My Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner

Here’s a taste of what I or most of us Indians have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

India for kids

Typically, an Indian breakfast could comprise of parathas or chapattis and a vegetable dish eaten lightly. I usually miss breakfast but if I were to have it, I would have 1 or 2 chapattis. Sometimes, we would have “puris” (deep fried) especially if we have visitors staying with us.

Indian breakfast
My Indian breakfast

For lunch, we would have rice along with curries and/or lentils (we call it “daal” in Hindi). The lunch might include a few chapattis as well. I will usually have a little rice with lentils and vegetables along with some chutney, little salad and perhaps little mango pickle.

My Indian Lunch
My Indian lunch

The dinner would be the heaviest of them all. There will be more than one vegetable curry perhaps a chicken dish too, lentils, yogurt, papadums, pickles and raita (yogurt based dip). Most Indians including me tend to eat the most at this time of the day.

My Indian dinner
My Indian dinner

In addition, I usually go through at least a litre of the Indian “chai”(tea) throughout the day.

What do you have during the day? Do you like Indian food?

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  1. HI Shalu,

    Oh yes…the Indian thali or plate looks good when it’s full like this, and I love the nutritious and well balanced home cooked meals we eat too.

    We don’t usually skip breakfast as it’s not good for health they say, more so, as we get up around 5.30am, having breakfast after a cup of tea works well for us. We normally have oats, porridge, or whole wheat bread along with milk, which again is something we Indians don’t have – but it’s a must or else in our old age we would land up with bone problems. 🙂

    Lunch of course is similar to what you mentioned, while dinner again is little lighter for us and early dinner our end because of the kids. I think a little of everything is good for health, and we must ensure we have seasonal vegetables and not miss the fruits too, though make sure to have them between meals or before your meals for their full nutritious value.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. 🙂

    • I think you are so right on saying that breakfast shouldn’t be missed. I have a few cups of teas and that completely kills the hunger and by lunch time am completely starving. You’re right on vegetables, we must ensure that we have plenty of them. Thanks for your lovely comment and the shares.

  2. I tend to have a heavy breakfast after workouts and a heavier lunch at the office.
    Also, I think that our diets are slowly being more westernized. I have milk and cornflakes/bread for breakfast, followed by a typical Indian lunch. It helps that western food is quick fix and can be cooked in a short time.

    • Janit
      I understand about having cornflakes. Its OK if you are on the go and in a hurry. But never been a fan of cornflakes, perhaps a couple of toast with tea will be better for me.

  3. Liked the chappatis .I, hailing from South is more used to rice for lunch and idils/dosa for breafast.Chappatis are something we occasionally use 🙂

  4. Yes, I love Indian food. I avoid carbs but I can indulge with Indian carbs – basmati rice, naan, poori, papadum. I love the curries, shag paneer, daal, masalas, etch. I l love everything in your photos. You just made me hungry, Shalu,

  5. True, the Indian food has its own charm. We usually have chappatis or paranthas as the breakfast and a normal chappatii with vegetables or daal in the lunch and so in the dinner. The puri becomes a must to serve dish when there is the arrival of the guests. But being health and fitness conscious, the individuals these days prefer an oat meal for breakfast. Thanks.

  6. Hi Shalu,

    Love the way you are covering every aspect of Indian life!

    The concept of breakfast, lunch and dinner is slightly different in our country. This makes it difficult to understand for most of our child.

    We have a cup of tea or coffee along with a few cookies in the morning. I guess we can’t call it breakfast :D. At around 8:30 to 9 am we have the first meal. Because the offices begin at 10 am, this time is most common. We have one hour break at 1pm to 2pm for the snacks.Finally we have the third meal in the evening. So, it is lunch, tiffin and dinner kind of adjustment 🙂

  7. Hi Shalu Jee

    While writing this I’m in between my bed tea and Breakfast time.
    In Morning during the job I use to skip breakfast but now it is either chappatis with lentils or bread butter or cornflakes.

    Lunch is bit heavy with most of the things which you’ve mentioned and same goes with the dinner as well.But it’s all veg for me.

    Thanks for this great share. Have a great week ahead.


  8. I’ve been to Sri Lanka so I kinda know what the Indian food can taste like. What I love about the Indian cuisine the most (and you showed it in the photos) are little pots and bowls placed on a tray so you have a mouthful of each dish and enjoy different flavors :).

  9. Indian food sould be delicious.I like the indian movies but concerning the food i don’t know because i didn’t taste it!!! but i like the ingredients of each meal

  10. Hi Shalu,

    Ah, my mouth started to water from the seeing the photos of those plates with the food on it!

