The Finest Dining in Chennai

Chennai was formerly known as Madras, India. The city is over 360 years old, and currently has a population well over 7 million people. Although fast growing, the city maintains a ranking in the top 20 cleanest cities worldwide. With a thriving and vibrant cultural climate and beautiful surroundings, visitors come for the wonderful beach resort accommodations and the stunning coast on the Bay of Bengal. Those visiting also enjoy the amazing diversity of quality cuisine options available within the city of Chennai.

Eating in Chennai

For visitors, the variety of dining and the international cuisines represented provide the pleasure and freedom of finding favourites and trying new foods. Along the beach in Chennai are many restaurants that are open late. Within the city are local street vendors, tea kadais, fast food and other eating establishments. Non-vegetarian restaurants or those that serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections while vegetarian restaurants serve pure vegetarian food only. In addition, the city also has numerous upscale sit-down restaurants where guests can relax and take delights in posh surroundings and sumptuous dishes that are works of art.

The City’s Fine Dining Experience

Those who can, should visit one or more star establishments in the city for Chennai’s fine dining experience. Many of these quality restaurants diversify with vegetarian and non-vegetarian as well as Indian, Indian-influenced Chinese and other international cuisines. Visitors to the city can find continental, grill and seafood. International and multi-fusion style cooking is also popular and common.

Note that the bill at restaurants throughout the city may include a service charge. Diners should check the bill because if a service charge is not included, tips are expected and customary. Additionally, reservations are wise. Then, many upscale establishments accept credit cards like these three that also offer savings when using a Gold cards from American Express:

Above Sea Level – A restaurant and bar on the 13th floor of a Rain Tree Hotel, this establishment offers outdoor dining with a complete 360 degree panorama of the cityscape. The plates ordered from a variety menu have a contemporary presentation. 

Above Sea Level Chennai
Above Sea Level Chennai

ItaLia – The best in traditional Italian cuisine in Chennai is found at The Park Hotel. The modern dining room decor has a theme of illuminated glass and floating lighting. The main dishes and desserts are marvellous. 

ItaLia Park Hotel in Chennai
ItaLia Park Hotel in Chennai

Palki – Serving authentic northern India cuisine, Palki offers a menu of superb dishes. Located in the Amaravathi Complex, ample parking is available. Other cuisine options are also offered at this restaurant like Sichuan Chinese.

Palki Chennai
Palki Chennai
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51 thoughts on “The Finest Dining in Chennai”

  1. You brought back old memories Shalu!

    I remember the time we had all gone on a South trip when I was in college and the amount of fun we had in the then called ‘Madras’ – especially eating those massive sized dosas!! It was the first time we had seen such king-sized ones and just one was enough for 4 of us. 🙂

    I loved to read more of these fine restaurants, though I doubt any of them were there so many years ago. If I had to choose one, I think I would go with Palki – more like the traditional kind of dining.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week 🙂

  2. Hi Shalu,

    I know that you’ve said recently that Idian food is the best food in the world so I’m sure that dining in Chennai must be great.

    I’ve been introduced to Idian food through an ex-coworker of mine, and I liked what she made. Sometimes she would make those Idian “chips” and that was so good!

    She was the nicest person in the office by the way.

  3. Nice article Sharma,
    I enjoy this article & come close to Chennai Dining, I understand a person must take Dining Experience wherever he visit in any city. As you shared the Dining Experience of Experience.

  4. Chennai is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai fast food is really famous in all over India as Shalu you shared some in this post.

  5. I have been to Italia and Palki and they are really good. There is one more restaurant which is called Jaitun and that is also good. Thanks for sharing this post and I will go the the other restaurants whenever I go to Chennai.

  6. HI Shalu jee,

    I really enjoy South Indian dishes as they are made with very less oil and less spicy as well unlike our North Indian dishes.

    Thanks for this great share.


  7. I have always been fascinated by authentic Indian cuisine. Each dish have this unique, spicy tang and sometimes smooth nutty flavors that I never found in other international dishes. Thank you for sharing every single wonderful thing about your country Shalu. Keep it up!

  8. I am a food lover and have lots of Indian friends who introduced me to Indian cuisine. I absolutely love them and I can’t wait to visit all these places you mentioned here. Thanks for the share.

  9. Chennai makes me remember the dosas and chutneys, the appams and the idlis…and vegetarian rice plates with mountains of rice to climb through to.
    Thanks for sharing your favorite restaurants in Chennai Shalu.

  10. Thank you for sharing this post Shalu. I never loved Indian food before because they said that the spicy scent comes out of your skin when you sweat, but Chennai will be on my list of places to go when I visit India one of these days.

  11. Wow! I have never been to India but it’s on my “must-see-places before I die” list. Thanks for sharing the best places to visit in your country.

  12. Looks like a very good place to visit. I specially like travel destinations which has a lot of good food to offer. It’s always culturally stimulating.

  13. very well described about dining in city Chennai..and very interestingly ,,Indian food is always famous for taste and variety,,Indian Food always gives pleasure to you,,dosha and sambhar are favorite dishes from south Indian food ,,!!!

  14. Dear Shalu, your article is presenting awesome information about the finest dining in Chennai.while i search in Google of keyword “eating in Chennai” i discovered your fantastic article.Especially i like the dishes of Palki restaurant.Thanks once again for posting such a nice information about finest dining in Chennai. keep us touch for more information like this.

  15. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful information about dining in Chennai. You can also enjoy World Class dining of Rajasthan at Water Habitat Retreat in Jodhpur

  16. Thanks for sharing this useful information..keep sharing like this…. if i visit chennai it is more useful to me.. Thanks to author…

  17. I regularly visit this blog to view different colors of India. Every time I find something unique in this blog whenever I read on. This time it’s Chennai. Awesome!!!

  18. I think this dining design are most attractive & stylish design in India. Post this type of article as well as photos.

  19. really this is nice post.thanks for share.Are you a timid eater? If yes, then Sri Lankan food is not for you. Food of Sri Lanka is filled with heavy flavours. Fiery curries, sour pickle, caramelized onion and many such things are served with pumping flavours.

    Sri Lanka is the island which is definitely known for showcasing beautiful landscapes but apart from it, it is also known for serving delicious cuisine. If you are in Colombo, Sri Lanka then you can find range of fine dining options. In Colombo, you can also find the restaurants that can offer you with finger-licking food at budgeted rates. Colombo is the place in Sri Lanka that very well describes the food culture of the country.

    Typical Sri Lankan meal is all about rice and curries. Protein filled curries are served here that may involve beef, goat, fish, pork etc. In this place you can also enjoy the taste of coconut roti, hot sauce, spiced chickpeas, etc.

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