Types of ghosts and haunted places in India

If you happen to be one of those people who are believers of the paranormal then why not come to India to explore some of the haunted places India has to offer. India is a nation of believer of gods, demi-gods and at the same breath they are quick to accept that ghosts (called bhoot in Hindi), demons, witches, the possessed and the un-dead exist side by side. Before I tell you some of the most haunted places, here are some of the types of ghosts Indians believe in and you’ll expect to find. They are different to the ones found in the West such goblins, monsters, demons or zombies.

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1920 Evil Returns
1920 Evil Returns

Witches (Churels):

These are very common in the villages of the state of Bihar. When I used to visit my grandparents in the villages as a child, my cousins told stories of these witches. It is said that you’ll find these witches on roof tops and floating near the ceiling. They are believed to be unhappy ghosts of women who died during menstruation, childbirth or someone treated badly by her family. They have reversed feet or backwards pointing feet and no mouth. She would possess a man till the man has been drained of all life or charm a man until he dies prematurely.

My real story

I and my brother were playing on the roof top when I realised that we were being watched by a floating half-bodied women from the head. I clearly remember that pretty face of the woman. As soon as I called out to my brother, she disappeared behind the wall. We never saw her again. As I write this post, I am getting goose bumps. I cannot confirm whether she was a “churel” or some other entity.

The invisible types of ghosts:

What scares me the most is those entities that cannot be seen? If you can see something, it’s possible to fight it off perhaps physically but how do you tackle something that you can’t see. For example, strange knocks on doors, whispers, things moved around etc.

My father’s experience

This is a story that my dad told me. As a young boy, my dad used to live in the villages. In the villages many houses are split amongst the brothers as part of their inheritance. Often these houses would have a common passage or corridor to accommodate both sections of the partitioned house. One such corridor existed between my dad’s parents and dad’s brother. One night he wanted to visit his uncle’s down the corridor. Interesting thing about this corridor was that it was very narrow and had no windows, just the 2 doors at both ends and a roof. One night while he as was walking down the corridor, he felt that something had dropped on his shoulder. He put his hand on his shoulder to realise that it was human faeces. Even today, my dad is puzzled of its source. A corridor with no opening, no windows; how could human faeces get there and drop from the ceiling on his shoulder? Absolutely bizarre and spooky. By the way my dad does not believe in ghosts or god.

Spirits of the dead:

The central dogma of Hinduism is the recycle of birth. Once a body dies, the soul lives on and rebirths in another body till it attains moksha (Nirvana or free from the recycle of birth). So, there are two things that can happen to the departed soul; rebirth in another body or attain moksha. However, some believe that the soul of those who have died a sudden or horrible death might linger on and will torment the living.

Jinns or genies:

Although the concept of Jinn is a Muslim one and is popular in neighbouring Islamic Republic of Pakistan, nonetheless, it does find space in Hindu India as well due to centuries of Islamic rule. Jinns are supernatural spirits that live side by side with humans. Some are just mere spectators while some have evil designs and occasionally inclined to harm humans. Some Islamic holy men of the Sufi order would advice to wear a “taweej” or talisman to provide protection from the jinn.

Rakshasa (demons):

They are supposed to be mythical characters found in Hindu and Buddhist literature and holy books. They are often depicted as ones who tormented the gods. There were constant battle between the gods and Rakshasa (demons). Is it said that Rakshasa were wicked human beings in their previous lives. Sometimes, criminals are depicted to be rakshasas.

Possession by spirits of the dead:

Who is she?
Who is she?

Some Indians believe that the living can be possessed by the dead. There are certain tell tale signs of the possessed such as sliding eyeballs within the socket, speaking in a strange manner or speaking in the dead person’s voice etc.

My real story

During my visit to my grandparents in the village, I was playing with cousins when we heard our uncle call out to us. We all ran to him to see him and others tying a man to a cot. The man was my granddad’s cow-header. He was speaking in a very strange fashion. When my uncle asked who he was, the cow-header replied that he was a man who lived a few houses away. My uncle thought that he was possessed and did a well known village ritual to get rid of the demon inside this man. The ritual or the brief exorcisms was stuffing some red chillies in the man’s ear, making him drink water from an old shoe and uttering some verses of the holy Lord Hanuman Chalisa. After a while, the man recovered and was unable to recall what had happened. Later that day we learnt that the named man who lived few houses away had passed away. Seems as if the cow-herder was been possessed by the man who had just died. This is a real story and I will never forget it. It’s still scares me.

Note: Some of these experiences are my own and it still frightens me. If you have experienced any paranormal activity through personal experience, feel free to share.

If you are interested in the paranormal or wish to explore haunted sites then here’s a list of the 5 haunted places in India to visit.

Bhangarh fort¸ Rajasthan:

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan
Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort is situated near Jaipur in Rajasthan state of India. The fort is considered to be the ruins of what used to be a fortress of a city. The owner of the fort Madho Singh’ son died a violent death. Legend has it that the fort was cursed by Guru Balu Nath who happens to be buried there. Balu Nath had sanctioned the construction of the fort on a strange condition that “the moment the shadows of your palaces touch me, the city shall be no more”. Strangely enough when a prince of the family extended the walls of the palace to a height that casted a shadow on Balu Nath’s forbidden retreat, he cursed the town.

Interesting enough, even the government of India does not allow anyone to enter the forts after dark. The signboard of the government of India has 3 points for those entering the fort. There’s nothing unusual for the second and third points but the first point is rather strange.

Haunted Bhangarh Fort Sign by Government of India
Haunted Bhangarh Fort Sign by Government of India

(1) Within the compounds of Bhangarh entry before sunrise and after sunset is not allowed.
(2) Those allowing animals to enter the compounds of the ruins may be prosecuted.
(3) The Kewda or Pandanus trees found in Bhangarh area are protected by the Archaelogy Survey of India. It is forbidden to harm these trees.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat:

Dumas Beach Gujarat, haunted places in India
Dumas Beach Gujarat

Situated on the Arabian Sea on the city of Surat in Gujarat, is one of the most haunted places in India. The site also has a cremation ground and locals say that the spirits of some people do not leave and stay in the air. People have reported strange noises and whispers. People have also disappeared from the beach at night. Locals have reported that dogs bark and howl on the site whole night. It is said that dogs have powerful ability of sense and smell beyond human perception. It is thought these dogs are able to see the spirits of the dead when they are near the sea.

Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal:

Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal
Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal

Kurseong is a hill station situated in Darjeeling state of West Bengal, a popular tourist destination. But hill station has a mysterious association with paranormal activity. There have been numerous murders in the hills of this hill station. Locals have reported strange sightings, footsteps in their homes and mysterious activity. Woodcutters have reported to have seen a headless body of a boy walking on the road and then disappearing in the trees. Locals have also reported to being watched and followed. These strange happenings have been so intense that many have committed suicide.

Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala, Maharashtra:

Rajkiran Hotel, Lonavala, Maharashtra
Rajkiran Hotel, Lonavala, Maharashtra

Situated 100 kilometres away from Mumbai is the resort of Lonavala with beautiful landscapes offering trekking and breathtaking views. It is also a home of a haunted guest house called “Raj Kiran Hotel”. Guests have complained of their sheets being pulled during the night. Once a couple visited the hotel and was offered a room on the ground floor which the couple found to be deathly silent. They found the room to be very uncomfortable and asked for a different room. The room is not offered for rent anymore. Address: B Ward, C.S. No.162, Mumbai Pune Road, Lonavala, Pune District, Maharashtra, India

Delhi Cantonment, Delhi:

Many people have reported seeing a ghostly woman in white saree walking around carrying a candle in many parts of Delhi specially the Delhi Cantonment area, sector 9 of Dwarka and near the metro station. It is said that the women was a hitchhiker when she was alive. Now dead, she knocks of the windows of cars asking for lifts. She runs after those who don’t stop. I wonder what she will do if you let her inside the car? I have lived in Delhi and many have spoken about this ghostly lady. We have driven around sector 9 of Dwarka but never saw anything. Another story is that there is a peepal tree near the metro station and the ghost lives under it. The locals have placed images of gods under the tree.

CAUTION: India is a country where folklore, ghostly apparitions, sightings and paranormal activity is common. Therefore any activity that engages ghosts and the unknown is a dangerous activity and not for the faint hearted. Please do so at your own risk.

While we’re on this topic, try this out of body experience

According to my husband, he can actually float out of this body and look down upon himself. To do this, you’ll need to sleep with one hand on your chest. Eventually you’ll float out of your body, and fly to any destination you want and then come back into your body again. The joining of the body and the soul will wake you up. I have tried this experiment and to my amazement, it works.

Finally some questions to answer: Do you believe in ghosts. If yes, could you share of your experiences? Are you tempted to visit some of the haunted places in India?

The movie trailer of the Hindi movie “1920 Evil Returns”. The video sums up the types of ghosts to expect in India. Warning: Do no watch this trailer if you are easily scared.

Those interested in reading my real life PERSONAL GHOST stories then you might consider buying my book “Real Ghost And Paranormal Stories From India” which is available in all Amazon stories including India.

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If you have your own ghost or paranormal stories or know of any haunted places then feel free to leave a comment.

Real Ghost And Paranormal Stories From India
Real Ghost And Paranormal Stories From India

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  1. Interesting post Shalu, It’ll be difficult for me now to stay awake tonight for work lol.
    other than letting us know about those ghosts and haunted places, you’ve also shared your own personal story with Jurels 😀

    I think these type of places are also in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan where I myself have seen and you’ll be scared If I share my story with you haha.

  2. Hi Shalu,

    I personally never experienced such kind of incident but I did hear such incidents from my family members, uncle and aunt. I feel myself lucky as I’m not a strong heart girl specially for these incidents.

    • Aasma, thank you for your comment. There is always some some scary feeling associated with these kind of incidents. Do no worry, I a not strong hearted girl either when it comes to ghosts and evil spirits. Thank you for sharing this post.
      Best wishes to you.

  3. Great share, Shalu. This is a good topic you have touched upon. I am thinking from long to visit Bhangarh as it is not too far from Jaipur, but still could not go. I will surely visit it soon and wills hare my experience here.