    I absolutely love puris and love to have them for breakfast! I enjoy having them with pickles.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you Hiten
      I love puris but only occasionally that’s why we have them when we have guests that is only once in a while. Which pickles you like? I like mangoes.

  11. Hey Shalu, That’s great you are having an healthy lunch, dinner and breakfast daily. Indian is incredible and all peoples in every corner of India having different taste as per their habit and taste, but being experiencing with peoples all over the world I must say peoples would always love to have special food or breakfast of that special place whenever they are traveling and out of their hometown or city.Like generally visitors would love to have special Rajasthani breakfast whenever they visit in our hotel.

  12. Indian food is among the best Asian cuisine and I love the tingy and spicy taste of it. And my mouth is already watering while I comment. Shalu, I always love your posts for you take us around India in a wonderful way. Keep sharing.

  13. I am first time here through (30-top-women-bloggers-of-ahanow) harleena m’am blog.

    This post is helpful for health conscious people.

    I usually follow a healthy diet chart, and also give advice to follow same to others. But what we can see in this busy world, some people doesn’t have time even for proper breakfast due to lack of time, pressure of work and many other factors. and also in office some people takes lunch properly some doesn’t. they even did not feel that the perfect time for food is most important. when they come to know Health is wealth.

  14. To be honest, I can’t answer the question whether I love Indian food for 1 reason – I have never tried it)
    However, your menu looks great. I would like to try the dishes you’ve mentioned in this post. Their names sound so exotic to me.

  15. These thalis looks very delicious. Whenever I like to taste suck kind of food, I visit Rajdhani thali because their food is very tasty & healthy.
    East or west, India is the best.

  16. Well my breakfast starts will tea and 1 roti.My favorite menu for lunch Biryani . Well it only happens Wednesday and Friday in our office otherwise simple rice and fish cury. At dinner not anything heavy , 1 roti and any sabji .. 🙂


  17. Very nice post from you Shalu mam!

    I like to have idllies as Breakfast, lunch with sambar, rasam and curd, dinner with chapathies.

    Hope it is a healthy diet and I used to drink green tea twice daily to maintain good diet and beauty 🙂

  18. great post about Indian food .i love Indian food .variety in food , containing full nutrition’s and variation in taste make Indian food perfect and complete.I usually take heavy breakfast which include parataha’s ,a glass of milk and a vegetable .in my lunch i useually take dal and rice and green vegetables and in my dinner i take chapatis with dal and a vegetable.Indian food is great.!

  19. There is nothing like Indian food, specially when it’s spicy.
    When it comes to breakfast, Poha, upma, fried or steamed sprouts, sandwich, achaar and paranthas are usually what we have…Lunch and dinner i guess is more or less same in most of the North India.
    I am a big fan of South Indian food too, and I love atleast once in a week to have idli or dosa either for lunch or dinner. 😀

  20. I am a big fan of yours Shalu, you blog about topic which I cannot even think of. Everytime I revisit here, I am like “Looking forward to something new”. Thanks for such an awesome blog.

  21. a well balanced diet is very necessary for the body.. although the indian food is rich in fat but it also contains a lot of proteins and vitamins which are necessary for the body…

  22. I have always been curious of Indian cuisine because it is so full of exotic foods and spices that not only have I not tasted, but most of them I haven`t even seen yet. I`ve tried other Asian cookery and absolutely loved it and I do intend to try some of your examples, too. Is it stupid to ask what are “papadums”?

  23. Native indian food is among the best Oriental delicacies and I really like the tingy and delicious flavor of it. And my oral cavity is already irrigating while I opinion. Shalu, I always really like your content for you take us around Native indian in a wonderful way. Keep discussing.

  24. Indian thali has a perfect balance of vitamins, minerels, calcium, protein and all other nutrients.
    We too have a similar meal throughout our day, except the dinner.
    We have a very light dinner which consists of either Idli, Medu vada, Fruits, Pav bhaji, Khichdi etc.
    Eating too much at night maybe harmful since we go to sleep directly after eating.
    Awesome article for people from outside India 🙂

  25. I think you are so right about the things an Indian diet has which is healthy for our body and i totally agree with your concept of having a healthy and big breakfast is more useful rather than a healthy dinner . Thank you for providing us with such valuable information .

  26. Exactly Indian prefer Chapathi, parathas as their breakfast. The plate filled with nutritious and delicious
    Indian breakfast recipe. Thanks for putting down such healthy diet for tiffin, lunch and dinner.

  27. Thanks for your Indian recipe. This article is very informative about Indian breakfast, launch and dinner. I have got real information about real Indian foods and meals. There are many healthy tips in “Health and Fitness Magazine”.


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