How to travel in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most populous cities in India. Travelling in the heavy traffic all the time is a headache to many people living here. Therefore, choosing the right mode of transport at right time in day is very important. So Let’s take a look at how to travel in Mumbai.

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Trains are one of the best ways to travel within the city as they are speedy. Only drawback about it is, they are too rushy during peak hours i.e. from morning 7.30am to 11am and then from 6pm to 10pm.

Mumbai Local Train
Mumbai Local Train (Image by Grey Rocker)

Busses are also very popular in the city. As previously said, there are two types of bus services available. BEST is for Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and NMMT bus service is specifically for Navi Mumbai.

Thirdly, cabs too are available in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Their charges are pretty high even for a small distance travel. If you want to travel a long distance comfortably, A.C cabs are the best option. But if you want to travel a short distance, auto-rickshaws are best. The starting cost for 1.1 km distance is 15 rupees and may change by 1-2 rupees from place to place. You should be smart enough to deal with the rickshaw drivers as they might charge you more if they find that you are new to the city (yes they can find out).

How to travel in Mumbai
How to travel in Mumbai – Cabs might be the best way to travel in Mumbai (Image by JK Werner)

Tips for hiring an auto-rickshaw

Mumbai is known for its local trains. It is the key transport in this city. Population of 18 million in this city and you can imagine how much rush it would be in peak hours. Therefore, Maharashtra government has now started constructing Metro railways in Mumbai city and is funded by Central government. There are many Metro railway projects undergoing in this capital city of Maharashtra which will connect key junctions and areas internally. The project had to be completed in March 2012, but due to some reasons, the project duration is delayed. However, a couple of metro railways connecting 2 areas are ready but not available to public yet.

Initially, the travelling cost in Metro trains will be high and local people might not be able to afford it. So you can say that there will be less or no rush even during peak hours. Travellers coming to Mumbai from abroad can use this mode of transport very conveniently to travel from one place to another. It is also said that canteens will be available at regular junctions. But if you want to enjoy the true fun and love adventure, you should travel through Mumbai locals; just be careful of your personal belongings when travelling during peak hours as it may fall down when entering the jam packed train compartment.

Auto Rickshaw in India
An auto rickshaw. They are the same all over India.

Railway authorities say that these Metros will be much faster than any other Metro railway service in India. Reason why trains are preferred by everyone is that they are cost effective, quick mode of transport and you will even get a body massage when you travel during typical hours.

Here’s what to expect in Indian traffic

Both A.C and non-A.C cabs are available. Locals call theses cabs as taxis. You should prefer to travel in taxi only if you have heavy luggage with you. You should know the art of bargaining with the taxi drivers.

Busses are easy and cheap way of transport. But as you know, road traffic can make the travel very slow and you might even have to stand until you reach your destination as it is pretty hard to find a vacant seat during peak hours. But you will always find vacant seat in A.C busses. They are one of the best ways to travel from one area to different area. The ticket conductors are also helpful and if you ask them to make you aware of your destination, they will help you, so that you don’t miss any bus stops.

If you come to visit Navi Mumbai, auto-rickshaws are the best ways to travelling areas as buses can be rushy. Walking is preferred if the travel distance is less than 2 km.

There are iOS and Android applications available to help you get train time tables, fares, distance, which busses go where etc which you can use efficiently.

Final Words

If you want to travel short distances in the Mumbai, let’s say from one sub-city to another, trains are most preferable but one has to be careful during peak hours. If you are in Navi Mumbai area, auto-rickshaws and buses are preferred. Do not use Cabs unless you have heavy luggage with you!

Use the Hindi words I have mentioned here to deal with the locals while travelling here. I would suggest that before booking for your trip why not to check out some online travel coupons and deals at the couponing websites? The coupons are similar to the other coupon websites where you can find great deals including travel but more specific to India. They are simple to use – all you need to do is get the code and use it on various travel websites. If you have any questions on Mumbai then feel free to ask.

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  1. Mumbai transportation is best as compared to the whole country. In Mumbai city you can find everything from rickshaws, taxis, buses, trains etc. However in other cities even big you cannot find trains to move from one place to another within the city.

  2. Nice post….but if you will give some tips to catch the trains in Mumbai (churchgate-virar line)…that will be really helpful…

  3. Nice post….but if you will give some tips to catch the trains in Mumbai (churchgate-virar line)…that will be really helpful…

  4. Hi Shalu Madam,

    Mumbai is the city of dreams, it is the city where our beloved Bollywood industry flourishes. Amid the daily humdrum of the city

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    You are brilliant guys!!!

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  6. Nice post….but if you will give some tips to catch the trains in Mumbai …that will be really helpful… i would love to visit some other places in India.. i think south India will be more awesome place to visit… anyway thanks again.

  7. Nice article,but believe me travel is mumbai is way much better and easy and safe as compared to many other metropolitan cities in india,except for peak hour period,mumbai offers best way of travel….

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  10. Thanks for sharing this article because i got some idea but even though i do not like Mumbai because such a heavy traffic and rush.
    anyhow it is a beautiful city.

  11. You shoot it right Shalu madam, i just came from Mumbai last week and I just got an opportunity to read your instruction and just followed your paths. Right now would like to share my experience. it’s really nice.

  12. I love to come Mumbai . yesterday my cousin came from mumbai she said it is a beautiful city with lots of shops and buildings

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  15. Great Post but I have a question.
    Mumbai is a popular tourist destination while also being the financial capital of India.
    What is the must-visit place in Mumbai?

  16. Yes, trains are definitely the most “efficient” way to get around in Mumbai, but I would not recommend anyone from overseas to try making that their first choice. I think for most visitors, rickshaw is probably the best option.

  17. So I think for travelling there would only be metro and trains would be suitables, is the connectivity of the rail is available all over the Mumbai. And can we reach at tourist place by the rail.

  18. excellent post.
    no one is able to tell about travelling in mumbai. because it is not so easy.
    but you clearly explained about travelling in Mumbai .

  19. People in America or Europe country they can travel with their skateboard as it has become a popular to all .as I know Mumbai people can skate beside the Mumbai marine drive your government should emphasis to create such environment for skateboarders as I got in to problem while tried to do skateboarding there.

  20. With the existence of Ola & Uber our travelling in Mumbai has very much settled down. Also, using their daily coupons & deals which is due to building competition between then the prices are still very much in control. Expecting Ola & uber to come up with juices & mineral water as addon in coming days.

  21. Dear Shalu Sharma,

    Thank you for sharing your useful trip tips!

    Visiting a crowded city is never easy. You mentioned trains, cabs, metros, buses but as another person mentioned above:

    Do you think that skateboards, bicycles, or motorcycles are a good way to travel around the city?

    We, Top10Slide’s team, would like to visit India (Mumbai, New Delhi, and other smaller cities in Kerala) and your tips are very practical, thank you!


  22. Mumbai is a very crowded city. so the best way to travel here can be booking cabs like ola.. uber cause they use gps and always choose the best and shortest way to reach a destination.

    But remember, one can apply coupon codes and get a ride at a cheap rate.


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