Now people are ready to roam but the guidelines are becoming the major concern. If i talk about Uttarakhand and Himachal, according to govt. guidelines, all travelers should carry their covid 19 negative report else they will have to stay for 7 days. As you are one of the experts, please give your opinion on this. Is it appropriate ?


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