      • Shalu, I happened to visit Bhangarh on the 11th of March 2013 after hearing all the hype about its haunted past. Infact, to hear the stories from the horse’s mouth, I hired some locals as guides. Unfortunately, all of them said that the presence of ghosts in the place is more of a media hype than real. It was bit of a let down. Albeit, the place has definitely got atmosphere of a haunted place. The ruins are erie but didn’t get scared as there were too many people around. Most of them locals and all youngsters. The views of the surrounding areas are beautiful from the top of the ruined fort and the place had got some beautiful old destroyed temples. Definitely a must visit for fans of the supernatural, as I said the place has got lots of atmosphere. A point to add, I could not locate the famous signboard of the archeological survey of india. which warns against staying there at night. People say it has been removed after all the hype.

        • Anand
          Lets face it, its about all perception. There could be dead spirits which can be sensed by some while others don’t see it. The famous sign could have been removed by the government as it does attract unwanted attention.
          Thank you for your valuable input, please feel free to send photos to me if you wish which I can publish here.
          Thanks and best wishes to you

      • thanx for sharing your experiences and i wanna rell u that i also faced these kinds of super natural activities like i heard the voice of a womaen who,s calling me on the roof and want me to die and there is one more tht my sister also felt it too nd all this happened after my mom,s death

  4. Hi Shalu
    Generally I do believe ghosts exist . not all souls which leave the body get Mukthi or reincarnate. there are some tramp souls who have unfulfilled desires or have had sudden death , it is all because of karma of oneself. But these spirits can only trouble if we are of less spiritual strength ( not physical ) . ie if we have bad habits and our mind and spirit is weak they can attack us . Souls who are devotees of Gods or saints NEED NO FEAR as their AURA will be such they cant even come near . If we have very strong spiritual strength , we can even relieve these spirits of their misery like Saints like Sai Baba or Jesus do

    • Hi Prasad

      Its good to know what you believe that ghosts exist. Its perfectly possible that they do. If you read some of my personal experiences, they are 100% true and not faked. I did see the half women hovering on the roof top, I did experience the cow herder screaming in a dead man’s voice. So there has to be something there!

      Its amazing that you mention about the spiritual strength to keep these evil spirits at bay. Kindly do share an experience or two of your own if you have any.

      Thank you and best wishes.

  5. That image with that woman hanging on that window frightened me a lot! As it is almost 4am that I am reading this, I dont know if I could sleep or not :P.

  6. That is very interesting topic you have discussed here. I have faith on paranormal activity but i found at least 90% is nothing but illusion psychological problem. And regarding Bhangarh its already proved by Indian Paranormal association that nothing is there. I thing government did not remove the board because getting money from tourists

      • hahaha.. the place has no entry fee.. 🙂 no one can make money out of that.. usually being used as a picnic sight by near by dwellers, nothing scary as such.. bt a must watch.. 🙂

  7. Hi Shalu,
    Belief in the paranormal has become quite widespread and stories of ghosts sightings cut accross continents.

    Maybe I will believe in them when I get to see a ghost 😉

    But then, I understand that those believes have spurred tourism at a certain level. Well, something for everyone…

  8. OMG! I have the biggest curiosity for paranormal activities and my religion testifies the excistence of Jinn. I would love to explore India at least for this particular activity. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Shalu, your post is haunted and spooky. No, really! I have watched numerous videos and films related to such paranormal topics, but was never affected to this degree.

    Honestly, I was a bit panicky while reading through your post (did i mention that I was alone t home while reading this?)

    • Hiiii, everyone now this will shocked you my experience with spirits or ghosts and now these I am surfereing from me along father and mother three members live in house, nobody else , I have my private room, my name is Javed and I am 24 years old. As a Muslim I believe in ghosts jinns whatever even when I was in 4 the class i am 11 years old that day was shabrat before ramzans in eveninng 7:30 I was bathing naked as child I saw eyes in air not in basket you don’t believe me how strange that moment even now sometimes I scared with my bathroom still I live in same house, the eyes are little beautiful and colour like red green I don’t remembered , and same age I heard voice of chudiyan, and see shadow of a lady from my parents room, sometimes I heard khasne ki awaz from my bathroom jab koi that hi nahi mummy Aur mere alawa, I heard so loud voice like someomes jump upstairs in my house even my father heard that voice mee too, now you don’t how I am suffering from there unnatural surroundings in my house I have knocking my doo three timesr at night 12 am , sound of switch, when I tried to sleep its look like somebody jump on my bed, and afraid me now its 4:33 am I am writing this even today night scared me alot kaise koi mera gala gotta hai muje marrahai hai,I am so much afraid Ek bar toh when I as m just liyieng on bed, I heard voice like someone’s sit in chair near my bed even I smell a good fragnace like ittar kaise kabrustaan se ya phir kaise kaisi tree se aati hai even today I am unable to sleep.

  10. I have liked your writing and the pics but am sorry to say that I don’t believe in all these stuff of ghosts and all. These are mostly based on perceptions rather than real life experieces.

  11. Hi Shalu nice post I am agree with you and I personally have experienced this situation I have visited Bhangarh with my friends and Pic we have clicked over there surprisingly we have seen some uneven images over back side.

  12. hi shalu sharma! this is amaz and what a great coincidence that i am also from bihar.today i visited your blog and really i got the goose bumps while reading your post – Types and ghost and haunted places in india.
    good job.

  13. Waow! Nice read. I love watching horror movies and TV shows. I have read a haunted post for the very first time and enjoyed. Will love to see more haunted stories here. Thanks Shalu.

  14. Hi shaalu, I like to read about ghosts and haunted Places. Excellent post. I agree with all places that are shared by you. Its really informative. Thanks for the sharing. Also i suggest you a books on Haunted Places with title “Haunted Places: The National Directory Ghostly Abodes, Sacred Sites, UFO Landings and Other Supernatural Locations” by Dennis William Hauck

  15. hi shalu……i believe in ghosts and have many experiences ….i have seen a woman with bhurka around my house.we have a big house and i was alone…my parents were off to work so i thought o take my dog to a walk as i was feeling spooky in ma house….while i was coming back my dog suddenly stated pulling towards a tree and when i saw a woman with bhurka waz standing and as i blinked she dissappeared and another time i saw the same woman with bhurks running in our backyard…so i told my parents and they told it might be my apparition….i too dont know what was it…. :0

    • Hi Shreyansh
      Quite a story you have here about the woman in the burkha. I think I would get scared as well. If you read some of my experiences you will note that I too have seen certain entities and I feel scared to the day.
      Have others in the house seen this woman?

  16. HI Shalu Jee

    I am really frightened by the women hanging from the ceiling, difficult to remove that from the mind so easily now. Let me focus now on something else.


  17. Hi Shalu Jee

    There is phobia of horror movies in me, may be more related to necro one, I don’t know really but whenever I watch these movies I couldn’t sleep.



    • Very right Sapna, we all know that nothings there. But somehow it just plays with our minds. I do get affected by such movies but there are some who do not at all. I wonder how they do it? I was told lot of ghost stories as a child when we went to the villages during summer and Durga Puja holidays hence it must have got to me somehow.

      • hii shalu

        m jayant pathak… m a director, and m working with 1 of the production house based in delhi, name called fortune talkies… we r planng to make a show based on haunted houses and place in india… plz help me if u have any story for my show.. i relly thankfull to u… plz mail me ur number… my e-mail id is [email protected]
        thanx and regards
        jayant pathak

  18. I personaly have never expereinced any such ghostly kind of feeling…but i do belive in ghosts and spirits.
    as i have listened some of frm my mom.

  19. One thing especially to be mentioned….about that sleeping with one hand on chest nd going through floating feeling …I’ would love to try out this..and share my experience soon..as i’ve heard of this thging too!!

  20. Hi Shalu,

    I believe that every country in the world has their set of ghosts and haunted places. I have been amused and fascinated with the paranormal but of course, I would not want to experience any paranormal activity in real life. Thanks for sharing with us the types of ghosts that are common in India, and I am glad nothing happened to you and your brother when you saw that churel in your childhood days.

    It’s a good thing I have not experienced actual and “very serious ghost encounters” in my life so far, although at the end of your post, the out of the body experience you mentioned that happened to your husband, I remember I once had that happen to me too when I was a little girl, or maybe I was just dreaming? Not really sure.

    One “ghostly story” I have was when I was a little girl. I was playing with some friends in an abandoned lot with a house somewhat torn down. We were on its yard when I heard someone saying my name. The voice, I knew, belong to a grown man, but all of us there were little children. I told one of my friends and she said ignore the voice and do not answer, because if I did, it would follow me back home. I’m getting chills just writing this one down…creeeepy..

    I do believe in ghosts and I admit I am a scaredy cat even if I like to watch horror movies.

  21. hey, Abhishek, Aman & Shristi…..I m Rahul from Delhi.
    i m also planning a visit to d ruins of Bhangarh but unfortunately no one is ready to to accompany me….. If u guys are intrstd thn we can plan a trip to bhangarh,rajasthan if u guys r intrsrd thn contact me on facebook…
    @ “www.facebook.com/rajrahul07”
    email- “[email protected]

  22. sometimes in lack of evidence, true things seems false.
    when I was at my farmhouse gaurding farms with my elder brother, at 2 at night, a woman started crying very loudly and in sharp voice about 2 km away from our farms I was surprised woman crying so loudly so I went in direction of voice but feared to go further so came back to house and went to sleep. she cried about 45 mins after there was complete silence. when I woke up in morning, there came a woman who talked with my brother asking about a boy walking in farms at night. she asked about me from where i belonged. her eyes and face was very fearful. when I went back to my aunt’s home she told me not to leave the farm alone without my brother, she told me about a woman believed to be a witch leaving around the farms, she gave me descriptions of the witch same as I met the woman in the morning at the farms. I told this story to every one in home and thereafter I was not allowed to stay at farmhouse at night. do you like this story, do you believe it is true, definitely you won’t. truth is truth for someone who has experienced it. when you will see it and tell someone about it others will also not beleive you. I believe in ghosts and witches bcoz I believe in mahabharat and ramayan. now your turn to roll the dice.

