India celebrates the festival of Navratri

The Navratri festival also known as Durga Puja have started in India. It is one of the major festivals in Hinduism. The festival is dedicated to Goddess Durga.

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There will be nine nights of festivities where the nine forms of Durga will be worshipped. The tenth day is celebrated as Dussehra (also known as Vijayadashami).

You will find Pandals or stages where decorated statues of the Goddess will be worshipped. Durga Puja celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga (Shakti) over the demon called Mahishasura.

It also signifies the beginning of the autumn season. On day 10, Lord Ram also killed Ravana so his effigy is burnt to celebrate Dussehra.

durga puja celebrations
Durga Puja Celebrations

Here’s a time line of the Navratri celebrations in India

Saturday              October 08          Maha Saptami

Sunday                 October 09          Durgastami

Monday               October 10          Navami of Durga Puja

Tuesday               October 11          Dussehra

In Gujarat, “Garba” a form of dance are performed around the statue of Durga.

Garba Dance
Garba Dance

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  1. Hi Shalu,
    This is good and precise information about the Navratri festival for foreigners travelling to India. Increasing awareness about these festivals is a good way to spread knowledge about our rich culture.

    I feel that one aspect we often overlook is to provide information on the spiritual reason for these festivals. If we explain why we celebrate these festivals in a deeper sense and their symbolic and spiritual meaning, that will help foreigners to connect more with our culture.

    Durgadevi kills the demon Mahishasura and Shri Ram Kills the demon Ravana – Ravana, Mahishasura and other demons actually represent what dwells in our mind in the form of the six foes (shadripu). We need to destroy them by consciously working on purifying our mind so that our soul can get elevated.​
    Each festival is an opportunity to remember to remove these demons which exist in the form of defects in our mind which are covering our true soul or atma. The nature of the soul is everlasting Bliss, so by removing our defects we can experience the same.
    ​Actually ​this year I took a resolution to work on my mind so I can celebrate these festivals in the real sense. I started implementing a process called Personality Defect Removal and it is really helping me to become aware of the defects within my mind and overcome them.

    Please let me know if you want to hear more about it.

  2. I would like to see the beautiful places in Gujarat for navratri. You have written good things about this festival and I would like to celebrate it once in my life.

  3. Hi Shalu, this is such a beautiful site, so informative and interesting. I am travelling to India next month with my husband and I am very much looking forward to it now after visiting your site. I travelled to India 20 years ago so I am interested to see how your beautiful country has changed and developed. Thank you for providing such a wealth of information. Very best wishes, Sarah

  4. The 9 days and nights of Navratri are dedicated to Mother Goddess. The celebrations of the festival include fasts, strictly vegetarian diet, Japa and recitation of religious hymns, prayer, meditation and sacred texts related to Goddess Durga.

  5. Hi,
    thanks for sharing…. Keep updating :)I was not knowing about this thing in india before, Thanks for letting us know about the pooja and rituals carried out during durga pooja and navaratri… Proud to be an indian.. Jai hind


  6. Great post. Whenever someone refers Navratri, I remember the joy of Garba and the fabulous group dancing with friends and family. I love the festival a lot as we all get to wear new clothes every day.

  7. Beautiful post. India is the land of festivals and grand celebration. Your blog gives a good understanding to the people why Navratri is celebrated and what is it one of the most favorite festival in India.

  8. Thanks for the post. Navaratri in Karnataka is known as Nadahabba and is celebrated in the great Vijayanagara dynasty as a big festival. India is the land of festivals, and this post reminds that well. Thanks for the post.


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