Tips to Find the Best Luxury Room for the Single Lady Traveler in Delhi

There are hundreds of attractions to draw travelers to Delhi, India’s vibrant and historic capital city. From the stunning array of historic and modern art at the National Museum to the unique and tasty street foods, this city has something to offer everyone, foreign or native. Travel safety has been a rising concern for women in India, especially large cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Fortunately, this hasn’t stopped Indian women from traveling as often as every other month, according to travel blog We Are the City. Single lady travelers are a big business for hotels and hospitality in India, and they are ready to cater to your needs and your safety.

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To find the best luxury room for your stay in Delhi, just follow these simple tips! 

Don’t Skimp on Safety or Comfort

 It’s tempting to try to save money by any means necessary when you’re traveling, especially for visiting foreigners on vacation or taking a gap year. However, you get what you pay for, especially where hotels and hospitality are concerned.  All travelers should be prepared to invest in comfort, and, most importantly for a lady traveling alone, safety.

You may be fine traveling without luxury accommodations, but the best quality in hotels also means the best quality in privacy and security. High end hotels offer safety features like extra security patrolling ladies’ areas, CCTV, and door cameras that allow you to see anyone who comes to your door. A higher quality hotel is also far more likely to guarantee your privacy and the safety of your personal information. They will never give out names of patrons or room numbers at the desk, and will even screen all incoming calls to ensure that you have absolute privacy during your stay. 

Look for Escorts and Assistance

 Hotels have realized the special needs of lady travelers, and they are prepared to provide special accommodation, Financial Express reports. In addition to providing you the best privacy and security in your room, luxury hotels with services for single ladies will help you to stay safe and stress free throughout your trip.

You are probably well aware of the dangers of walking alone after dark in cities like Delhi, which can make shopping and dining challenging for a young lady hoping to enjoy her stay to the fullest. Public transport can pose some risk as well, especially if you can’t find a ladies-only metro car or bus. To avoid this problem, look for a hotel that offers booking services: the desk clerks will help you book a safe, reliable taxi cab or auto-rickshaw to ensure you get where you are going safely. You should also look for a hotel that offers 24 hour, seven day a week room service, to ensure you can get service quickly without having to venture out alone. Many hotels will even guarantee that your service is provided by a female stewardess, so you feel entirely safe and secure during your stay.

Single lady programs also offer extra security and assistance: with a little searching, you can find a luxury hotel with a female-only wing, where a female associate will escort you directly to your door. 

Historic Hotels offer the Best of the Best

Delhi is a city of both long, proud history and rapid change. Even the longest established businesses must move with the times, and fortunately, Delhi’s best hotels are doing just that. The Imperial prides itself on its history (Trip Advisor describes the building as a time capsule to the days of the British Raj) but this famous hotel is also prepared to stay current for the modern world. Chances are you’ve heard of the Imperial Hotel’s famous Heritage and Imperial Suites. Now, there is the Eliza room at Imperial Delhi, an updated version of those famous luxury rooms, designed specifically for ladies traveling alone. In addition to offering ladies amenities, the Eliza room boasts of extra security features like door cameras and CCTV coverage. The Imperial is truly the gold standard for comfort and security a lady should expect while traveling. 

Before You Go

There’s no reason to be frightened of traveling alone in Delhi. All you need are some basic safety precautions to have a fun and productive trip, and those precautions start with finding the right hotel room! You will truly get your money’s worth in one of Delhi’s luxury accommodations for single ladies, with separate wings, special security, and escort and booking services to ensure your privacy and safety every hour of the day.

Delhi is waiting for you: time to book your hotel and start planning your next trip!

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