  23. its a nice site. but i do’t believe so much in ghost. means yes i afraid little bit. but i tried to see ghost in beach or somewhere in alone places. but i never saw this kind of things. but i believe about ghost existence.but i never saw before. can you say me how i can make spirit call and one question
    camera can capture ghost ????

  24. I do believe in this paranormal, ET’s and all other stuffs which still remains a mystery(and will be too :)), but unless we experience our own incident there’s no way for us to accept it. I never encountered any such incident but im willing to, it’s always interesting for me to see these kind of movies nd im getting a good sleep too(lucky i think). Anyone in my category here ?

  25. Hi
    Some scary stuff there. I will admit I am not a believer in ghosts but just the thought of possession and the sense of the unknown is enough to put the fear of god in to anyone. So I can understand that if you are part of a small community that all believes in ghosts then things could get out of hand very easily.

    Very awakening post thanks lee

  26. Mma’am there are many more places in hill stations of west Bengal over than Dow hills which r more haunted. Example guest houses in Garubathan, then. Couple of old houses at Pedong. Plz gather information on then n post it here .. Wil be glad.
    Thank u.
    Gud articles.

  27. i don’t know anything about ghost but i wana know all things about ghost why they are here and why they are doing activity is this true they are exist on earth and vampires all religions have thier difrent stories how to believe is this true i wana prove is they are here and not please most be guide me if i am on a right way

  28. i want to know one thing whether ghosts are existing or not if existing what is the need of existing ghosts and why they are sufferuing some of the people

  29. I’ve heard many stories from my Mom and grandmom and many others. I watched many Hollywood and Bollywood stories and many true stories.

    Still if someone says these activities have yes if you think God exists without watching him then paranoraml also.

    Thanks to all have shared their experiences

  30. I’ve heard many stories from my Mom and grandmom and many others. I watched many Hollywood and Bollywood stories and many true stories.

    Still if someone says these activities have yes if you think God exists without watching him then paranoraml also.

    Thanks to all have shared their experiences

  31. I’ve heard many stories from my Mom and grandmom and many others. I watched many Hollywood and Bollywood stories and many true stories.

    Still if someone says these activities have yes if you think God exists without watching him then paranoraml also.

    Thanks to all have shared their experiences

  32. Wow, I didn’t know there were so many great haunted spots in India, but when you think about there are tons of spirits everywhere. Especially in a country was old and rich with history.

    I’d love to add some of these places to my haunted locations map, thanks for the ideas I’m going to start researching right away.

    – D.G.H.

  33. i m very inserted to see it i can not watch this but it great post really informatics thanks shulu sharma.what you tell me mores tips to i m see these ghosts

  34. really loved your stories. i firmly believe in ghosts and so do i believe god.thanks for sharing your experience.love to see some more interesting stuff.i would like to add that i am from shimla and there so many haunted places out here.ghost lover may visit the place.
    thank you

  35. Mrs Shalu Sharma, Mam I belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan. I want to know that are these paranormal activities does have any ground or they just exist in stories or in long gossips. I personally don\’t think that there is something like that seriously exist. It is just a way to scare ordinary people and nothing else, indeed there are some powers to whom we pray that is god but anything like this (ghosts or other paranormal characters) are just some rubbish stuff people create for there entertainment and to scare and fool common people. I belongs to royal family of Rajasthan and know that little much of paranormal fooling goes here also, but these all activities are nothing but just wastage of energy, time and of capital also. Can’t agree with your recent post, sorry.

    • Rajkuwar Sir,
      The personal stories here are true and none of them have been faked. Its true that a lot of stories are there only for entertainment but these are personal stories that I and my relatives have encountered. Kindly share some of your stories as well. Thank you for yor comment.

  36. Hi Mrs Shalu,
    I am from Bangladesh. I want to know about the Dow Hill forest. When I used to study in India, my friends and other people of kurseong used to say that Dow Hill forest is haunted infact the Dow Hill School. Is this really true? Like that I don’t beleive in ghosts but I am very interested in hearing this types of stories.
    I will be glad if you say me something about Dow Hill Forest.

    • Let me tell you my story .16 years ago when I was 18.I swear upon any1 each word I am saying is true.My mom ,my elder brother and my twin brother we all went to Calcutta for 2 months .My father asked us to stay in a room which was haunted and which he already knew.We went there for property matter.so he wanted to harass us .I hate my father so much .It was a monsoon season and cold night.We were staying on the third floor and no lift .It was an industrial building and their stairs were long comparing to residential building.there was just one bulb for two rooms with attached terrace. On first and second floor there was no light.I love my mom so much Allah grant her paradise.I have a bad habit I don’t sleep at night.I was just lying beside my mom and my 2 brothers.there was a bright bulb on the door.I swear on god I saw a clear shadow of a girl on that door with a perfect body she was staring at us moving her head left and right .I couldn’t believe my eyes what I am watching.it was a crystal clear image with motion and not in dark .the was her image was on the door according to my calculation she was behind my head .next day I had a terrible body ache and fever.everyone of us saw her but no. One told each other bcoz we didn’t had any other place to live.when we left from there I asked some1 he said even he knew about that floor a complete jinn family lives there and he said that’s what he was thinking how u people survived there.my father will burn in hell.

      • Raheel is it real? because i am also seeing all these thinks !!!
        seriously I couldn’t believe same think is happening with me .i am now studing in college and there was a boy who always talks with me i can see her but nobody can see her even can my friends also can’t see.he trying to say something to me,but my friends tell me that to ignore him.but I am very much worried about my friends becaue he hate my friends ‘now realy i am scared’now what I do?plz reply me in FB,or in GMAIL …

        • It can be real evn i had experince in my adolescence i used to go for a runing in winter at arround 3 am that time me and my friend experince that someone is behind us like a shadow only we ran so fast that we were thinking if we will be behind from each otehr so we were running as fast as much as energy we were having
          that was really a very very bad experience aftr that we dint go for any run this much early

  37. Hi Shalu,
    please tell some more information about raj kiran hotel. i have visited there , but don’t know this kind of any news.

  38. Hey guys i m sharing my experience to u i live in Lahore Pakistan here in my area murder death is common those who got death in bad or out time their will remains so they so they harm to other in my living hood many people has experienced this paranormal activity n they even faced such a case..

  39. Hey shalu………….
    I also wnt to share my expreience
    I was 10 years old back then(now i am 15)and i had high fever.it was around 8 at night when i saw a womens hand at the door calling me.i was really scared.my father was in the balcony so i wnt there nd told my father bt he said nothing was there.i slept with my father hugging him tightly.i covered my body in bedsheet whn i saw a women pouring water on me but whn i pulled the bedshhet nothing was there nd i saw 2 women staring at me frm the window jst across the door.i didnt se there faces but whn i woke up in the mmorning nd my head immediately went to the window nd i saw tht women in a saree nd big black scary eyes just like tht women floating on the window.she vanished immediately.i think it was a churel…i cn never frget this haunting incident

    • Neeraj
      that’s sounds very scary to me. I think anyone would freak out if they found someone staring at you from the window. Did you get repeat episodes of this or similar incidences.

      • i believes in ghosts,spirits.i have experiences.also i would like to go in the haunted places in India but no one comes with me to that type of places.if i got a team i will definitly go and investigate

  40. i have some weird images to show to you, i have shown them around to my friends and family but no one has any answer regarding to it..i wasn’t spooked up when i first saw them because i believe that supernatural is just a natural yet to be understood…

  41. Hi, shalu ji
    Your blog is intresting. I have never experienced such things but heard many. I am very curious about haunted places. I have also heared about Dumas beach. I am a non beliver in ghost and god but their stories attracts me. Eager to find something new……

  42. i believes in ghosts,spirits.i have experiences.also i would like to go in the haunted places in India but no one comes with me to that type of places.if i got a team i will definitly go and investigate

  43. thanx for sharing your experiences and i wanna rell u that i also faced these kinds of super natural activities like i heard the voice of a womaen who,s calling me on the roof and want me to die and there is one more tht my sister also felt it too nd all this happened after my mom,s death

  44. Real ghost incidents always scare the hell out of me because they happened in real and with real people.
    You must be a brave girl that time.
    Otherwise a person like me could had a heart attack :P.

  45. Plase mam tell me where these type of activity remove because mam need help of very urgent my small brother is faced this activity till now the persons talk inside his body and not any work to do his head automatically rounding from last 5 to 8 years

  46. Plase mam tell me where these type of activity remove because mam need help of very urgent my small brother is faced this activity till now the persons talk inside his body and not any work to do his head automatically rounding from last 5 to 8 years

  47. Dear Shalu

    Certainly a very interesting artcile and made for fun reading.

    But i personally have never seen or felt an existence of Ghost, and with due respects i dont think such things even exist.

    Why the govt. of India had banned Bhangarh entrance, would be because people might be stealing or transporting precious wooden resources or alike.

    To beleive in God in 2013 when we have things like facebook, youtube, and Iphone 5 🙂 is not only funny but an insult to our intelligence.

    I am from Delhi and i have traveled through the Cantonment area in night many times, with friends in Car (no drinking just fun ride) and we have never came across this funny white saree wearing woman.

    On lighter note, Somebody should tell this so called ghostly woman to not ask lift from delhi men anyways considering delhi is now rape city

    But cutting long story short, i personally feel any such spooky places should be handed over to buidlers and they should break these places and make some fun stuff like malls etc. These dead ruins and buildings are just waste of land.



    • HI,

      I have an interesting real story but I do not know the text area here where I can post it. I can just reply an d typing this message.


  49. Good article I do personaly believe there can be such things which are beyond our rational minds!
    Let me tell you my experience not the scary one but the “strange” one. It was in back in May 2006 me and my brother was returning from office late night around 2.30AM we hired auto from dahisar station in mumbai we were passing thru narrow gully and at edge of the road we saw a little boy sitting on pillar which was around the tree he was looking downwards and he was in very good clothes and looks like from wealthy family. cant understand 5 or 6 year old boy sitting on road @ 2.30 at night?
    We didn’t scared but little puzzled but gradually I feel tht was not normal!

