Top 3 most common mistakes tourists make when visiting India

It is pretty natural, that some people tend to act a little bit weird and inappropriate then they travel to some faraway places. India is one of these countries, where tourists tend to make many mistakes that can offend local people and might even ruin the whole trip. And nobody wants that! So because of it, I am going to share with you 3 main and usually made mistakes in India that many tourists do and don’t even think about it. It will help you to avoid any unnecessary problems and let you enjoy India the best!

Not Dressing Appropriately

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India is really a country of contrasts. In some regions it is common do dress in a Western fashion, is some – more traditional and conservatory. In order to avoid conflicts, especially if you are a female traveler, you should consider dressing yourself appropriately for this country. The biggest mistake is to show too much skin. Always cover your shoulders, cleavage and better avoid showing your knees too. Anything that might be considered inappropriate and over-sexual. Here’s what to wear in India.

Tourists wearing Indian clothes
Tourists wearing Indian clothes

Of course, if you are traveling by car or a taxi and with a group of friends, you can dress a little bit more relaxed. Also, make sure of what occasions you are dressing for. If it is a simple sightseeing, then dress conservatory but comfortable. If you are going to a party, then you can dress more sexually and brightly, or Western-like. Just make sure you understand the dos and don’ts for how to dress in India. Indians are actually more open-minded than people think. Just be sure not to overdress in some bad way and I think you will be fine.

Not Making Enough of a Budget

If you think that India is cheap country, you are not really right. Some people even say that you only need 10 dollars a day to see the most and to eat the best at India. But that is definitely not true. Of course, everything is possible if your stretch your budget enough, but if you spend only this amount of cash, you might miss a lot of amazing stuff. So better make your daily budget in India around 15 to 20 dollars and you will experience the most for sure.

You can definitely save money before the trip, rather than during it. Look for deals online. Look for some discount airplane tickets or even some special coupons to get hotel reservations cheaper. You can use special internet platforms such as Hotwire to travel cheap. For instance, you can find some great special online deals such as Hotwire promo codes at to name a few. So stretch and make your budget last longer when on your travel to India by saving money on things that will let you get there cheaper! Here’s how to travel to India.

Take plenty of money with you
Take plenty of money with you

Not Doing Any Research about the Place

Travelers may know the name of the country, its capital and its currency exchange rate, but not everybody knows the place for 100%. It is much logical to do a little research before the trip to avoid any unpleasant surprises and act smarter there than go blindly. For example, in India, there are many prepaid taxi booths that charge the right amount for a trip. But if you just pick any cab from the road, the driver may charge you double because you don’t know the route to your destination! So you will act silly and also spend money at places where you could definitely not do it! Also, it is important to know the things you can and can’t do in the place you are visiting. For example, taking pictures is prohibited in many religious places for example at Mathura and certain sensitive places. So just look for helpful signs around and you will avoid all troubles for sure.

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  1. Hi Shalu,

    Fab tips! Especially on the budget.

    Kerala was dirt cheap – we bought 2 full bags of fruit and veggies from the market for $2 USD!!!! – yet, we still spend money to get around, to go out to eat, and to enjoy the place as we should. India has a low cost of living, yet, bring enough money to go on tours, to travel comfortably and to do all the stuff one should do in this beautiful country.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Very nice post. This will help very much to foreign tourist who are planning to visit or have never visited here. If they plan well before starting their journey and get some good knowledge of the life style in India, their tour will be very comfortable and they will enjoy here a lot.

  3. Hi Shalu Sharma,

    Great tips indeed!
    You really helping foreigner to visit in India. 3rd point is very important because If we search all about the place where we visit then we can easily visit there.

    Any way thanks for sharing such great information about India.
    Areesha Noor!

  4. You need to budget for more if you plan on staying at nice hotels or eating in Western style restaurants. Also, nightlife in big centres like Mumbai and Delhi are not ‘cheap’ as such and if you want a night out including drinks, your expenses will run up quickly. Note that food and drinks in the big hotel chains are priced at rates not much different from anywhere else in the world.

  5. That’s a alarming story, however I actually have detected ones similar. i believe even the sweetest one that appearance for the great will flip cynical; even I have- as a result of too several “friends” screw you over wanting cash. It’s a shame however I still attempt to look on the intense facet as a result of such as you aforesaid it will happen anyplace and will.

  6. This is the biggest problem with india that people cheat with the foreigners but it is not that all the indians do it but 5 to 10 percent people do it. This post will be very helpful for the foreigners to take all the necessary information before travelling to india.
    Thank you.


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