Picture of the week – an old cow herder

Do you feel sorry for this old man who almost looks like Mahatma Gandhi?

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Mahatma Gandhi upon arrival from South Africa to India in 1901 decided not to wear cotton clothes made in the cotton mills of Manchester (UK). The cotton grown in India was being shipped to the cotton mills in Manchester where it was spun into clothes and brought back to India to be sold. This completely destroyed the cottage industry and crippled the Indian economy. More on Indian history and what Indians wear.

However, unlike the Mahatma (meaning great soul) who refused to wear any clothes made by the British in protest, this man may or may not have enough clothing, I can’t be for sure for certain. Perhaps it was a hot day and he preferred to be in his ‘cloth’. He is most likely a cow herder. The stick caters for two purposes; walking and herding the cattle. What do you think?

An old man with a walking stick
An old man with a walking stick

19 thoughts on “Picture of the week – an old cow herder”

  1. Hi Shalu ji,

    Indeed, the individual in the pic does look like a cow herder. In all earnest, I feel he’s living below the poverty line, just like many others in this developing nation called India.

    Sights such as these are common place in India. I hope the next decade brings to us more cheerful sights to savor on.



  2. I am not thinking about Mahatma Gandi. I know this person is poor and that is the reason he is not wearing proper clothes. Now it’s our duty to treat them well because they are done with their part.

  3. I am not considering Mahatma Gandi. I know this individual is inadequate and that is the purpose he is not dressed in appropriate outfits. Now it’s our responsibility to cure them well because they are done with their aspect.


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