  50. hello mam,
    i am staying in nashik for some days and it would be real kind of u to suggest any haunted places around here. I would like to stay there for some ghostly experience.


  51. One day when we were sleeping on the roof, my sister got up in night and saw a lady wearing black saree, sitting on the roof wall facing opposite side. My sister rubbed her eyes and confirmed that it is not a dream, she again saw her under the bed sheet and finally slept in fear. In morning she told the whole story.

    We still do not believe on this thing but she keep on saying that it is true.


  53. Hello mam…..

    I like ur article. but some time it look not real in 21 st century…..

    at some how I believe it some paranormal exists. my has told me of atma ( soul) @ time around 1:30 am…..

    but I m not sure abt it….

    actually I want to visit such place in Ahmedabad….. will u suggest me ?

  54. Always nice to get a glimpse of other culture’s horror stories and mythical creatures. The Philippines also has quite a lot of its own. We have:
    mangkukulam – witches
    diwata – fairies
    kapre – a tobacco-smoking giant
    tikbalang – centaur only that the human part is the bottom half

  55. Hi Shalu,

    One question if you can answer, when you talk about floating from our body, this is happened with me so many times automatically, whenever I sleep with one hand on my chest, I feel something very strenge happening with me, I feel like my soul is trying to come out of my body that time I can cannot move or even shout. is this the same thing which you are talking about.

    Since I had a fear of this I never let this haapen to me for a longer time and made myself come out of sleep.

    Now I want to do this untill I reach to the point.

    Can you eleborate the destination word, what are this destination where i can visit when I am floating.


  56. Hi shalu,

    Amazing blogs!!

    Ive been going thru dese thngs quiet sumtym nw n hv also visited da most spookiest places around..n to my experience i do believe dat dere is a lyf aftr death..

    My own experience..i hv been driving down frm mumbai to kolkata Last december, it was in da state of orissa where dere is a ghat jst before u come to da jharkand border connecting NH 6..it was around 2.30 at nyt i hppnd to see a lady in da middle of da road n the surrounding áreas were jungle..to my surprise i observed da lady was more of a transparent figure..since she was ryt in frnt of me i had to hit fã btake hardto prevent an accident..bt cz of da speed i was driving in n fã distance of da lady being vry close to fa car i cud nt stop instantly n drove thru her..to my horror i wrng ryt thru her wit da car n jst afyr dat i stppd da car n got off wit driver to see if she was k Cz i thought it cud be a actual human i ran ovr..surprisingly dere was nt a single sole nearby apart from my driver n me..we actually ran ovr a spirit of a Young lady in da middle of nowhere..i did nt stop long n hurried bck to da car n speed off..da o.ly light dat was available was frm da car..though it was advised to us frm sum truckerrs at da dhaba ntvto travel da stretch during nyt..its a 4 to 6 hours drive in da ghat..Im also planning to go to kurseong Dow Hill in a few days to haunt da haunteN wud share my experience n ny snap dat i manage to get..if ny daredevil wants to pay company to Dow Hill den plz cl me at 9748267109..bt plz ensure dat u r a brave heart to explore da unexplored..

    Baby Boy

  57. Guys dere is more good news for all da daredevils..shalu n to ur honor..i hv jst got in touch wit one of fã locals in kurseong Who is totally aware of all da places dats reserved for our good old late friends..i hv set up a deal to show me da places during nyt n wud set up an accomodation vry close to da local school which is is a home to our late friends..Im looking for company so dat we can fish out da horror from dere..nyone Who cn n wnts to party wit da dead cn be my guest at Dow Hill..waiting for da daredevils..call me directly..

    Baby Boy

    Devil Rocks!a

  58. I always enjoy finding a site that has a non western slant on paranormal subjects. If you mention genies to most of us in the west the first thing that comes to mind is the Disney cartoon character.

  59. hi,Shaluji

    i do feel sometime that something exist which is not common like human beings,but my soul don’t allow me to keep faith on such things like ghost,jinns etc.so i am confused,can you help me to experience such things personally in your convenient way.which will help me to keep one opinion on “GHOST”.

  60. Dear shalu mam,

    Delhi cantt story is not true, I also live in cantt from childhood but I don’t listen any story of like this ,, so plzz so publish this story,,,,

  61. I am very found of haunted movies and always been keen about the world’s haunted places. Being an Indian, i did not know that our country has some amazing places… amazing post… Thanks shalu for sharing this information with us. I just known to one place and that is Bhangarh.. I watched this place on News TV channel. They were talking about the paranormal activities out there..

  62. Hi Shalu

    First of all, great post and quite scary too. Your real story part is going to scare me too now :p

    I used to watch some ghost shows on TV, but thinking of visiting any such place is ….. Like committing suicide.

    I can share something, it is something related to time. I don’tknow why, but early morning while I am in sleep, I wake up and check the time and It is always 4.30. I do sleep after that, but every time I open my eyes from deep sleep it is 4.30. No matter If I slept at 3 am or 9 pm. Strange and weird

  63. hi shalu,
    really nice post and informative.
    I just want to say in reference to a post earlier where the guy STOPPED THE CAR….NEVER DO THAT…
    rule 1…if u see something like this do not stop
    rule 2 ..if it is unavoidable and in emergency u do have to stop do not look back BUT KEEP YOUR VEHICLE IN MOTION AT THAT SPOT MAKING A CIRCLE OR 8.but for gods sake do not stop the motion..
    rule 3..do not panic..stay calm IT WILL NOT AFFECT YOU UNTILL YOU ALLOW..
    rule 4…try to DE-RESONATE..For all those who dont see or dont feel is because your body is at a different frequency..the moment u panic or get scared your body vibrations fall below a specific frequency enough for the paranormal to attack you…also when u look back your brain is in a SEARCH mode and not in LOGIC mode which again makes it easier for it to attack you..controlling your heart beat is extremely important…
    iron nails,horseshoe iron,hanuman chalisa,a crucifix,a talisman these are all examples of deresonators..
    rule 5…if u have never experienced it then for gods sake don’t challenge…cos I had challenged once in my trip to goa and my word that phenomenon has given me the shocker of my life…

    My profession does not allow such thinking but what I had experienced for 4 days had clean bowled all my cognitive and social psychology…

    about the OBE what shalu you are talking I dont know how far that is true but one thing is for sure u will get scary dreams if u keep your hand on your chest as it will interfere with the REM cycle (while sleeping your body shuts down all connections to your muscles so that u dont execute or walk in your dreams..at the same time the chest is pressed whereas the body needs oxygen which u r restricting by almost 50 percent..now the unconscious and conscious brain perceive this as threat but muscle movement is stopped….hence have only one solution with them to wake u up with a bad dream)..and thats why its just impossible to wake up when u want to cos the 7 stages of sleep are not completed to bring muscles back into action…
    As far for paranormal phenomenon is concerned its not necessary to feel or see..Secondly for the non believers YOU may not be affected cos of your body wiring..but who knows ur challenge to spirits may just call them to your home and people around you might get affected…the best thing if not for us atleast for them all religions are the same..they affect all…when u see or feel just call your god…he made them he made you and in no way will he allow you to get harmed…

  64. also there are a list of things which u r not supposed to do I just hope people read it and dont enter into problems as I discovered them after I faced these problems.they are simple but up to you to follow..
    after twilight, evenings or at night in haunted places where u know things do happen always go atleast as per these points
    1 if ever u feel like taking a particular route is not correct or anyone in your group feels spooky about a route try not to take the route(subconscious)
    2 avoid motorbike or cycle in such a route as u r exposing your body.
    3 NEVER EVER do the mistake of carrying non veg on such a road.non veg is a ghost magnet.
    4 be careful on full moon and new moon nights and by night I mean the actual timing on the almanac.
    5 non veg if carried then put iron nails and blades in it.
    6 carry a small iron knife in your pocket to give you confidence.females tie it to the end of your saree. sharp iron is a natural repellent.
    7 if someone stops you and tells u to go back in a different way just listen to him..be safe rather than sorry…if someone calls you from behind do not turn…This may sound funny but has a deep meaning..
    8 if u feel temperature falling down suddenly / u sense a rotting unexplainable smell dude that means if it is paranormal then u are already in the area of effectiveness…keep calm and a steady head…
    9 and famales menstruating…be extra careful…dead tissue is also a serious ghost magnet..
    10 perfumes in such areas not a good option.
    11 carry a hanuman chalisa or kada or a blessed cross or a tabeez or anything which u feel like u know will act as your protector(BTW it will weigh less 5gms if u cant carry even that then I have no words)
    12 if it has touched u or u have felt it…dont stay mum like a fool tell your mom dad and relatives….cos u now need cleansing like a patient with either holy water or ganga jal and mantras or whichever way serves u…its not the end of the world but the correct way to deal with such things…
    13 after everything is normalised thank god…

    • You are right Shekhar
      carrying a Hanuman chalisa is a good idea. About the stories, they are all true from personal experiences. Thank you for your comment and also if you have any stories, feel free to share them with us.

  65. hey evry1 nd shalu mam,i hv prsnly exprncd many paranomial activities vch scared me a lot bt dn also i m deadly crzy abt dese thngs……….bt in 9t i sleep vd ma grndmom….hugging her tightly…….bt cnt stop ma self……..bs haunted places,exprnces,ghost movies….nd all things rltd do ds……i want 2 hear them nd watch them….

  66. Regarding the picture of this woman in a salwar kameez in the air, I would like to know where did you get it from? No offence meant but this picture is a fake. If you notice clearly the woman is balancing herself on the grills of the window and also the almirah on which her hand is placed. Notice her hands and her feet. When we were kids we used to do similar things as climbing the grilled windows and moreover the woman’s face is blurred by computer graphy. Why so?

  67. Regarding the picture of this woman in a salwar kameez in the air, I would like to know where did you get it from? No offence meant but this picture is a fake. If you notice clearly the woman is balancing herself on the grills of the window and also the almirah on which her hand is placed. Notice her hands and her feet. When we were kids we used to do similar things as climbing the grilled windows and moreover the woman’s face is blurred by computer graphy. Why so?

