The calm blue vastness of Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli beach is one of the numerous and amazingly beautiful beaches spread across the Konkan sea coast overlooking the Arabian Sea in the state of Maharashtra. The beach is situated almost 550 km from Mumbai near the village of Tarkali in district of Sindhudurg, coastal Maharashtra. The Mumbaikars (people of Mumbai) love visiting this place on the weekends.

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The long coastline stretching across the beach with silky sand, its clean and clear waters, and the calmness of the place attracts tourists who are looking to get refreshed and rejuvenated both mentally and physically in natures lap. The place is also known for dolphins and turtles which can be sighted if you are lucky. The soft stretch of sand on the beach is ideal for romantic walks, on the long stretch of beach which seems to be never ending. The pristine and clear waters of the sea are untouched by pollution, so much so that on a clear day you can clearly see the seabed with snails, shells and other sea life up to the depth of 20 feet.

Besides the beach, the place is quite famous for the great function held at the Mahapurush temple during the Ramnavami every year. The festivitie is full of music, dance and moreover the dramas enacted re-telling the story of Ramayana.

Tarkarli Beach
Tarkarli Beach – can you see the fort?

The homely environment of Tarkarli

The helpful and friendly people of Tarkarli can be excellent guides to help tourists get the best out of the holiday at the beach. There are certain government approved home stays in the nearby village which are available at very nominal rates. Many tourists who have rented out a room with a family, some of which even provides food at some extra cost, have come back with good experience from their stay.

If you can fix a boatman or guide during your stay, they would be able to help you arrange for the boat ride, sightseeing around Tarkarli, turtle and dolphin sightings, scuba diving, snorkelling and many more activities on Tarkali beech which would make your stay there memorable. If you are good to them, they will bring the boats where it is convenient for you to board it, going out of way to make your stay comfortable. The local fishermen are the best people to take you to the backwaters which are a superb way to connect with the place. When travelling through the backwaters, one can see the fishermen community and other settlements near the beach at close quarters.

Tarkarli Beech Resorts
Hire a hut  on the beach in Tarkarli

Tourist attractions at Tarkarli

The main attraction of Tarkarli is the beach itself. Other than the Tarkarli beach you can also visit other places like the Malvan beach, which has facilities for snorkeling and scuba diving that can be arranged for first timers too. There are islands close to the beach which are submerged underwater at least by 3-4 feet during high tides but the islands are visible during low tides.

Another amazing spot is the confluence of Karli River with the Arabian Sea on the Devbag Beach. This is the place for sports enthusiasts as there are facilities here for rowing boats, motor or mechanical Boats, Jet Ski, and liquid force boats.

When in Tarkarli, one should definitely visit the naval port and the Sindhudurg fort built by Chatrapati Shivaji. Another fort you can visit is the Padamgarh fort.

Para-sailing on Tarkarli beach
Para-sailing on Tarkarli beach

Accommodation at Tarkali

If you don’t mind the cost, MTDC Tarkarli Beach Resort is an excellent place to stay as it is situated right there on the beach. Just 5 km from Malvan, the resort has cosy cottages known as Konkani huts with both air-conditioning (AC) and non-AC from which you can watch the vast calmness of the sea. Every cottage has a hammock outside for customers to relax.

For those looking for something different, a room can be rented on a houseboat, which is set up on the beach. Food and service are good but again, like the accommodation they appear to be a bit on the expensive side.

At the home stay properties one can get the taste of local Malvan recipes, especially the fish, prawns and other spicy sea food which is not unique to this place.

Restaurants at Tarkali
Restaurant overlooking the beech on Tarkali beech

Getting to Tarkali beech

The nearest major town to Tarkarli is Malvan which lies to the north of the beach at a distance of 8 km. The closest airport is Dabolim Airport of Goa.

By rail, one can reach the place either through Sindhudurg, Kankavli or Kudal railway stations from where you can hire cabs, auto rickshaws or board a bus to get to Tarkarli.

Many private luxury buses and state run transport buses connect Malvan with major places like Pune, Goa and Mumbai straight to Tarkali beech.

Sindhudurg Fort
Sindhudurg Fort at a distance of 7km from Tarkarli

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  1. Hi Shalu,

    Never heard of Tarkali Beach, and I think you’ve just given me a new travel destination that I must visit with my family. Love the sea, and I think anytime is a good time to be at the beack – isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  2. Here in my country we have as well “Mamaia” beach, open to “Black Sea”, very popular beach, the mayer called “Radu Mazare” is well known, appear in a song with “Mohombi” and “Celia”, very very cool song. Song is called “Welcome To Mamaia”. You’ve got to know it. (Mohombi has that well know song called “Bumpy Ride”)

    Best regards from I. .C Daniel

  3. Hi Shalu,

    The most beautiful beaches I’ve been to in India have been in Kerala followed by Goa. Tarkarli Beach however, looks like a real hidden gem. I’m sure many people outside of India might not have even heard of it.

    Many thanks for doing this wonderful review of this part of India.

