Places to visit in Chennai

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu and one of the four metropolitan cities of India was the third most visited city by foreigners after Mumbai and Delhi in 2007.  According to the source 8,30,620 domestic tourists arrived in Chennai in March 2011 in addition to 29,558 tourists who visited Mamallapuram. Now I guess you just realised how popular is this tourist destination.

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Chennai is popularly known as “Gateway to South”. It has rich cultural and traditional importance. The city is the perfect blend of old and new where the modern beliefs and conventional ways coexist in harmony. Both domestic and international tourists are attracted to this amazing city. Chennai has so much to offer to tourists that many revisit this place again.Lets take a look at some of the best places to visit in Chennai.

Places to visit in Chennai

Places to visit in Chennai

  1. Fort St. George Fort St. George is a place of pride for the people of Chennai. Built in 1640 AD, Francis Day and Andrew Cogon of East India Company were the supervisors of this project. This fort houses St. Mary’s Church along with a museum. It is said that this house solemnised the marriages of Robert Clive and Governor Elihu Yale, the founders of the Yale University in the USA.
  1. The Marina Beach It is the second longest beach in the World. It has a wide sandy foreshore. Another important attraction on this beach is the Anna and MGR Samadhis, the memorials of the most popular former Chief Ministers of the State. University of Chennai, Chepauk Palace, Senate House, Presidency College, aquarium and Ice House are all located on this beach drive.
  1. Kapaleswara Temple This is the 8th Century Pallava Temple. The ‘Gopuram’ or the tower of the temple is in Dravidian style of architecture. There are bronze idols of 63 Saivaite Saints and the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is located at Mylapore “Myil” means peacock and ‘Oor’ means town.
  1. Guindy National Park This Park is the only Wild Life Sanctuary which is situated within a city’s limits. If you visit this awesome National Park you also stand a chance to visit other surrounding places like Raj Bhavan, Indian Institute of Technology, a Children’s Park with its own mini zoo, Snake Park, Memorials to Gandhiji, Rajaji, and Kamaraj. The Anna University of Technology, Central Leather Research Institute as well as the country’s finest Race-courses.
  1. The High Court The high court of Chennai is the second largetst judicial complex in the world. The domes and corridors depict the Indo-Saracenic architecture.
  1. Sri Parthasarathy Temple This is a Lord Krishna temple. Originally built by the Pallavas, this temple was later modified by the Chola and Vijayanagara Kings.
  1. Valluvar Kottam This is a memorial built in the shape of the temple chariot in the memory of Tamil Poet-Saint Thiruvalluvar. A 33m tall life-size statue of the saint has been installed in the chariot. The auditorium at Valluvar Kottam can accommodate about 4000 people and is believed to be the Asia’s largest auditorium.
  1. Birla Planetarium The Birla Planetarium at Kotturpura is the most modern planetarium in the country. It was constructed in the memory of B.M. Birla, one of the famous industrialists of India. Nearby is the Periyar Science and Technology Museum useful for young learners.
Anna nagar tower park
Anna Nagar tower park: Image by Aravindan Ganesan
  1. Kalakshetra Kalakshetra was founded in 1936 by Rukmini Devi Arundale encourage and revive interest in Bharatanatyam. Bharatanatyam is the classical dance form of the state.
  1. MGR Film City The film city has various film shooting locations and settings. It also has dubbing and recording studios. It was set up by the Government of Tamil Nadu and is located in Tharamani area.
  1. Connemara Public Library The Library is located at Pantheon Road in Egmore. It is one of the well known National Libraries.
  1. Crocodile Bank It is a research centre run by Romulus Whittaker .Crocodile Bank is about 42 kms from Chennai near to Mamallapuram. Varieties of Indian and African Crocodiles are reared and bred in this crocodile bank. There are about 6,000 different species of crocodiles and a snake farm is also present in the same area.
  1. Amir Mahal Amir Mahal belongs to the Royal family of Arcot. It was established in 1789 and then later it was possessed by Arcot Royal family.
  1. Anna Nagar Tower It is the highest park tower in Chennai located in Anna Nagar Park. It also has a special cyclic stairs.
  1. Anna Zoological Park It is the biggest zoological park in South East Asia. It is the house for tropical mammals, birds and reptiles.

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  1. I have been living in Chennai for 18 years and visited entire Tamilnadu. Please provide me the details of Karnataka, Andhra and Kerala

  2. Yes mam, there are lots of places to visit in Chennai but my favorite is Kapaleswara Temple because

    this temple is so beautiful and has great architecture.

    And this temple is also my mom favorite and she likes to visit here.

    But overall, it’s good blog post about “places to visit in Chennai” and I’m damn sure it will help lots to peoples who searching for “best places to visit in Chennai”

  3. Hi
    I have lived in Chennai for a while but haven’t visited most of these places. Never thought of Chennai as a travel destination. Will definitely check these out next time am in Chennai.

  4. Thanks for sharing such a nice information. Travelling to India is such a great experience and India offers something for every traveler’s. Chennai is a beautiful place, famous for its natural beauty and greenery lush. I liked reading your blog.

  5. Hey, Shalu Sharma,
    First of all, i would like to give you thank you for sharing this useful article. People like me who are trying to find best places in India for traveling will be very helpful if they read your post. I am ready to visit in India and searching for traveling place in India. I will definitely go 4-5 places you have listed above. Thanks again ma’am for sharing this cool post.

  6. Hey shalu,
    Your post is very informative for the People who are trying to find best places in India for traveling.Thank you for sharing this useful article.I have heard from many others also about Chennai so thought of surfing on internet for exploring Chennai.Came across your article where you have beautifully described about Chennai.Now i am sure and has made up my mind to Visit Chennai for this year Trip.

  7. Hi Shalu,

    Amazing article, I was exploring about Chennai when I came across to your article.

    It is very helpful for the person who is planning to visit Chennai. I would like to add some more value to the visitors coming across to your article. They can check for things to avoid in Chennai.

    1. Tamilians are quite passionate about their mother-tongue and so you can never afford to be incapable of speaking Tamil. As they, “When in Rome, Do the Romans”, therefore learn a few words of their language to see more of smiling faces helping you negotiate your way.

    2. Don’t mess with the Auto-walas! The auto-drivers in the city could rob you off your money by charging insane figures, especially if you don’t understand Tamil! The only way to be safe from the Auto-robbery is to use other public transports such as the bus and the metro.

    3. Never step out without a bottle of water! Its dead-hot hot in Chennai with temperatures soaring stupendously high. It is impossible to survive the sweltering heat of Chennai without carrying with yourself a big bottle of water.

    4. Don’t ever wear anything too short or revealing in Chennai, if you don’t want to be petrified with excruciating glares of the people. No matter how tempted you are to free yourself off the clothing baggage, drop the idea and dress wisely and decently!

    5. Don’t litter! The beaches in Chennai may not be as pristine as the others but that definitely doesn’t give you any right to spoil them anyhow. Chennai has been very diligent in trying to clean the city and so disregarding their efforts will definitely not be the right thing to do!

    6. Never, I repeat, NEVER act like a tourist at the religious places in Chennai! As a historical city, Chennai houses a long list of religiously significant places which are thronged by the worshippers as well as the admirers of beauty. Always remember that these are temples and museums where you could stand and loudly discuss the architectural marvel. Do not disturb those who have come to pray!


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