  68. Regarding the picture of this woman in a salwar kameez in the air, I would like to know where did you get it from? No offence meant but this picture is a fake. If you notice clearly the woman is balancing herself on the grills of the window and also the almirah on which her hand is placed. Notice her hands and her feet. When we were kids we used to do similar things as climbing the grilled windows and moreover the woman’s face is blurred by computer graphy. Why so?

  69. Hi Shalu Ji,
    My name is Ishann, I am 27yrs old.
    I would like to share my story.. Its a true story which I am experiencing everyday since the day i realised that I am being chased by a ghost may be from last many years. But now day by day the presence of the ghost is incresing and may its power also. Wherever i go it chase me whether i am in Goa or Sikkim, it is with me all the time..I can feel it.. My pictures gets blurred.. I can hear doors open and close..I lost lots of stuff..then after few days i get it back suddenly..thinks fell off frequently at home.. I can see showdows roam where i sleep or saty at night. I am not scared anymore.. I am habituated..but i have to get rid of this.. as due to this spirit / ghost my personal life got ruined.. My past GF used to tell me that I did something wrong & abusive to her which I really dont remeber that i did such bad things..Some of my friends say that I used slangs or said something bad but I dont remeber such incident when I bad mouthed my dear friends.
    Even now my family who lives with me is also experiencing the ghost feeling. My Mother recently felt and saw the shadow.. She told that the shadow is of a women with long hairs.

    Please help me give me some suggetions how get free fo0rm this Ghost.


    • only one solution for you.even though i am hindu…i advice you to visit makdoom shah baba dargah …which is in mahim,mumbai.no need to visit any tantriks.once pay a visit and keep that dargah
      ‘s photo in you house not in puja mandir.and daily pray baba’s photo seperately with 2 agarbattis.dnt forget to carry chadar for baba in your first vist.

    • only one solution for you.even though i am hindu…i advice you to visit makdoom shah baba dargah …which is in mahim,mumbai.no need to visit any tantriks.once pay a visit and keep that dargah
      ‘s photo in you house not in puja mandir.and daily pray baba’s photo seperately with 2 agarbattis.dnt forget to carry chadar for baba in your first vist..visit on friday evening for best results.

  70. if u feared about ghosts in night time put a bagavathgeetha under the pillow nd arranged slippers nd broom stick around ur bed

  71. Hey I read many post abt paranomal..but m still confuse..is ghost exist or not..even..m dont hve any exp yet abt ghosts…i think its image created by our mind..

  72. Hi,Friends.. After surfing about paranormal things I reached here. And want to share my experience. And i belive there is some negative energies around us.Before few years my Dad past away & after 4 months my younger brother (age:12,he was handicap,cant talk,walk,see.) even he past away. One night i went to sleep mom beside me.. as our habbit i was thinking and i realised someone is sitting beside me watching me,so i turned my head to see and just in 1-2 sec i saw 1 full black small image (Black Dhuaa type)with 2 eyes. As i turned my head that image ran away it seems like he to scared too.Thats it!! this was my experience n was just for 1-2 sec but i saw in real when i was not sleeping. Now also whenever i think that scares me.

  73. Shalu, I believe in negative energies. But Does it mean that simply without verifying the work done or checking the reports, publish fake stories on website…lets take Bhangadh, Rajasthan…if you google it seriously you will come to know the truth…I will leave that work for you. I dont deny there are haunted places in India, but not all of them which google shows are haunted. people abroad have set up paranormal departments in universities, and indians are just getting scared and spread rumours, nobody verifies them (Mcauley education system made us in that way), e.g. can you tell me what kind of people experience and gets attacked by negative energies? what makes them stronger…study our ancient literatures still if you dont get answers mail back to me. Watch your words before writing it down.

    • I don’t think that it was associated with the paranormal activities… instead it was something like a animal or else… which on seeing you ran away and was scared…
      (if it was a ghost how come he got scared from you)

  74. Hi,
    Shalu…very interesting topic…I am hanging in between belief and disbelief about ghost…I personally had no such experience, but yes…for some days in my sleep I used to feel discomfort…maydays at around 2 to 3 am I used to get awaken from sleep suddenly,and used to see a small woman walked passed and desolved in the wall…her hair is untied but could never see the face…it was all dark a figure…then I changed my position of sleep…thing did not improve…it happened night after night…Everytime I used to see her sitting beside my head and went away…Then we sold our 20 year old house…now everything is back to normal…I am confused whether it was a mental problem all together!!!!GOD knows!!!

  75. hi shalu,

    it was really interesting reading ur post. i do believe in these things… i just want to say tht recently i have lost my brother… i really miss him a lot… do u knw how to contact him…..

    • I suppose you should leave that thought…”MOH”is also a bandhan..You will only cause pain to him if you think or try that way…I know its difficult…but its the right thing. .may his soul rest in peace…

  76. Hi Shalu,
    Nice Post. Actually am working on these paranormal activities. I have herd of stories. Real experiences too. But need some time to describe it completely. Can u jus let me know any haunted places in karnataka??

  77. Very Good Information Shalu Ji about haunted places in india . We also have the Largest database of Haunted places in india as well as in hindi So If You want to Read in Deep about haunted places in india then don\’t forget to visit
    Life after Death………

  78. hi shalu actually i have some vision about me and that’s happened in particular maner last monthe i saw my death by unnaturally on highway what’s that plz help me

  79. Hi Shalu,

    I have personally felt the same at the hotel Rajkiran Lonavala

    few time back and your information is correct on the same.

    just curious about the pic of the women who is window…who is she and where?

    Thanks & Regards,

  80. She must be hunted by very aggressive Ghost….anyways were you came across to Phaltan, Maharashtra..???

    you will surely get some more hunted places over there, as I belongs to same and there are lots of palaces are hunted, most hunted one is under the Ram Mandir there is fight Ring underneath the temple but nobody is allowed over there due to continuous paranormal activities running in the place. Try to get permission from the municipal corporation.

    Thanks & Regards,

  81. I also gone fron this haunted paranoma and other people were
    Said at that time that i m the way of that spirit at night time Nd
    I m only 14 year old at that time but now i realise some thing
    Protect me from many accidents like once i m get stuck under
    The running truck when truck go away that time i get out from ther
    And truck driver dint know any thing.

  82. Hello such a Great information. I got from this. Thanks I would also share. Something to you is that. Me too also. Like to visit like that place. But am scare about that. What will happend to me still now am reading this after mis night. And my heart beating fastly then normal . Can you tell more about. All this place i will waiting for that 🙂 ??????



  84. heya , i believe u bcoz , i hav experienced , let me share both – (1) i was in clas 11 th i was coming home after a movie it was lyk 1 : 30 my home is far away from the theater me n my small brother were coming together at a cross road i saw a laddy in red saari c was dressed up lyk a indian pride n c was raising her hand for lift , i thought c might be some 1 ran away from the marriage , i went near her but suddenly c got unvisible nd wen i was seeing all over i found her opposite side of the road laughing at us …
    me nd my bro were baddly scared dat wad the time v ran away i was riding my bike around 150s mph !.. n me nd my brother were continiously telling the hanuman chalisa ….! i pray to god , no 1 should get dat situation

  85. i belong to gujarat bhavnagar city , we have a place there in my city actually its a house since i was young for 3 years i am seeing that house as it is many people tried to buy it and reconstruct it but yet no one has got through it . my friends and mewhen we were nearly 20 years old once late night went to check whats the matter as we were young and intrested to show of our self that we are brave but we litrally got stones falling at us when entered the place and one of my friend feels that someone has kept an hand on his shoulder since that day we never went near that house and now i am 31 years old still the house is not been reconstructed …

  86. right now i am living in ahmedabad since 3 yeasss..

    but i have a scary story of my friend who is living at my town..
    he was going back to his house by auto..
    it was around 2 o’clock morning..
    he was alone in the auto…
    on the way…a man was signing for lift…
    my frnd thought to help him nd told autowala to get that person in… on the way…that person stopped the auto and came out and ask for the money…
    my frnd ignored and told autowala to go fast..

    then at the home..autowala asked..why didn’t let me take the fare of auto…
    my fend told..USKE PAIR ULTE THE(his legs were on opposite sides) that is call a ghost in india…

    then the auto wala told…so what sir..MERE PAIR BHI ULTE HI HE.(my legs are also turned on opposite side..)

    my frnd saw it and fainted on the spot…

    fortunately he is alive…but it was the scariest thing for him and me too…

  87. hmmm great shalu >>i wish that i could visit these places but im just 15 now 2-3 years later even i and my friends would surely become paranormal investigators Do u know some haunted/creepy places in south india ????so i could just see

  88. Hi Shalu, i have an experience to share. my wife and me were at Mahabaleshwar for a couple of days vacation. We booked a hotel online( i dont know whether it will be good to mention the name of hotel). We had to check-in in the afternoon at the hotel. It was a cottage type room. There were 2 sets of cottages, 1 set had around 8 cottages and other set had 2 cottages. Both sets were about 50 feet away from eachother. We choose 1 cottage from the 2 set. The other cottage besides ours seemed to be closed since months as the enterance and the ‘jhula’ were all covered with dust. We found our room good and a bit different from others. Post lunch we went out and came back in evening around 7. Unpacked the shopping that we did. My wife and me started feeling uneasy in that room but both were hesitant to tell each other. After dinner while taking a short walk my wife said i dont wanna go in that room again, it spooky. I agreed with her and we asked the hotel manager to change the cottage. He okied on it. While we were packing our stuff so that we can shift, i heared a wisper ‘tu nahi ja sakta’. i was so scared and asked my wife to move fast. I didnt tell my wife though and we moved to the other cottage. My wife could figure out that something has happened. While i was closing the door i heared a wisper again ‘main yahan bhi aa gai’. We both couldnt sleep that night. Next morning i told my wife what i experienced. She didnt wanted to stay there or any other hotel so we came back home cancelling a day of our vacation. Had a few experiences after returning home, like someone had come with us from that cottage. Gradually with the help of my mom everything settled down but still we can feel someones there.