    • Hi Hiten,

      It is a hidden gem. When we think of beeches in India, we mostly think of some in South India and Goa. Tarkali beech is one of those beeches that also worth going. Thanks for your comment and shares.

  4. Hi Shalu,
    Interesting post. I never heard before about Tarkarli beach . But the pictures are very impressive and attractive , It creates a desire to go to that beach. Thanks.

  5. Hi shalu,

    I had been on tarkali in month of january.I really like this place because it was quite peaceful and local people are also helpful.We had lunch in local restaurant actually it was in his house.his wife cooked quite good seafood. During that time we did not have sea sports there, perhaps they have closed it that time.kindly check it.


  6. This is the first time I’ve heard of this beach. I took a bus from Mumbai straight to Goa, but I guess I didn’t need to go quite so far. That said, it looks like Tarkarli is only slightly closer to Mumbai than the beaches in northern Goa.

  7. Nice research ! Most of the people don’t know the name of this beach. You should join a travel agency to give them advice for most beautiful place in india. Thanks for valuable visit!!!

  8. Hi Shalu, i agree wtih everyone. You should join a travel agency, its a very wonderful job to be an agent or consultant. Who knows you could help more people find this very beautiful place. Thanks for the share.

  9. I have never heard about Tarkarli beach. By reading the description of Tarkarli beach, it seems a paradise beach but still lots of tourists don’t know about it. I already visited Goa beach. But it seems better than that for its natural beauty.

  10. I like Tarkali beach, I will surely be going there this season. Another beach I like the most is Daona Paula beach in Goa. It is really clean and beautiful.

    • Tarkarli beach is one of the hidden gems of konkan coast. You missed writing about the awesome food. Please review a few home eateries too.

  11. Hi Shalu,
    Firstly I need to thank you for writing about Tarkarli beach because of my close association and belonging to Goa and Maharashtra. I always loved being at Tarkarli beach, many might nit be knowing about it but it really is very pleasant place as described by you.
    The feel of the Konkan region, the food and the people, everything is really different and visitors will enjoy a different felt destination at Tarkarli.
    This is also a good choice for people who have been visiting Goa but this time round want a different feel.

  12. I have not heard of Tarkali Beach. Looks very relaxing and has a lot of beautiful things to offer. It also does not look too touristy. My kind of place.

  13. As a beach lover , this place would have been unnoticed by me forever until i read your post .Would surely spend some time on this beach soon .Thanks for sharing this information.


  14. What a beautiful beach! I admit I don\’t know too much about India’s beaches so this is a pleasant surprise. That fort looks amazing!

  15. Hi Shalu

    I am a new visitor and subscriber at your website. The information you have shared about places in wonderful. Tarkali beach seems to be a perfect destination for getting rejuvenated. After reading your description and seeing the images you have posted, it seems to be an excellent idea to visit that place to get healed from the hectic lifestyle.

  16. The Tarkarli beach appears to be an amazing and tranquil place. I often visit Maharashtra, I will surely visit this place to get a taste of its soul. Thanks for the share.

  17. It seems to be such a nice place to me and I am sure a large number of tourists visit here. This is an affordable holiday spot as there are no hi fi hotels here. But one can go once in a while. Thanks for the share.

  18. Hi Shalu Sharma,
    I’m from Yogyakarta Indonesia. I want to ask you about Tarkali beach. How many hours to reach the beach from Mumbai? And could you give me suggestion about the transportation to go to Tarkali beach?

  19. This beach has been on my “must visit” list for a couple of years now — especially as it’s not so far from Mumbai where I live. This wonderful article has given me a reminder that I really have to go to Tarkali soon!

  20. On my way to goa on bike which i usually prefer we stayed in malvan in a hotel name sagar kinara.They gave us idea about tarkali beach and i was really amused here.Even people here speak good Hindi which is usually not common in other place of maharashtra and they were helpful too.Main part is that they do not belive in cheating and forcing to stay or have something in their restaurant or go for a ride on their vehicle.

    Really impressive.I prefer this place rather than goa.


  21. Hey..
    Great Info there..
    I want to reach tarkarli beach and venture my photography and poetry there…..

    I wanted to know about the government approved home stay at localites..
    It will give me real feel and also would allow me to cut on ma expense ;)..
    LEt me if u got somethng for me …adieu

  22. Hi Shalu Sharma,
    I’m from Yogyakarta Indonesia. I want to ask you about Tarkali beach. How many hours to reach the beach from Mumbai? And could you give me suggestion about the transportation to go to Tarkali beach?

  23. Hi another awesome article
    I’m traveling to goa from the uk London. November 2017 for my 5th visit
    With 12 friends
    It’s great we work with bikes so we enjoy hiring bikes and going out to see the real culture
    Any 1 visiting I recommend visiting
    Baggy beach. Titos lane Arjuna night market. Skylark beach shack. Great Chinese food at Kim far baga rd
    Loads of attractions. Water park. Go karting

  24. Congrats for the photos and info. Each place has different kinds of beaches and eventually you’ll prefer one or another. But I like the sea energy, even if I’m just staring at the horizon. Thank you for sharing.


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