  89. Firstly, thanks to you for writing this blog…
    But can you suggest some blog or page or anything else which can help me out… like remedies or “mantras” for these ghostly creatures…
    I read your blog and didn’t felt like commenting or something because i really did not believed in ghosts or spirits or something supernatural but took great interest in reading these types of stories and experiences…
    Now, i will tell you my experience…
    Me and My husband went to Nainital for my cousins marriage..on returning back we got late at night…
    I remember that one lady in Delhi only asked for lift (she wasn’t wearing a white sari or so, instead she was wearing shalwar kameez) I remembered your post and decided that we we won’t give her lift… I told her that we are going somewhere and can’t give her lift…
    she insisted that she is alone and it is not safe in Delhi especially at nights…
    my sister-in-law was also with us and she scolded her… she murmured something and we left off… then i thought of her and about Delhi and the rape victims… I asked my husband to go back and give her lift… By that time she was gone and we were alone at that spot between fields…I found it weird and told my husband to get of out here as fast as we could…
    He increased his speed a bi and afterwards we met a car accident in which my sister-in-law was killed… and me and my husband were safe… i think that this accident was somehow related with that lady…
    The next incident was on the day when we cremated my sis-in-law’s dead body… I was alone in the house with her daughter (saloni)… and everyone else were out in the temple praying for her…
    Suddenly saloni started shouting mumma mumma… and she ran towards the wall… i saw her and the wall but i wasn’t able to see anything…
    And in a second there appeared something like my sis-in-law… and said “take care of my daughter, i love her much”
    Its was all disappeared in a blick.. saloni was lying unconscious on the floor…
    I still remember that day and even feel that yashika (my sis-in-law) is still here..
    Really miss her 🙁

  90. Dear Shallu ji
    I am impressed by your stories
    Many people have done extensive studies on ghosts at various places mentioned by you and some other places also but there studies have been mostly inconclusive
    I myself have been to some so called ghostly places at and after midnight where I felt scary but I’d not come across any ghosts
    Ghost stories are always very gripping and people want to believe it
    Here is wishing you the best

  91. Hi . i would like to share this particular story which scarred the hell out of everyone whom i have narrated.

    once around 8 pm i was returning from my factory on bike…i was on this particular section of highway which has very low visibility as the street lights dont function well…….out of nowhere a man runs towards me and stops my bike asking for lift to drop him of at particular point to which i agree and we start.

    complete journey the man behaves in a weird way and is pronouncing in language only god knows and starts shivering and laughing all of sudden to which i ask him whats the matter and he says ……nothing is wrong and keeps on continuing…….

    after some distance he starts to change position on bike and keeps on saying some gibberish stuff…..

    there is a bridge which divides the way into 2 and i ask him which way he has to go to which he points to the other way and i say him that i will taking another route and as i complete my sentence and look back the man disappears and after a second or so when i look ahead the person is almost 200 metres away and running towards the direction.

    till date m not able to understand how did he manage to move so fast.

    now the real thrill comes………….next day when i m reading the morning newspaper to my surprise i see the same man in obituary column with a photograph which say that it is his 3rd day of death.

    • This is certainly very scary. If this is that is. Are you sure this was not a dream you had. Also this reminds me a movie in which Nana Patekar was a ghost. Can you tell us where you were going and which road you were on? Thank you.

  92. Hey shalu.i want to share some experiences of mine with you. Me and my friend we are very interested in these kind of paranormal activities so one day in December 2008 we decided to go to a crematorium in laal kuan New Delhi.and we 3 went there at 2 in the night. As we entered the crematorium some dogs started howling but I am sure we were not visible to them and vice versa but we were not scared that time because we were sure that there is nothing like this supernatural power and all. Wr took a handycam also with us.we were sitting there and talking , I realised that I forgot to take my lighter with me , there was a cremation and ashes and hot coals were still there , my friend who is a guy who is a very stupid guy he went there and lighted the cigarette , as he took the first drag I dont know from where around 10 dogs were barking and running towards us.(i still feel goosebumps when I think it)and we also started running from there.we were happy that we escaped from there and was joking around. We were coming back to our apartment in badarpur all of a sudden my friend fainted on bike and he was about to fall down .I stopped the bike and tried to wake him up . suddenly he woke up and started screaming and saying let’s go lets go they are behind us. I was scared to the core.we reached room and I asked him about this incident but he said nothinf happened like that and he didn’t faint on the bike.that was very strange for me that he could not recall anything.next day when we woke up he showed me a scar of small hand in his back.it look like some kid slappedd him from back.next day we went to the same place and checked with a pandit and we came to know that it was a kid of 13 years who was cremated from which my friend lighted the cigarette. This whole incident scares me even now.i have lots of experiences about paranormal activities in my life.will share later.

    • Mithun

      I believe you.

      Perhaps it was the ghost of the 13 year old boy who was following you guys. It is a very scary story and something definitely happened. I am not sure what what happened but certainly for a moment the spirit of the boy must have got agitated.

      We know that if someone dies untimely then the spirit of the individual might stay on the physical world. But lets hope that the boy who was cremated rests in peace. Thank you for this story.

  93. Hello Shalu,

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I request you to explore a place named Kolli Hills in Tamil land. People still believe that some evil force keeps disturbing some of them who visit this place.

    Last year I was on an off-road trip to this place with my biker club. We finished our off-roading patch and while getting back to the tar road, one of our biker, all of a sudden met with an accident for no reason. When we asked him what was wrong, he replied that he felt like someone pulled him towards a bush and he lost his control. (For your information, he is one of our pro rider in the group). We checked the path he traveled, it was clear with no obstacles on the road. Nothing happened to him as he was wearing his riding gear.

    When we returned to the hotel, one of the local person told us that many incidents had occurred around the place where we faced a problem.

    Just felt like sharing this with you.

  94. hello shalu i am going to share a real story of my uncle . my uncle is in army and before this incident which took place in a village of himanchal pradesh ,he usually like to travel at night .so it was early morning around 3am when he was returning from his regiment for vacations and he saw an old lady she was his neighbuor and she was coming towards him and he said how are you aunty . she didn’t replied . he thought may be she dont want to talk . when he reached home he asked his dad that is everything ok with you and our neighbours because she didn’t talk to me in morning . then his dad said she died last week
    from that day he don’t travel at night

  95. I would like to share true story , my uncle died in 2010 and he died becuase of liver cirhossis and never accepted he was about die though the doctor had gave up on him. He even went shopping his clothes , wardrobe etc just a day before his death .. such was his belief … after he died that nite in my uncles house they had kept that ashes in the pot to immerse in water . His driver use to sleep in room outside the house ( servant quarters) he heard my uncle’s voice calling him .. whihc next day he told and left the job … even now in my uncle house people or servants they say they can see his image standing in some places of the house … my aunt and my cousins never sleep alone ..anymore in that house they sleep together …. even if guests come … allowed to sleep in the hall together …. not alone in the rooms .. because he keeps standing and watches people ….i know its scary but its true ..

    • They should not do this as when your uncle was alive they loved him and I believe they still love him. So he will never harm anyone. If they keep doing this will cause to a pitra dosha.

  96. hi
    am surya i seen ur blogs ur post its very nice, i would like to join with you for your research any where u do your research & i have little bit idea about paranormal actives so i can manage easily i hope you we can join for research thanking you waiting for your reply .


  97. shalu sharma , thanks alot … for u brought the awareness in me !! ever since i knew abt ghosts they were a means of fun to me , but now i really take it to the bottom of ma heart !! no one will have the clue for how much im scared ….i’ve never so far had ma own encounters , but i’ve heard ma family members speak about it !!both me n ma sis are supposed to have brown eyes (they say ppl wid brown eyes can see supernatural beings)ma sis often comes up with one or the other situations … some two years before ma maternal grandpa died …. eversince then we visit his house ma sis happen tohear his voice… and sometimes ma dad gets breath struck during some nights and he would figure out someone sittin on him and choking his breath… inspite of him shouting at the top of his voice ma mom lying jus next to him would not be able to hear …. all this scares the soul in me !!! :O:O:O:O

  98. Shalu ji
    i m also interested to stay there at knight and if any one wanted to stay there he or she can join me and i would like to go there with my camera and any recording system to make all analyisis over there.if any one is interested then make me call then we can make our schedule thanking you all 988 88 63140 from punjab
    and my email is – [email protected]

  99. Hi,
    I have a “product” a scientific product that takes care of a haunted house.It removes the ghosts/ spirits or whatever from the house.
    Have had success in a house in Mumbaia and in Dubai, UAE

  100. hi friends . about me i am manish .for this world i have ture exprence in my life .you belive or not i dont mine but its true .i see DEATH . if i will be any place and in some time about 2 days. any one will going to die i will tell you before like in this place some one is ging to die . apart of that if u will leave me any place where mudder attampted or some thing happen i will tell u before .i see death .i was also not belived but its happen with me 18 times and more .belive me i see death .so i know only there is some supernatural power .now a days i am working in paranormal activity .and i think my task is to do elitment of soles .YOU BELIVE OR NOT AS YOUR WISH .BUT ITS TRUE HOW DEATH IS TRUE

      • i like you question but how can i do i see death means when i will in any place and any one will going to death in that area then i let know. and in any mudered place or haunted place i can feel .but police need proof how i will get ? and see may be its not my tast because universe gave task to all soles. i am working to see sprites with my eyes .still working not seen any sprits . i know hypnosis ,angles ,and many tantra . my aim is to know my power .why i got and why its with me . i can visulise the things …u can ask any question i will answer u if universe want any probles also i will tell u .and its solcial work not for any money any one

      • Actually every nit I get scary dreams . according to my point of view its not just a dream…I see something like water or sand or large piece of cloth make me burry an I could not take breath n wake up in mid nits always..can amyonee say what is it…by the way y I use lots of holy celebration before sleep now a days that avoids my dream..but I font like it I wanna free from it ..plz say me any solution

  101. All are fake.. Its not true at all.. There is no one in bhangrah fort.. Its local myth for attract tourist and nothing else.. There is no such type of activity.. So dont scare nd pls no ullu banaving;-);-)

  102. Hii shalu ,
    I would like to share my 2 paranormal experience’s with u… i have a habit of sleeping alone from childhood so one day when i was in class 8th i was sleepin im my room and suddenly i felt very thursty so i wnt to our kitchen n therre is a window in our kitchen from where our backyad could be seen… i saw a lady wearing white dress i dont know wethr it was saree or something else and she was shining like a box full of glitter and she was jumping from one side to another n the moment i saw her i ran to my mom n slept with her… the second time i saw her was when i was in class 10th i was sleeping and there’s a big window in my room from where trees of mango can b seen vry clearly so suddenly i woke up by hearing some noise in the trees… when i saw there.. that lady whome i saw in class 8th was sitting on the trees and shaking the branch of the tree… i was shattered n shouted and when i ran to my father n my father came yo my room… she was dissapered..
    This was my experience of paranormal activity

  103. Ghosts create fear in me, but never seen then expect on television. I don’t know I believe in them or not but never experienced them. India is popular for ghost stories and haunted places.

  104. Bhangarh fort is not a haunted place. I and my friends had spend a one night there. In night, many wild animals are come in fort that’s-why authority give not a permission to stay there after 5.pm.

  105. Thank you for mentioning the places. Can you please let me know some more places that are seemed to be haunted or have a dark history. Please?

  106. Hi miss Shalu. How are you ? I heard your stories.They were fascinating. I also get a chance to share my experience here. i have had many experiences.

    Once upon a time, i was with my friends. We actually were off-roading. We were in a jungle, in haryana. There was a board near the highway saying – “It is advised for tourists not to stay here during night.” & “beware of wild animals.”

    Nevertheless, we were inside with a local guy – “aryan”. One of our best buddies. It was around 1:20 a.m and we were sitting next to a bonfire, drinking beer & smoking cigarrates. As a conincidence, there hapened to be a “MAZAR” nearby.

    Aryan was mentioning us about the mazar that people who are generally possessed used to be bought up here and tied with chains. He also mentioned that the people tied in just have a container of water , to drink with.

    WE were amused to listen his lines and were really confused that how could someone simple live on water !!!!

    We could also hear dog barking at the same place and it was getting more scary. Some of us really asked to leave that place and return back to our homes. But one our mates ARJUN, wanted to stay a bit more.

    We could actually hear the chains TINKLING from that “MAZAR”. But Aryan (local)said that it was nothing to worry about.

    After 30 minutes or so, we were astonished. I surely am getting goosebumps writing this. WE heard a chain being dragged about 20 feet away from our bonfire. We were all pretty scared. Suddenly, aryan came in front and asked to do as he say. HE asked us to run as fast as we could. We all ran with full force, half-exhausted. WE SAW Nothing and went in the direction of our car.

    As soon as we got in, we were relieved. Aryan told us that , it was one of the possessed man, who might have broke is chain away. he surely was half-nude man with long untidy hairs. Bullshit. i was so scared.


    Also miss, i thank you very much. There was our assignment on monday. IT’S as such that two students from different nationalities have to choose a common topic and have to present that to the croud. My partner is from phillipines. I’m taking some of your experiences to be mentioned them as mine, while presenting. WE actually chose Ghosts as our common topic.


    • Hello Nilesh
      This is very interesting story about the mazar. I have not heard of any such incidences near mazars but it is certainty possible. Also the book mentioned is collection of real ghost stories from India.

  107. Wow! Nice encounters with ghosts. Should have elaborated and elucidated a little more. The details are not enough and revealed in a vague fashion. I am very much excited about my maiden encounter with a ghost. An interview-type discussion with it would be great…

    • With due respect, I dont agree. The fear for a “ghost” as we call the energy of a departed person is in the perception of the person experiencing it- either visualy or actual hearing or just “feeling” it.

  108. hi,basically i am from village..from karnataka..i hav so many experiances abt ghosts..even i hav seen many times..bt once i tried to communicate with it..bt it whispered something..i didnt get wat dt ghost said…if u realy intrested dn i ll explain abt all ma experiances….

      • jst i asked who r u??? and this is third time i am seeing you in dis place..bt it whispered something..bt really i got fear..and i ran from dt place..even i didnt dare to look back again..

      • I agree with Shalu madam. Its a risky terrritory to enter the world of spirits. They are nothing mostly other than the energies of a once-alive person. Just as a alive person is either good/bad/dangerous/ caring etc. its energy too would be similarly endowed. The thing is, our science has still not captured/ ascertained or noted exactly how much is the dimension of such departed enery, where does it transmit etc.

      • I havent tried it myself, but do know this to be true from many accounts heard over the years. Dont try it however, its very risky. Another experiment which is not that risky/ harful is: Sit in a closed room after sunset before a big mirror, light a candle and stare in your own eyes in the reflection- and concentrate on memory of a dear one who is demised- its more often than not that you will recieve some sort of indication of a paranormal presense of something.

        • That certainly sounds very spooky. Certainly for those who want to try it. I suppose the spirit of the demised person would enter room. Have you tried this method?

  109. hi shalu

    well i do believe in paranormal things but i never saw them yah but heard this types of stories from my grandmother and my relatives but i like to see this things and well iam working in international BPO and mostly i work in night shift and many time i went out to see this type of thing in night between 12 to 3 Am but really didn’t see anything but i really want to go banghar and once i will visit over there and i will share my experience

  110. Ma’am i had a paranormal experience during my college years which i had totally forgotten about but now after reading these stories…..
    It was during summers in bhilai, me and my friend decided to eat something from station at 2 in morning,station was roughly 500-700 mtrs from our hostel.After eating we were returning to hostel, there is large empty house on the way. I heard an old lady voice asking what is the time right now.I told her its 2.30 am.She acted as she couldn’t asked me come closer .My friend placed his hands on my shoulder and asked me to run.We ran and crossed that house and when we looked back she was gone.

  111. Hi Shalu,
    I want to know if your husband can really do such a thing. If yes which hand should be put on my chest.
    But i fear if i can manage to return back to my body successfully.
    Please reply.

    • He has done it a few times but cannot guarantee anything. If you want to try it, do it by all means but its all down to your own risk. Others have also done it but it certainly is a element of risk here.

  112. Dear Shalu ji Yesterday my son was returning back from his office. At about 4.00am, a lady aged about 25 years, in a black saree asked him for lift. He gave her a lift and she asked him to stop near a restaurant. In a jiffy she crossed the road and waved across to my son aged 23 years. She walked in through the wall of a graveyard. My son, who does not believe in ghosts was very scared. I asked him to recite Hanuman Chalisa…but i’m still unable to understand if it was for real or my son’s imagination.

    • Most likely it was his imagination but who knows. Perhaps she was someone who had died. Since she was young and had prematurely so her spirit still lingers on for those worldly pleasures in life.

  113. Hii shalu madam… I m going to share a personal experience.. I went to my village in some vacation.. There was a house that was recently constructed with still some work being finished..not even painting was done..My frends n I were given some duty to sleep there to see no one would take our things in the nite.. I think it was 12-1 in the nite…I saw my bed pressed as it some one was sitting on it…..then I screamed out. My frends came to me n were surprised.. The next day.. We told this thing to our temple priest..he told that an old woman died at that spot an year ago..and she appeared there to lot of workers who constructed the house…. Madam I really need to know many things Abt ghosts n really want to do an adventure… How???…..I m very much interested in these kind plz can u suggest some places in andhra pradesh.. Chittor district…. Some real haunting places were I can see r feel some paranormal.. Plz

  114. Now that’s really freakin’ me out. I really love this stuff and your stories are fantastic. I am 14 and write a lots of fiction ghost stories. Recently I have been writing a fiction ghost story on bhangarh. Moreover, I live in a haunted city of HP I.e. Shimla which is known to be haunted by ghosts of Britishers. Well I am looking forward for more ghost stories by you.

    • Riya, Its nice to know you ar writing on a favorite location of mine. Can you send dsome of your stuff over to me on [email protected]
      And Shalu madam, I too have some supernatural content to share, but can do so on linkedin mails if you are fine

  115. at last I’m going to sleep now after reading every point and comments of you all but shallu I do believe in all this paranormal activities but still I didn’t experience anything like that. and want to experience all this please suggest something

  116. Hi Shalu,

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Ghosts too exists around us. All those, whose desires from life has been unfulfilled, killed, murdered become ghosts till they get salvation.

    I am myself living a super natural life for last 18 years. Some incidents :-
    Bulbs go switched off, of its own, and again getting switched on.
    While on sleep, I feel that some one is near about on the bed.
    Sometimes, I am able to touch the body.
    I am living in a employer provided township. I changed the same but the same thing is happening.

    I am a usual visitor to Babas so that they can cure me but till data on one could.

    As on today, I am in total control of the spirit, whether it is a day or night. I cannot do anything of my own. I have to do whatever spirit orders to me. Sometimes, she makes me still so that I cannot move even after lot of efforts.

    I do not know what is to be done.

    May God, please help me.

  117. shaluji,nice info.thrilled very much while reading.shaluji one experience to share.my hobby is to jog and do push-ups in morning.lonely ground in between a banyan tree.one mrng a strange thing happened.i was doing push ups.i did 25 and counting by seeing my shadow.after a while i got a strange feeling and saw another shadow.in a shock i saw to right side.i saw a man and i jumped back in shock.i rubbed my eyes and saw again.there was nobody.but shaluji i definently saw somebody.doc’s tolld me it was my inner feeling which arrived from my tiredness while push-ups……..

  118. I’m actually from india, but Canadian born.
    I am 11 years old. I believe in mythical things, ghosts demons, gods and everything. I also believe in light and dark magic. What I wanted to share is… Sometimes when I’m alone with my brothers or my mom and dad and their upstairs, while I watch TV I hear weird things… Like sometimes I hear this sound like the TV is cracking, or sometimes a sound like someone harshly putting a cup on the table. Its really SCARY!!!! 🙁

    • Its possible but it could just be coming from the TV. Take the name of Hanuman or any god you believe in and it will be alight. Before god these entities have no authority.

  119. All this ghosts and paranormal activity might be true but the fact is that Jesus Christ has defeated Satan on the cross. Repent and be baptized every one of you and you will receive the Holy Spirit to fight these evil forces.

  120. Hey I don’t Believe all these bullshit stories.

    Listen carefully, if we are visiting some other place where we not yet visited than that place will be new place to us. the common things of that new place seems to be strange to us and the normal activities will look like strange activities.

    These all stories just to attract the people to increase the online traffic.

  121. Hey! I liked the article, even though I am a little skeptical about the existence of ghosts/spirits/churels.
    You could’ve added a few more places. There are many in India that are supposed to be haunted.
    And also, sleeping with a hand on your chest will let you float out of your body? Like, seriously? You tried? It worked?

  122. Article Was good… but…
    hey u had not mentioned the three king church in goa? it is indias most dangerous church existing…

  123. Hi
    Ive been researching on psi and its effects on a human being for a while now. Although i believe the existence of paranormal activity or ghosts .. spirits etc is a myth…i am really interested to find out if they are real. Id straight up start believing if i experience anything. Could you please help me with information about this one abandoned mansion on the mumbai pune highway.. this is a place where people not only talk about spirits taunting them but they believe the presence of a poltergiest.

    No one has been able to tell me what and where this place is but their experiences have allowedd me to start beliving that ghoata might be real.

    Please do get in touch and would love to know more and also visit there


  124. Hello Shalu,
    can anyone have power to control ghost? And if some have realize that ghost are near him so what can he do?

  125. hi shalu mam… m really thankful to u n m really happy because u r one us who believes in ghost and has personal experience like me….

  126. Hi Shalu,

    Would request to please provide your number, email id. I have such real happening with me for last 32 years and still going on. I think, mines story is nothing but a blast if published all over the world as it is first of its kind.

    My whatsapp no. +91 9616423395

    (Caption: Team of female ghosts destroyed innocent’s life totally)

  127. ghntaaaaaaa sab chutiyaa panti , bkwass baatein, aisa kuch ni hota , man ghandth baatein hai ye sab,
    shallu ne logoo ko fuddu kaatne ke lie banayi hai baatien

  128. Dear Shalu,
    Thanks for the post. I do not have any personal experience associated to the ghost world, but my aunt once told me about a real incident in a remote village of West Bengal, where she once lived. She said that a local lady was seen carrying a big “surahi” full of water with just her teeth. Not only my aunt, but the whole village witnessed the lady doing so for a distance of about 500-600 metres. Doing so with just human powers is impossible, according to my aunt. My aunt told me that the lady was possessed by a “BRAHMADAITYA”, a powerful demon, more powerful than a common evil spirit.
    This is a real incident and my aunt still tells me about it with confidence surrounded by fear.
    I would like you to research on these BRAHMADAITYAs and reply to this comment.

    • BRAHMADAITYAs sounds like another concept of ghosts most likely local in the Bengal area. Its certainly worth looking into. I will try and investigate it. Thank you for sharing this ghostly story. Best wishes to you Rishab. Please share this page so that more people will be aware of these types of ghosts.

  129. Dear Shalu,

    There is a saya on my house how can i get rid of it. I have already made puja path but this is not working it has a hold on me now I am in pain all the time. I don’t feel hungry or thirsty. I have found that my risaq job has gone,every thing i cannot do any thing I can’t even get a job my business is on a complete standstill.

    2) Is there a idea that i can do so in the future if any family member or relative tries any thing like this again it will go back to the person who got it done and the one who cast the spell in the first place.

    this is my problem nothing so far has worked or is working please help me from saya, or say shaitan. this thing is in my house & i want to remove it out please help me.

  130. It was interesting reading the experience, however the reason of me writing this is not to share my own beliefs but give a small advice. All those who are saying-would like to visit India or any other country to experience paranormal should stand down. In plain & simple term -if you don’t believe it then as it is ,there’s no reason to visit these places & if you do believe then don’t ever. I happen to remember a word of a priest “…being interested in the devil, trying out Ouija, blah blah is in a way calling these negative entities to have a relation with you…” . Theory of relativity states that matter isn’t destroyed -just transformed to energy & vice versa . It ok to watch horror movies, do a little reading on what these are, but don’t get obsessed & dabble too much in them.

  131. KANTILAL PANCHAL ji apne aura ko strong karlo sab theek hojayega. Aur aura Dhyaan karne se strong hoga. roj 15 mint karo Dhyaan. aur Dhyaan kese karte hai uske liye meri site dekho

  132. Hi Shaalu ji mere pass bhi kuch stories hai real.1 aabhi sunata hu. Ek raat ki baat hai Me apne room me kaam kar rha tha computer par.kaam karte karte 2.50am hogye the, socha aab chalte hai sone baaki kaam kal karenge. sardi ka time tha. Pc off kiya aur apne bedroom me chala gya aur room ander se band karliya.aur light off ki rajai upper dali face par aur fir rajai face se niche karli, tabhi achaanak meri aankhe khuli ki khuli rehgyi. mene dekha mere samne ek ladka khada hai. me darr gya meri aankhe usse hatt nai rhi thi wo bhi muje ghoor rha tha. mene socha k shyad chor hai aur room me ghuss gya hoga. mene soch liyaa aab kuch bhi ho yaa to chilaao yaa laddo fir mene himaat ki aur socha k phele rajai iske upper fekhunga fir chilaaunga mgr jese hee mene rajai fekne ki teyaari ki to kyaa dekhta hu woto dhire dhire halka hota jaa rha hai aur ek dum gayab hogya aur jo zero watt ka bulb jal rha tha waha pr jese koi lezar maar rha ho idher udher shaaye shaaye. me aur darr gya aur ek dum light par hath mara.light jalai aur uss room me kum se kum 1 week tk nai soya. 🙂 aur bhi ghtnaaye hui hai bataunga filhaal ye hee pado

  133. Hi.. This Is nihan from Chennai I would like to tell sme of ma real experience… But I didn’t not confirm that it’s a spirit or a feel… I would like ride bike lone .. in mid night I see the person cross a road I put sudden break… And I turn back to scold that guyz bcz of his madness but there is no one thr…

  134. Hello
    Sharma ji
    Mujhe sote samay achanak nind khool jati hai
    Aur laggta jaise koi mere side me khada hai……
    Doctor se btaya toh bole ki kamjori hai
    Kamjori me kya sirf bhoot hi dikhenge kya kuch aor kyu nahi..
    Plzzz solve this

  135. Hello ma’am,

    actually i read ur blog and it’s very interesting and have excitement also,an i really appreciate to ur work and i’m waiting for next story or some incident

    vikram kumar

  136. Knowing About Ghost is always interesting to me.
    When i talk about it with frnds, they replied it is nothing. it just waste thing.
    but i believe.
    And this artice clear my view.
    Thanks Shalu

  137. Hello shalu man

    I trust this post find you in good health and spirits.

    I have been to bhangarh sevral times in late night as well aling with my friends.

    But there is nothing apart from wild animals bcz bhangarh premises nand siriska sanctuary is attached together there is only a fence between.

    We spent entire night there I have photographs as well. You will find temple of shiv Ji in bhangarh and hanuman temple is also there at enterance.

    In the night also you can go, just pay bribe to gaurds they will allow you to get in.

    Also I have been to that chattri as well which is at top of hill.

    We were 7-8 members but no one have seen anything, all of us stars are not same.

    But yes its a good place to visit and in day if uou go u will find children and local people or couples.

    Next to there is another fort that is ajabgarh.

    You may also check nothing is there and you can check on youtube news of IBN 7 along with paranormal activity team

  138. I have seen one. When I was a kid about 17 or 18 in the village where my grand parents live. Few house next to my grand parents house. They say she was possess by her own sis who recently suicide by burning herself. They called a sadhubaba to fix her up. He was beating her with a broom like a mad dog and told her do something that’s possibly not a human job. I told them she don’t need a sadhubaba to fix her up she only needs a good psychiatrist. But they won’t listen to me. And i came back from there.
    In fact I dont belive in ghost but i belive a power is there. Because if u have the good with u bad is alwys standing right behind u. I belive in god so i must belive there’s an power exist against god. But always right thing wins that’s all. Thank U. And nice stories. Bye .

  139. Ma’am…nice entertaining blog, could have been better if you would have done a bit real research. These stories of seeing things are just imagination of uneducated people trying to reclaim something unjustified by their limited thoughts.
    Places that are haunted by spirits,
    you won’t see floating faces or heads or anything…!!!or you won’t feel whispers or some presence. As per my experience,a place with bad omen would only affect you internally,your brain and emotions.You would get irritated, there would be pointless fights among family members, it would affect you and your actions. It would consist of just a sad feeling that you can’t be happy or cheerful ever in your life and would change as soon as you leave the place.

  140. You scared the shit out of me ma’am. I was supposed to be going Ahmedabad this week. Do you any information about that place? I would appreciate it.

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  142. Mam can u Tell Me
    Agr m koi bhi pachai dekhta hun mean mujhe dikhti h…. Tou m kaise samjhu k wo ghost h..

  143. mam these are really terrific stories….but i wanted to ask u about the floating of ur husband out of his body as u mentioned ……can it really happen …is it safe and can i try it????

  144. Great article and really great spots, the only haunted place I have ever been to is Delhi Cantonment and me being a scared type of guy really loved the place with my friends who used all the chances of scaring me with sounds. It was fun.

  145. Iam scared.. just kidding..the stories are true I guess. and I tried the method given above by Mrs Sharma..and it works.. if you do this you would get horrible and scary nightmares .so do it on your own risk..

  146. Hi Shalu,

    I am on my way of planning for my next trip. so, I taught of finding out haunted places in & around Bangalore. I found your blog. Your’s real & father stories are a bit scary, but I like it. Your blog speaks more about your experience of travelling in India, especially in Haunted Places. so, I decided to follow your suggestions.

    Kindly share me the articles related to haunted places in Bangalore or near to it.

    Keep Sharing.

    Thanks a lot.

  147. As it is hard to believe that India is in the top of the list of the haunted places as in bhangarh fort is in the top of the list as this places is popular of its haunted area along with the architectural and monuments and the fort was occupies by the tantric activities and this places becomes restricted at the time of the sunset and this places forced us to get believe on the superstious activities.


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